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Here is HOW TO USE BUILDER GEL. We have found some fantastic and easy builder gel nail tutorials for beginners for those who are looking for some new ways to use builder gel.

If you're looking for a creative way to do your nails then builder gel is something that you might want to try.

From builder gel in bottles to builder gel in pots, there's no shortage of DIY nail designs you can come up with.

best builder gel tutorials

These how to builder gel tutorials are great for an experienced builder gel artist and even if this is your first time delving into builder gel nails, there's something here for everyone.

Keep in mind that you will need a cure lamp to cure builder gel.


1. Encapsulate glitter with builder gel

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Have you seen builder gel in action? With builder gel, you can embed things like loose glitter for nails and nail art decorations. In this video on Amazon, you can watch as builder gel creates a layered effect on an otherwise simple nails.

how to use builder gel

2. Modelones builder gel tutorial

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This product takes your nails from dull to dazzling when you learn how to use it. The builder gel offers a smooth and thicker layer so you can embed polymer clay pieces and loose glitter for nails.

We have a full review on the Modelones builder gel in this article.

Watch the video tutorial here

how to use builder gel modelones

3. Builder gel in a bottle

If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, here's a super helpful video by Nails By Katie Dutra. In this video, you can see builder gel being used to create something amazing and unique.

Not only does the builder gel produce a durable, long-lasting result, but it's also fun to create something from scratch with it. 

how to use builder gel tutorials

4. Easy builder gel tutorial

Builder gel is a game changer in the world of nail art because of it's many uses.

You'll be amazed at how quickly builder gel works – just watch this video so you can see it for yourself as Lissette Cruz show you step by step how to create beautiful pink nails.

how to use builder gel tutorials

5. Builder gel with extension forms

If you’re ready to take your nail designs to the next level, then this builder gel tutorial is for you. Manicurist Kimberz Kreations guides viewers through the step-by-step process of using builder gel on forms.

She goes over techniques and tips that help create a longer lasting manicure while also ensuring they stay looking beautiful.

how to use builder gel tutorials

6. 3d water nails with builder gel

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This builder gel tutorial is a great way to learn the essentials of using builder gel in nail art. It's an easy-to-follow that breaks down the process step-by-step.

how to use builder gel tutorials

7. How to use builder gel in a bottle

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Here's a way to create long-lasting, salon-quality nails. This video by Orly GELFX shows a quick way to create builder gel nails.

how to use builder gel tutorials

8. How to use Saviland builder gel

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This builder gel tutorial is good for those of you interested in taking your own nails from ordinary to extraordinary. Builder gels allow you to sculpt and design a unique set of nails.

how to use builder gel tutorials

9. How to use builder gel in a bottle

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Grab your builder gel supplies, turn on this tutorial, and start creating fabulous nail designs. This is the Modelones builder gel in a bottle that you can use 7 different ways.

Using builder gel in a bottle is a simple process. First, apply a thin layer of the builder gel on your natural or previously prepared nails, avoiding the cuticles.

Then, cure the gel under a UV or LED lamp according to the manufacturer's instructions for durable, strong, and beautiful nails.

how to use builder gel tutorials

10. French manicure with builder gel

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This builder gel tutorial walks you through every step of the builder gel application process to help you get salon quality nails.

In this video, they'll guide you through the process of creating a classic and elegant look that's both strong and long-lasting.

how to use builder gel tutorials

Did you learn how to use builder gel? We hope so! 

✅ It's been a pleasure to walk you through builder gel nails and the fun and creative ways you can DIY your own salon-style nails at home.

We hope that this builder gel article has been helpful for those of you trying builder gel for the first time or those interested in perfecting their builder gel nail art skills. From all of us here, happy builder gelling.

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