13 BEST Nail Drills and Efiles For Nails [2022]

best efiles and nail drills

Here are the best nail drills and e files for a perfect DIY manicure.

Portable nail drills are a perfect choice when you need to remove acrylic gel or to buff the natural nail. And portable drills will tuck away easily into your nail bag or carrying cases.

Keep in mind when ordering a portable nail drill that these are not like a professional drill that you would use every day all day long. But they are a great option for at home or for an at home nail art studio.

best nail drills and efiles

The efiles and nail drills on this list are a good option for a DIY manicure. And also to keep on hand as an extra electric file, like for those times when you need just a quick touch up or fix to your manicure.

And of course they are a must have for at home manicures or when you need a simple touch up before going to the nail salon. Reaching for a smaller drill is an easy and efficient way to buff your nails and to prepare your nail bed for your gel, acrylic nails or polish.

What is a nail drill or efile?

A nail drill and efile are electric files for manicures. Efile and nail drills will come with different speed settings as well as a forward and reverse setting. Choose an efile or nail drills that have a low vibration to prevent hand fatigue. These essential tools can be used on natural nails, nail tips, and for removing calluses.


1. White Cordless Drill by BTArtbox

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An excellent drill that has a 30,000rpm motor that will hold a charge for 8 -10 hours and will be fully charged in about 2 hours.

This nail drill has a smart LCD display screen that shows the suitable RPM to choose, and how much battery is remaining before you need to recharge.

Customers are talking about how this drill has very low heat, low noise and low vibration. This efile is powerful and smooth for precise nail grinding or removing acrylic or gels. 

A good little unit for when you need to have a spare on hand or for those touch ups.

best nail drill and efile 

2. Electric Nail Drill by Subay

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Whenever we are making nail art video tutorials for our YouTube channel, we usually reach for this one. It's super easy to use and the wand fits into a small hand very easily.

There's lots of speed options to get the perfect speed just by turning the dial.

You can use this file for prepping natural nails, acrylic nails, gel nails. And of course it has a forward and reverse.

 best portable nail files

Watch this video using this efile from Subay. We are prepping some nail tips for a cat eye manicure. This will give you a really good look at how this efile works and sounds.


3. Portable Electric by Airsee

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The forward and reverse rotation directions are exactly what you need for right-handed or left-handed use. This portable nail file has an adjustable speed and direction control up to 20,000 rpm.

This portable efile is smooth on the nail and the smaller design makes it comfortable to use for small hands.

Customers love that this is lightweight and easy to tuck into your bag or nail kit. It has a pretty good speed bearing and motor. And gives off a low heat, noise and low vibration.

This nail drill comes with 11 pieces with several sizes of shank drill bits and lots of extra sanding bands.

best portable nail files and e drills

4. Efile by Bestidy

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This is a fully portable and rechargeable drill that is perfect for on the go. You can use this drill for easy removal of acrylics & gel nails and also nail jewelry. And the low setting is gentle enough to use for polishing. 

A professional nail machine, it is a good choice for beginners and also experienced nail artists who need a small backup drill in their home or salon.

You can expect this cordless nail drill to operate for up to 8 hours after a full charge. It will, however, need 3-4 hours on the charger to fully charge. This drill has low heat, low noise and low vibration.

There's two color choices: grey with pink, or purple.

best portable edrill and files 

5. Professional Nail Drill by Melody Suzie

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This efile has a high speed up to 30000 RPM so it will have enough power to get through acrylic and gel nails. One thing to note is that this nail drill is made with  high-quality bearings, which allows the efile to move smoothly at a high speed.

The speeds can be adjustable simply by rotating the control knob easily. If you are a beginner or need a drill for at home use, then this drill will be perfectly fine for that.

Another reason why this file works well is the torque, as long as you are applying proper pressure onto the nail, the drill won't stop. You get several bits in this set and so that you can start working with it right away.

Made from aluminum alloy, this file also has proper ventilation holes to dissipate the heat.

best efiles and nail drills

6. Blue Portable Electric File by AZ GOGO 

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This efile is made with high speed bearings that have the CE Certificate. And like all of the efiles on this list has an adjustable rpm speed. It's easy to go back and forth using the forward & reverse direction.

You will love how portable this efile is and it can be fully recharged in just over 2 hours.

You will get continuous operation of this drill up to at least 6 hours before having to recharge. And so you don't have to guess how long you have, this efile displays the percentage that is left on the charge, so you can know exactly how much time you have left on the file. 

The size is quite small so if you have small hands, you might like how it feels, especially if you have a long day ahead of you filing. The handpiece is made from aluminum so it will disperse heat and should last for a very long time. 

Another thing that you should take note of is the sound, this drill is very quiet and is pretty smooth with a slight vibration.

best efiles and nail drills 

7. Lightweight Nail Drill by Melody Suzie

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Customers are raving about this drill and the fact that it is pretty powerful and easy to use. This drill has a compact controller, so that will save space on your work table.

The bit holders are very handy, you can easily reach for the right size bit.

Use this nail drill to fix nail cracks, or buff out natural nails. And just like all nail drills, be sure to adjust the speed slowly going from a low to high when you are using this drill.

best portable nail drills

8. Pink Portable Drill

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And this is the same nail drill as above but in a lovey pink color. Just like the model above, this drill can be used on acrylic gel nails.

best efile and nail drills 

9. Nail File System by Cadrim

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A smooth and quiet machine that can be used on gel, acrylic, natural nails and even silk wraps. This drill is great for home use but you might find it heats up too much to be used constantly in a spa or business setting.

Totally ok for an extra, or gift idea for those who love to do your own nails at home.

Customers are loving how this nail drill comes with a really good variety of grinding heads, which will last you for a long time. Definitely put this at the top of your list for the price and capabilities.

best nail files and e drills

10. Mini Nail Drill by JimiLace

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This Etsy shop carries many different nail drills and also nail bits too. You might want to take a closer look at this mini polishing pen. It has a USB charger and is compact so it will fit right into your handbag for those touch ups.

Keep in mind that the shipping is from China so give yourself plenty of time to receive your order. Your order should arrive within about 12 business days.

best efiles and nail drills

11. Rechargeable Nail Drill by Makartt

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Built with innovation, this drill has a 35,000rpm motor that will hold a charge for about 6 hours. This efile takes about 2 hours to fully charge. This portable nail drill comes with high quality bearings so it will work smoothly. This drill will remove acrylic & gel polish and will easily polish the natural nail. 

"As Pioneers in the space, we build nail drills for technicians and customers of any skill level, combinate of design, precision and user-friendly controls, perfect for salon and home use"

best portable nail drills

12. Small Hand & Foot Electric Nail File by Polamd

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If you are looking for an affordable electric file that you can just slip into your handbag or keep in your nightstand, then this is a good option. You can use this efile on your natural nails and also on your feet to remove calluses and corns.

It has a rechargeable battery and can be used cordless which is great for those times when you need a quick touch up.

best electronic files for nails 

13. Professional Nail Drill Machine by Lavinda

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Here's a great choice for a professional salon or at home nail art studio. The professional rechargeable nail drill machine by Lavinda.

What makes this super high quality is the brushless motor. This is going to give you a high precision manicure with really good torque, while keeping this nail drill low noise and vibrations.

nail drills that have a brushless motor

We hope you found this article about electric nail drills helpful and that you have now found the perfect efile for your at-home manicures.

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