17 Best Bathtub Trays And Caddies [2022]

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We are talking about the best bathtub trays you can purchase on Etsy and Amazon. You are here because you are looking forward to a relaxing soak in the tub and could use a bathtub caddy or bathtub tray to hold your bath items, aren't you?

We understand that there's no better place to relax than soaking it up in a nice hot bath. A lot of people love to read, watch tv, have a spa night and sip on a favorite beverage in the tub. And to do that, you are going to need a bathtub tray or caddy.

What Are The Best Bathtub Trays?

The best bath trays will be waterproof so that they will last for a long time. Some of the best bathtub trays will have lots of spots for your towels, treats, beverage and tablets. And then, there are bathtub trays that have a sleek and minimalist design. Thankfully, there are many options when it comes to picking out the best bathtub tray for your tub. Let's explore them together.


1. LIVE EDGE BATHTUB TRAY by Redhead Woods

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A stunning example of craftsmanship. Each bathtub caddy that is offered by this shop is truly one of a kind. They offer gorgeous live edge bath caddies that are made from solid walnut. What makes these even more special is that the wood is all hand picked.

These bathtub trays are absolutely perfect for holding your soap, tablets, phones, favorite beverages and more.

best live edge bathtub trays


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Looking for a way to make your bathtub experience even more relaxing? Introducing the bathtub tray! This minimalist design is made from ambrosia maple and is perfect for holding your book, glass of wine, and soap.

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3. PREMIUM BAMBOO BATH TRAY by Homemaid Living Store

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For those who love the simple look of bamboo. Check out these stunning handmade bathtub caddies by Homemaid Living. You have the option to select your own color like dark or light wood. This shop has many handmade bathtub caddies and trays to choose from. Customers are just loving their customer service and quick shipping.

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4. HANDMADE BATHTUB TRAY by Golden Creazione

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This elegant bamboo tray is perfect for your luxury soak. If you are looking for a great gift idea for the person in your life who spends hours in the tub, then this is a perfect option. This shop has many different designs and styles to choose from and they are all handmade from their own studio.

Customers are raving about their bathtub caddies: "Exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy for my deep soaking tub and can hold the computer or book and wine :)"

best bathtub caddy and trays

5. HANDMADE BATHTUB TRAY by Golden Creazione

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Golden Creazione also offers an elegant bamboo tray that offers three functional uses. It can be used as a bathtub tray, laptop desk, or serving tray.

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For those of you who love the idea of reclaimed wood then check out this Etsy shop. You can choose from wooden and rustic designs from this shop that are all handmade. Choose your favorite color of wood, like Rosewood or Walnut. There's also an option to pick the type of bath caddy that you prefer.

If you like a plain board that's just sanded, or a more luxurious design with tea light holders or a glass wine holder, you can pick out the perfect bath tray that suits your needs.

"We have our small workshop, based in Peacehaven and that's where all the magic happens. Every single piece is made to order for our customers and everything we do is fully customizable to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied."

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A simple and practical bathtub caddy that has everything you need to keep you organized. This tray is made from bamboo so it's going to be mildew resistant.  You just simply rest the caddy on the edge of your tub.

The slats allow any water to drain out so that it's not pooling around on your soap bars or beverage containers.

best bathtub trays and caddy bamboo

8. LIVE EDGE BATHTUB TRAY by Gifts With Cherry On Top

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What is super cool about these bathtub trays is that they are completely customizable. You can pick what drinks that you want to use, whether you have an iPad or tablet, even the size of your bathtub tray. So if you're looking for a bathtub caddy for your claw tub or an extra large tub, you're going to find  exactly what you're looking for in this shop.

Here's what buyers are saying: "Really lovely and great quality item. Well packaged. Would definitely recommend."

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9. DOUBLE EDGE BATHTUB TRAY by Gifts With Cherry On Top

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And then for a more premium look, they also offer double live edge bathtub trays.

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10. PREMIUM BATH TRAY by Bambusi

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You can't go wrong with a sturdy bamboo bathtub caddy. This bathtub tray is made from very high-quality bamboo material. And to keep it totally waterproof it has a thin protective coat of varnish.

Note that this bathtub tray has extendable handles and non-slip silicone grips to keep the tub tray from sliding.

best bamboo bathtub caddy

11. BAMBOO BATHTUB TRAY by LuxBathCrafts

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This Etsy shop has many styles of bathtub trays that are specifically designed for larger bathtubs. The handles are easy to adjust, all you have to do is slide the handles and adjust them to your bathtub width.

They use eco-friendly bamboo that is super durable, so their handmade bathtub trays are going to last you for many years.

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They also offer a natural bamboo caddy too. The bamboo construction is sturdy and stylish, and the tray has plenty of room for all of your favorite bath products. Relax in a luxurious bubble bath while you sip a glass of wine or read your favorite book.

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What is great about this shop is that you can actually pick the best size of caddy to fit your bathtub. They also have many bathtub trays to choose from so if you are going for a darker color of wood, or more of a natural color they will have something that you will love. You can choose the length up to about 60" for those of you who have a large bathtub.

A word from Mea, the shop owner: "Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful I get to create for a living. Creating beautiful items for your heart and home is what I was made for."

best bathtub caddy for large tubs

14. BATH CADDY by Furninxs

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For those who like an expandable bathtub tray, this company has a few bath caddy and bath tray designs to choose from. We especially like this expandable caddy that will go up to 29.5" to 43".

"Designed with several compartments including a phone slot, book slot, wine glass holder and free soap holder, this bath caddy tray can hold all of your goodies."

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15. BATHTUB TRAYS by Bamfan Store

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A sleek bamboo caddy for the bathtub. This bathtub tray is made with many places to hold your phone and at home spa products. You can totally relax and watch your favorite video, or listen to a podcast. 

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16. MANDALA BATHTUB TRAY by Tablas Company

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This shop offers beautifully made custom mandala trays that are handmade and high quality. They have been creating bath caddies for their customers for over 5 years and their customers are falling in love with their artisan designs. Customer service is extremely important to them so if you have any questions about ordering a caddy, then just send them a message and they will get back to you quickly.

Buyers are raving: "I am so excited for these two pieces being added to my new bathroom. It was the finishing touches I was looking for." 

handmade bathtub trays

17. WOODEN BATHTUB TRAY by Royal Craft Wood

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Looking for a super long soak with a good book or tablet? This bathtub tray will comfortably accommodate everything you need for a spa day at home. It has two side trays for towels or creams, and the center has a spot for your tablet or phone to watch your favorite youtubers or shows.

This listing has wooden bath trays in lots of colors so you can pick what's best for your bathroom décor.  

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