21 BEST GEL POLISH KITS For Beginners & Professionals [2024]

best gel nail kits

Here are the best gel nail polish kits for this year from your #1 NAIL ART BLOG! Gel nails will give you a manicure that can last up to 3-4 weeks with the proper nail prep. And since it will not cure until it's under a cure lamp makes it possible to keep working on your nail without the worry of it drying on you.

When it comes to a gel manicure there's many nail polish brands to choose from that offer everything from linear polishes to large sets of many colors. 

best gel polish kits

The wonderful thing about gel nail kits is that you will get everything you need to make a ton of manicures and they are very budget friendly. This makes at home kits perfect for beginners.

Some gel nail kits will come with a light, the gel polish, tools and fun extras like glitter for nails and nail art stickers. Other gel nail kits will only have the actual gel polish which is perfect for those who already have the light and most of the basics.

best gel polish kits

Gel nails feel and look so good and it's easy to get great results with practice. No matter what gel nail kit you decide on, you are going to have a manicure that's going to last for up to three weeks without chipping. 

It's very important to follow the instructions about preparing your natural nails or tips properly before using a gel kit. And always apply a cuticle oil after you are all finished with the gel manicures. Use a quality hand cream after you are finished will make your hands look and feel amazing.

No matter what full coverage gel polish you use from this list in your salon or at home, you must have a UV lamp to cure the gel.

What is gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish is a long lasting polish that cures under a UV or LED lamp. Gel polish is usually made from resin and is formulated to last for at least 3 weeks.

Gel polish can come as a no wipe, which means there is no sticky layer after curing. 

A soak off gel polish which can be soaked off with acetone. Gel polish cannot be removed like regular nail polish.

A good quality gel polish will cover the nail in one or two layers. It will give you a salon quality manicure because the pigment will be properly formulated.

Let's explore the best gel nail kits for this year together along with some helpful videos..

Best Gel Polish Kits

1. Gel Starter Set

Buy On Venalisa

This brand offers some of the best gel kits for beginners because these are high quality sets. 

You will get up to three weeks of wear once it is cured under a uv light.

To use this polish, make sure all of the natural oils are removed from your nails by using a gel cleanser and then apply thin coats after the nail is completely dry and prepped. Cure lamp not included.

full color gel polish kits

2. Beginner Gel Nail Kits by Modelones

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Modelones kits that have all of the basics you need to get started with your manicure are good for beginners. It includes the gel polish, lamp that can be connected to your computer, and a nice variety of starter gel polishes.

The gel polishes in this kit create a high gloss shine and won't chip as long as you prepare the nail bed exactly like they say in the instructions. This kit is super easy to use and perfect for a starter kit or gift idea.

best gel nail polish kits

3. Modelones Vinyl Record

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The Solid Gel Palette offers exceptional durability and intense pigmentation, resulting in a long-lasting brilliant shine finish.

With a gel texture that minimizes streaks, this palette can be layered for unexpected effects, and each layer requires curing. Designed to be storable and compact, the Nude Solid Palette eliminates clutter and maximizes storage space.

It includes 21 shades neatly packed in a compact case for easy selection whenever desired.

We also have a review on the Modelones Vinyl Record solid gel polish, just note that this gel polish kit does not come with the lamp.

best gel polish kits

4. Gel Nail Starter Kit by Vishine

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This is perfect for someone who has never tried gel polish yet because this kit comes with all of the essentials. This kit comes with gel polish colors in neutral shades, a top coat and base coat. 

When using gel polish for the first time, you can always go right to their website for detailed instructions on how to use their formulas. As far as at home kits go, this make a great gift idea for a nail artist.

A complete gel nail set, it includes a 36W Sun9C LED Lamp plus all of the nail tools you will need to prep your natural nail.

best gel nail kits on amazon

5. DIY Gel Nail Kit by Beetles

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Make your own manicure perfect with this nude pink kit. This kit comes with all of the essentials like UV LED light. This company has several kits to choose from with different colors and designs for fall, summer and more so you can choose the best kit for the season.

Everything is included in this kit from tools to the gel polishes so you can start with your DIY gel manicure the moment it arrives. With the proper prep, you can enjoy a chip free manicure for up to 3-4 weeks.

Before applying, please ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free. For best results use a cuticle stick to gently push back the cuticles. Then apply the base coat.

gel nail kits pastels 

6. Cat Eye Gel Polish Set 

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Looking for an amazing glitter effect for your nails? Look no further than this cat eye gel polish! This polish is sure to give you the wow factor you're looking for, and it's so easy to apply.

