13 AMAZING Whipped Body Butters To Try [2023]

best whipped body butter

Here is where to get the most amazing whipped body butters. Indulge in the ultimate self-care ritual with whipped body butters.

These luxurious skin care products are a treat for your skin, providing intense hydration, nourishment, and a sensory experience like no other.

From sumptuous shea butter to exotic mango butter, these whipped body butters are formulated to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and velvety to the touch.

best whipped body butters

In this list, we have compiled some of the most amazing whipped body butters for you to try, elevating your skin care routine to new heights of indulgence. So, get ready to pamper yourself and transform your skin with these luscious whipped body butters!

Keep in mind that since many of these are offered by handmade sellers on Etsy, they don't contain stabilizers so you may only be able to get them during months that are not hot or they could possibly melt during shipping. Just bookmark this post so you can check back when they are in stock.

Best Whipped Body Butters

1. Unscented Whipped Body Butter

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Unscented whipped body butter is typically formulated with minimal ingredients, making it a gentler and milder option for sensitive skin.

It avoids any potential skin irritants and provides a simple, straightforward formula that can be gentle on sensitive skin without causing any additional sensitivity or discomfort.

unscented whipped body butter

2. Honey Oatmeal Milk Whipped Body Butter

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Whipped body butter has a luxurious and indulgent texture that feels silky and smooth on the skin. It provides a pampering and spa-like experience, making it a special gift that encourages self-care and relaxation.

This shop has many aromas to choose from and some of their best sellers is their Honey Oatmeal and Cherry Almond.

honey oatmeal whipped body butter

3. Amazing Grace Philosophy

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The whipped cream-like texture of this body moisturizer feels indulgent and pampering on the skin. It melts into the skin easily and absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue behind.

best whipped body butters

4. Coconut Cabana Whipped Body Butter

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Here's a shop that uses oils like mango and shea butter. Shea butter is a natural emollient that is deeply moisturizing for the skin.

It contains essential fatty acids that help to nourish and hydrate the skin, making it an excellent ingredient for dry or dehydrated skin types.

So making a whipped body butter with these oils is definitely going to make your skin feel fantastic.

coconut whipped body butter

5. Golden Goddess Whipped Body Butter

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Handmade whipped body butters are often made with natural and nourishing ingredients.

You will find shea butter, honey butter, and other skin loving oils, which provide hydration and nourishment to the skin.

This makes it a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate handmade products. 

golden goddess whipped shea butter

6. Whipped Shea Butter

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Shea butter has a luxurious texture that is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

When whipped, it creates a light and airy consistency that feels smooth on the skin, making it ideal for use in whipped body butters or alone like this original whipped shea butter.

whipped shea butter body butter

7. Boujee Whipped Body Butter

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Luxury brands that offer handmade whipped body butters can provide a unique and personalized experience when you use them, as they may use high-quality ingredients and unique formulations to create their products.

Kozmic Whipped Body Butters are a top seller and they have excellent feedback.

best luxury whipped body butters

8. Blue Raspberry Whipped Body Butter

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Handmade whipped body butter is a one-of-a-kind gift that stands out from mass-produced store-bought products.

It showcases your creativity and effort in handcrafting a unique and special item, making it a meaningful and memorable gift that the recipient is likely to appreciate and remember for a long time.

best handmade whipped body butters

9. Glimmer Goddess Organic Whipped Body Butter

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This whipped body butter is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin while providing maximum hydration.

It's made with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are packed with vitamins and free from harmful chemicals. Using this body butter will nourish dry skin and provide the hydration it needs to stay looking moisturized.

It's non-greasy and has a light and fluffy formula, making it ok for daily use.

best whipped organic body butters

10. Vaseline Illuminate Whipped Body Butter

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Vaseline Illuminate Me Body Butter Whipped Body Butter is a butter designed to provide deep hydration and nourishment to the skin.

The whipped body butter has a light and fluffy texture that makes it easy to apply and absorb quickly into the skin.

Overall, Vaseline Illuminate Me Body Butter Whipped Body Butter is a great option for anyone looking for a hydrating and illuminating body butter that is easy to apply and provides long-lasting moisture to the skin.

Vaseline whipped body butter

11. Lavender Rose Whipped Body Butter

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Some of the key ingredients to look for in high-quality body butters include shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, and jojoba oil.

These ingredients provide deep hydration and nourishment to the skin while helping to protect against environmental stressors and promoting soft skin.

The addition of lavender and geranium essential oil takes this to another level of pure luxury.

lavender rose whipped body butter

12. Jungle Lilly Whipped Body Butter

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When if comes to whipped body butters, this shop knows how important natural and wholesome ingredients are.

In addition to the quality of the ingredients, it's also important to consider the texture and consistency of the body butter.

A good body butter should have a smooth, creamy texture that spreads easily and absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. This shop makes quality butters that have excellent reviews.

best handmade whipped body butters

13. Saltwater Mermaid Whipped Body Butter

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Tipsy Goat Soap Company offers a range of handmade whipped body butters that are crafted with high-quality ingredients to provide nourishment and hydration to the skin.

Their body butters are made with shea butter, cocoa butter, and other natural oils, and are whipped to create a light and fluffy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin.

handmade whipped body butter

How To Use Whipped Body Butter

Using a whipped body butter is a luxurious and simple process that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a whipped body butter:

how to apply whipped body butter

Cleanse your skin: Start with clean, dry skin. Use your preferred body wash or cleanser to cleanse your skin thoroughly, and pat it dry with a towel.

Scoop a small amount: Take a small amount of the whipped body butter using a clean spatula or your fingertips. Remember, a little goes a long way, as whipped body butters are typically highly concentrated.

Warm it up: Rub the whipped body butter between your palms to warm it up. This helps the product to melt slightly, making it easier to spread on the skin.

Apply to skin: Gently massage the whipped body butter onto your skin in circular motions. Pay special attention to areas that tend to be dry, such as elbows, knees, and heels. Massage the product into your skin until it is fully absorbed.

Enjoy the benefits: Once applied, the whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized, soft, and smooth. You can use it on your entire body or focus on specific areas that need extra hydration.

best whipped body butters

In Conclusion:

With their rich textures, delightful fragrances, and powerful moisturizing properties, these whipped body butters are a must-try for anyone seeking soft, supple, and radiant skin.

If you have dry, sensitive, or normal skin, incorporating these whipped body butters into your skincare routine will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

So treat yourself to the indulgence of whipped body butters and experience the luxuriousness of these amazing goodies that will leave your skin feeling truly sensational.

Did you find this list of body butters helpful? We hope so!

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