Beetles Gel Polish: Summer Paradise Review [2023]

beetles gel summer paradise collection

Here is a review and swatching video on the Beetles Summer Paradise gel collection. A special thank you to our friends over at Beetles Gel who made this collaboration possible.

We made a few beautiful nails using their Summer Paradise nail art gel and want to share the results with you. They turned out beautifully and these DIY's are perfect for beginners.

Beetles Gel nail products are an easy way that you can do your own manicure at home. We also love that their nail art products are also affordable too.

    There's step by step instructions exactly how we made each of these nail art designs so you can totally use these ideas for your own manicures.

    beetles gel summer paradise

    As with all nail art supplies, check the ingredients to make sure it's something you want to use. And read about any warnings on the manufacturer's website. We do not promote any products for children.

    If you would rather watch the whole Beetles Gel Summer Paradise review video, scroll to the bottom of this post or subscribe to our channel and watch on your TV through your YouTube app. 

    Beetles Gel: Summer Paradise Review

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    Important: Make sure that the lid is always on the gel polishes because if you are curing your nails and the gel is near the lamp, it's also going to cure the gel in the pot! And remember with gel polish you will require a gel curing lamp.

    Ok let's get into the Beetles Gel swatching and review!

    This is the summer paradise collection. It comes in a cute box so it's going to be super easy to store after every use. This is one of those brands who really take the time to curate special packaging so this gel set is going to be a great gift idea for someone who loves to DIY their own nails at home.

    Beetles Gel Summer Paradise Item Specifics

    • Base coat, matte top coat & glossy top coat (7.5ml each)
    • 14 cream shades (5ml each)
    • 4 glitter shades (5ml each)
    • 1 black & 1 white (5ml each)
    • Manicure will last 21 days with proper nail prep
    • Requires a cure lamp
    • Caddy that holds all of the polishes
    • Instruction booklet included
    • Beginner friendly

    beetles gel summer paradise gel set

    It comes with an application guide and this is going to show you the exact instructions on how to use this kit.

    Do read over the full instructions before using, especially if you have not used gel polish before.

    gel polish instructions

    This instruction guide has photos about how to prep your nail before using the gel and it also has important information about how to remove their gel polishes.

    This gel polish set comes in 20 different colors that are inspired by summer. Summertime is a fun time of year to show off your nails with a bold gel manicure.

    A gel polish set that is specifically inspired by summer will help you create the perfect summer look in so many ways. We will show you some different DIY's that you can do.

    gel kit with 20 colors for summer

    With lots of pretty colors to choose from, you can find the perfect shade to complement your outfit.

    Whether you're looking for a vibrant coral or a playful pink, the Summer Paradise gel polish is a great way to add a pop of color to your nails. And best of all, gel polish is long-lasting, so you can enjoy your beautiful summer manicure for weeks to come!

    Not only does this set come with lots of colors, you also get a base coat, glossy top coat and a matte top coat for even more inspired nail ideas.

    matte top coat for gel polish

    When you get a set of gel polishes in it's a good idea to prep the bottles. Hold the bottle upside down and gently mix the color in between your hands.

    This is particularly a good idea for glitter polishes where the little particles might be settled on the bottom of the bottle.

    how to prep gel polish

    Ok, so we will swatch all of these polishes for you. This is a printable swatching sheet that we have for free on the sugar me Beauty blog.

    These free printables are great to stick into a binder and then you can just flip through to find your perfect color from different brands that you have on hand.

    Download FREE here


    Here are some favorite colors from this collection. The shades are absolutely gorgeous and like all Beetles products, goes on smooth and cures properly.

    White b444: This is a really nice shade of white gel polish that can be used for a French manicure or on its own.

    This soft shade of white is perfect for lightening up any color, or for creating a sleek and elegant French manicure. Sometimes it's hard to find a perfect shade of white nail polish, and this one is very lovely.

    milky white gel polish

    Yellow b454: One of the best things about using yellow nail polish for flowers on nails is that it really makes them stand out! The color is cheerful and happy, and it just seems to make everything look a little more summery and bright.

    yellow gel polish

    yellow gel polish

    Teal b457: There are so many ways to use a teal gel nail polish, but a favorite is to create a fun and funky design like a popsicle that you will see below.

