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Here are the best gel nail polish kits for DIY nails at home.

If you are one of those people who love to DIY your own manicure at home, then you might be on the search for the best gel nail kit. The wonderful thing about gel nail kits is that you will get everything you need to make several manicures.

Some gel nail kits will come with a light, the gel polish, tools and fun extras like gems and stickers. Other gel nail kits will only have the actual gel polish which is perfect for those who already have the light and most of the basics.

Gel nails feel and look so good and it's easy to get great results with practice. No matter what gel nail kit you decide on, you are going to have a manicure that's going to last for a couple of weeks without chipping as long as you follow the instructions. Let's explore the best gel nail kits together.

No matter what gel polish you use from this list, you must have a UV lamp to cure the gel.

We will discuss:

  • Gel nail polish kits that come with all of the tools and supplies
  • Gel nail polish kits that come with a UV light
  • Best gel nail polish kits on Amazon
  • Best gel nail polish kit on Walmart
  • The best gel nail polish kits for a home manicure



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A starter kit that has all of the basics you need to get started with your manicure. It includes the gel polish, lamp that can be connected to your computer, and a nice variety of starter gel polishes.

The polishes create a high gloss shine and won't chip as long as you prepare the nail bed exactly like they say in the instructions. This kit is super easy to use and perfect for a starter kit or gift idea. Lamp Included

"Healthy & Certified Cruelty-Free: Modelones 6 colors Soak-off gel polish set made of 11 Non-Toxic ingredients, meet U.S. safety requirements and features the FDA Certification, low odor, paraben & cruelty-Free, no harsh ingredients or adhesives, would not damage your nail bed."


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This is perfect for someone who has never tried gel polish yet because this kit comes with everything you need to get started immediately. This kit comes with gel polish colors, a top coat and base coat. A complete gel nail set, it includes a 36W Sun9C LED Lamp plus all of the nail tools you will need to prep your natural nail. Lamp Included.

"Awesome kit for a gel beginner. This basic nail manicure tools will help you complete the process of your nail art, save money from nail salon."


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3. GEL NAIL STARTER KIT by Beetles Gel Polish Store

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Make your own manicure perfect with this nude pink gel nail polish kit. This kit comes with a UV LED light. This company has several kits to choose from with different colors and designs for fall, summer and more so you can choose the best kit for the season. Everything is included in this kit from tools to the gel polishes so you can start with your DIY gel manicure the moment it arrives. Lamp Included.

"Before applying, please ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free."


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Here's a deluxe gel nail kit for you that includes everything to prep your nail to the final touches. This kit would make a great gift idea for someone who is just getting into creating their own manicures at home or thinking of getting into nail aesthetics and just want to play around. This kit includes the essential manicure tools that you will need. And also comes with rhinestones and glitters. Lamp Included.

"Long lasting, with proper application, it can last up to 14 to 21 days. Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low odor, NON-TOXIC."

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5. NEON GEL POLISH KIT by Beetles Gel Polish Store

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Practice your gel nail skills with this gel nail kit with everything you need to get started. This listing has many different colors to choose from, but the neon color set is beautiful for stand out nails. The lamp works great as well, and at 48w this will cure your nails very quickly. Lamp Included.

"The series of neon gel nail polish set is long lasting for 21+ days with perfect shine under proper application."


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This kit comes with the gel polish and lamp. You will enjoy playing with a good variety of colors in this gel nail polish set. Like all quality gel polishes, you will get about three weeks of wear without fading or chipping as long as you are prepping the nail properly.

Customers are saying that they love the deep pigments in these colors and that the consistency of this gel is not too thick so it's easy to work with.

"All of gel nail polish is high quality: long lasting for 2 weeks; smooth and easy to apply; suitable for all kinds of nails. Whether home manicure or salon use, they will bring you a professional and perfect result."


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7. GEL NAIL KIT by Candy Lover

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The trick to using this gel polish and getting a lasting manicure is to apply two coats of top coat. Like all of the kits that are mentioned here, be sure to follow the instructions and take time to prep your natural nail. If you do that, you should get at least two weeks wear with this gel nail kit without chipping.

This set is a great option for the price if you are just getting started with gel polishes. Lamp Included.

"High quality gel polish makes it easier for salon or yourself to achieve a perfect nail art."

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8. BEST GEL NAIL POLISH KIT (no UV lamp) by MEFA Store

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This makes a great gift if you are searching for the best gel nail polish kit for someone who already has the tools. It comes with glossy colors and also a matte top coat to change the finish.

Customers are loving their super smooth formula, the consistency of the gel goes on easily. The gels are very easy to apply and have a high pigment color load. Lamp Not Included.

"A wide selection of colors and designs will give you an attractive appearance, also match any outfit style your nails with! Suitable for all daily working or dating, party, or ceremony activity."

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9. 36 GEL NAIL SET (no UV lamp) by Modelones

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If you already have all of the tools and just want the gel polish, then this set comes with 36 fabulous colors. This set has lots of colors to choose from that are perfect for anytime of the year. If you are looking to make some nail designs for spring, summer, fall, or winter there's lots of gel polish colors to choose from. Lamp Not Included.

"This is a fantastic, beautiful, unique beauty gift gift set that will be loved by all who receive it."

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This gel nail set comes with amazing and sparkly gold colors. A base coat and top coat is also included so you won't have to purchase them separately. Modelones is one of the best-selling gel polish brands so anything that you purchase from them is going to be quality.

The best way to apply this polish is to apply 2-3 thin even layers. If you apply in thinner layers, you can get up to 2-3 weeks without chipping.

"Modelones Gel Polish is long-lasting, chip-resistant because of special formula and advanced manufacture skills."

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This quality gel nail polish is made of a special varnish formula that you cure under ultraviolet light, just like the others above. When this gel polish is applied correctly you will have a manicure that will last at least 2-3 weeks without cracking. Their gel nail polish is non-toxic & odorless.

"FINGER QUEEN Gel nail polish is made of a special varnish formula and cured under ultraviolet light. When used properly, the gel formula can last for at least 2-3 weeks without cracking."

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