Cat eye gel nails add a 3D multidimensional look to your nails. With a variety of sets to choose from, cat eye gel polish will give your nails the perfect finishing touch.

best gel polish kits modelones cat eye

7. Deluxe Gel Nail Kits by Gellen

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Here's a deluxe gel nail kit for you that includes a ton of gorgeous gel polishes, including some classic nudes and skin tones.

These at home kits make a great gift idea for someone who is just getting into creating their own manicures at home. It will definitely save on salon visits for a while. Lamp not Included.

gel nail polish kits 

8. MEFA Love Letters Gel Set

Visit MEFA Amazon Shop

This gel polish kit is a great gift for beginners looking to explore the world of nail art and achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of their own home.

This full color kit provides many shades needed to start creating beautiful, long-lasting gel manicures. With an array of vibrant and trendy colors, the kit allows beginners to experiment and unleash their creativity.

Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just a thoughtful surprise, this gel polish kit will undoubtedly bring joy to any nail enthusiast taking their first steps into the world of gel nail art. Lamp is required and sold separately.

We had a chance to collaborate with MEFA and have a MEFA gel polish review.

best gel polish kits

9. Galaxy Gel Polish Kits

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Let's head on over to Etsy. Here's a set that is a must have for those who love galaxy nails. With a variety of neutral colors to choose from, this set will give your nails the perfect finishing touch.

This innovative polish is perfect for creating an amazing glitter effect on your nails. The unique formula is easy to apply and provides long-lasting wear.

With a subtle shimmer this polish is sure to sparkle in the light. These nails will cure to a hard finish with a regular lamp or a mini led lamp.

galaxy gel polish nail colors

10. Gel Polish Starter Kit by Ab Gel

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This kit comes with the gel polish and lamp. You will enjoy playing with a good variety of colors in this gel nail polish set.

Like all quality gel polishes, you will get about three weeks of wear without fading or chipping as long as you are prepping the nail properly.

Customers are saying that they love the deep pigments in these colors and that the consistency of this gel is not too thick so it's easy to work with. We have a super easy rose nail art tutorial that can be used with this set.

 best gel nail polish kits 

11. Colorful Gel Nail Kit by Candy Lover

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The trick to using this gel polish and getting a lasting manicure is to prep the nail properly and apply the same brand of top coats.

Like all of the kits that are mentioned here, be sure to follow the instructions and take time to prep your natural nail. If you do that, you should get at least 3-4 weeks wear with this gel nail kit without chipping.

Another tip for using gel polish is to apply the base coat in one layer.

This set is a great option for the price if you are just getting started with gel polishes.

nail polish gel kits 

12. Glossy Gel Nail Kit

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This makes a great gift if you are searching for the best gel nail polish kit for someone who already has the tools. It comes with glossy colors and also a matte top coat to change the finish.

Customers are loving the super smooth formula of this gel nail polish starter set, the consistency of the gel goes on easily. The gels are very easy to apply for at home nail art and have a high pigment color load. Lamp Not Included.

"A wide selection of colors and designs will give you an attractive appearance, also match any outfit style your nails with! Suitable for all daily working or dating, party, or ceremony activity."

gel nail kits 

13. 36 Gel Nail Kit 

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If you already have all of the tools and just want the gel polish, then this set comes with 36 fabulous colors. This set has lots of colors to choose from that are perfect for anytime of the year.

If you are looking to make some nail designs for spring, summer, fall, or winter there's lots of gel polish colors to choose from.

"This is a fantastic, beautiful, unique beauty gift gift set that will be loved by all who receive it.

This brand also made it into our article best manicure gift sets.

best gel nail sets for at home 

14. Builder Gel Kit

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Builder gel polish takes practice to get it perfect so it's great for those who want to try something new. It provides a long-lasting, shiny finish. This is one of our fav brands to use for putting a top coat onto nail stickers and for adding dimension to the natural nail.

builder gel kit

If you want to learn more about using builder gel for nails, check out the full review on how to use Modelones Builder gel.

15. Quality Gel Nail Polish Kit

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This quality gel nail polish is made of a special varnish formula that you cure under ultraviolet light, just like the others above. There's a great variety of colors in this nail polish starter kit and it comes with all the essentials.