    Another way to use this color is for the tips of a nail, and then add some stripes or swirls in different colors. It's really easy to do and it always looks great!

    teal blue gel polish

    Here is the whole collection swatched. So many ideas come to mind looking at these colors all together. It's very exciting when new tools and nail art supplies come in because we can get even more tutorials for our readers to try.

    gel polish summer paradise collection

    Here are the three nails that were made using this gel polish kit. These nails are super easy to do so if you are a beginner, don't worry! We will show you step by step how each one was created.

    We have lots of nail art tutorials on this blog so feel free to go ahead and use these ideas for inspiration for your own nail art ideas.

    gel nail art ideas 

    Beetles Summer Paradise Gel Polish Ideas

    If you love doing your own nails at home, gel polish is a great option to consider. Gel polish is easy to use and gives you a lot of time to perfect your nail art.

    Plus, it doesn't set until it's cured under a lamp so you can take your time and get your nails looking just right. Here are some ideas on how to use this set of gel polishes for your next DIY manicure:

    Try out different color combinations. This gel set comes in a wide range of colors, so you can really get creative with your manicures. Try out different color combinations and see what looks best on you. You can make an ombre, reverse French and also try the trending vertical ombre design.

    beetles summer paradise gel collection

    Get creative with nail art ideas. Gel polish is an easy to use medium for creating cute nail art designs. Whether you want to try out cow print nails or more cute designs kawaii nail art, gel polish will help you achieve the look you're going for.

    Or, go for a natural look using gel polish paired with waterslide nail decals or dried flowers for nail art. There are many gel polishes in this set that will give you a subtle, natural finish that still looks chic and stylish, especially the lighter colors.

    Pro tip: If you don't want to practice on your own nails, you can always purchase a practice hand. We have a helpful article about the best silicone practice hands.

    1. Ice Cream Nail Art: Summer Paradise Collection

    Here's a nail that might look complicated but it's not, promise. This gel nail is inspired by those days when the ice cream truck shows up.

    Popsicle or ice cream nails are so much fun and this artwork does look best on a super long nail. If you try this one out, just do it however you like! You can change the colors, add loose glitter for nails or add on some charms.

    That's one of the best things about nail art, you can play with so many ideas that are unique to your own likes and preferences.

    popsicle nail art tutorial 

    2. Roses Nail Art: Summer Paradise Collection

    Here's a simple rose nail art idea that anyone can do. This design is absolutely perfect for someone just getting into gel nails.

    This rose nail art is the perfect way to start off your gel polish skills! The key to this look is a steady hand and a good fineliner brush. We've provided a step by step tutorial so you can DIY this manicure at home.

    Once you have the base coat on, you'll want to apply two thin layers of the white color. Then, using the fineliner brush, create little petals with the pink color (b451).

    Finally, add another layer of matte top coat and cure under a UV or LED light. That's it! You've created a beautiful rose design that's perfect for springtime.

    rose nail art idea with gel 

    3. Flower Nail Art: Summer Paradise Collection

    The third nail art idea is a challenging flower nail. Using orangey yellow (b453), blue (b460), white (b444) and some glitter (b443), this DIY manicure turned out great.

    To create the flowers you can use a dotting tool or toothpick to add small dots of blue polish on the nails.

    To finish off the look, a glossy top coat was applied. Try this design for your next summer party or get together!

    flower gel nail idea 

    VIDEO: Beetles Gel Summer Paradise Review & Swatching

    Here is the video for those who love to watch YouTube. In this video, you will see the swatching being done and the three gel nails we made step by step.


    Gel polish is one of those tools that we use often here. The Beetles gel polish summer paradise collection offers a variety of beautiful colors to choose from, and the three DIY manicure ideas are sure to inspire. This is one of the best gel polish kits. It also makes a fantastic gift idea for a nail artist too.

    From simple and chic to bold and vibrant, these looks are perfect for any summer occasion. Whether you're headed to the beach or the pool, or just want to add a pop of color to your everyday style, gel polish is the way to go.

    We hope you found this review super helpful!

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