When this gel polish is applied correctly you will have a manicure that will last at least 2-3 weeks without cracking. Their formula is non-toxic & odorless. And it comes with a blue polish that has holographic glitters.

"FINGER QUEEN is made of a special varnish formula and cured under ultraviolet light. When used properly, the gel formula can last for at least 2-3 weeks without cracking."

best gel nail polish kits


16. Modern Muse Collection

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Looking for a fun and easy way to do your own nails at home? Check out this set kit by Beetles. This convenient kit comes with everything you need to achieve salon-quality nails in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, with so many colors to choose from - including glitter polish - you can always find the perfect shade to match your mood or outfit.

Their polishes are also very durable, so you can enjoy your beautiful nails for weeks to come.

best gel nail kits

17. Gel Polish Kit Pots

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Looking for a bold and stylish gel polish kit that will let you create amazing manicures at home? Look no further than this unique gel polish at home kit that comes in pots. You get a full 36 colors of gel polish in pots, so you can mix and match to create your own unique designs.

Whether you want a classic French manicure or something more funky and fun, this kit has everything you need to get the perfect look and is one of the best nail art tools for an at home gel mani.

gel polish kits in pots

18. Professional Gel Set by Melody Susie

Buy On Melody Susie

Visit Melody Susie Amazon Shop

Looking for a professional gel polish kit that has tons of colors to choose from? Look no further than the full sets from Melody Susie. This set makes a great gift for anyone who loves doing their own nails at home.

Plus, with so many colors to choose from, they're sure to find the perfect shade for any occasion. Definitely one of the best DIY nail kits out there.

professional gel polish kit

19. Warm Colors Nail Polish Kit

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One of the best at home kits, this starter kit includes sparkly gold colors as well as warm colors that are great for fall. A base coat and top coat is also included so you won't have to purchase them separately. 

Modelones is one of the best-selling brands so anything that you purchase from them is going to be quality. Even at home nail salons use this for a long lasting manicure.

The best way to apply this polish is to apply 2 thin & even layers. If you apply in thinner layers, you can get up to 3-4 weeks without chipping. A good choice for a red carpet manicure.

large set of gel nail polish 

20. Lilac Blossom Gel Set

Check Price On Le Mini Macaron

Here's a totally adorable gel set from le mini macaron that comes with a mini lamp and purple colored polish. This kit for at home nails comes with everything you need to start making your very own gel manicure.

For those who are just getting into gel polish, these sets are great to add to your collection. This exact set made our list of the best purple nail polishes to try this year. This is a salon pro gel starter kit that will give you a home gel nail in two coats.

Le mini macaron is one of those kits that is great for traveling, you might think that the lamp is a bit small but it's actually the perfect size for on the go. 

You will cure one nail at a time.

purple nail polish gift set

21. Pink & Purple Gel Set

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Practice your gel nail skills with this gel nail kit with everything you need to get started. This listing has many different colors to choose from, but the neon color set is beautiful for stand out nails.

The lamp works great as well, and at 48w this will cure your nails very quickly.

beetles purple and pink gel polish

If you're looking for a manicure that will last for weeks, gel nails are the way to go. And with a gel polish kit, you can easily do your own gel nails at home.

Here are some basics to know about applying gel onto your nail. And if you really want to have a gel manicure that lasts, head on over to expert tips for making a gel manicure last longer.

How To Use A Gel Polish Kit Tips

1. Start with clean, dry nails. Remove any old polish and wash your hands well. Before applying any gel, your nails must be absolutely dry. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push up the cuticles and remove any dead skin.

2. Apply a base coat to your nails. This is what is needed for the gel polish stick and last longer. If you skip this step, the gel is not going to adhere properly.

3. Choose your gel polish color and apply it to your nails. Be sure to use thin, even coats. Don't let the polish pool into the cuticle area and be careful not to get any gel onto your skin around the nail. This can prevent the nail from curing properly and will start to peel.

4. Cure the polish under a UV or LED light for the time specified in the instructions.

best gel polish kits

5. Apply a top coat for extra shine and protection and cure according to the directions. If there is a sticky layer, remove that with a lint free wipe and isopropyl alcohol.

6. Purchase a gel polish remover so that you do not cause damage to your natural nail. You can also purchase foil wraps to soak off the polish. Damaged nails are no fun, please be careful.

Did you find a perfect gel nail polish set from this list? We hope so! 

Thanks for reading and being here with us today! We hope you can now find your new favorite gel kits and sets for your DIY manicures and nail art ideas!

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