17 Best CAT EYE MAGNETIC Nail Polish & Kits [2024]

best cat eye nail art supplies

Here are the best cat eye nail polishes and kits. Cat eye nail polish is formulated with little specs of pigment that can be moved around with a magnet to create stunning effects.

When the light hits the polish, you get a multi-dimensional look that appears to shift almost like magic.

Cat eye polish and supplies come in many different ways. The best cat eye nail supplies are 3d gel polishes that come in bottles and in pots.

There are also nail techs that offer hand painted press on nail designs on press on nails for those times when you need a super quick manicure.

best cat eye nail polish

If you are brand new to the cat eye look you might need a whole starter kit. For those who already have everything, you might be here to find a new cat eye color.

Don't worry, there is cat eye nail polish ideas for everyone on this list.

Let's go through this list together to help you find the perfect cat eye starter kit or new polish.


1. CAT EYE Polish With Lamp

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If you are just getting started learning about cat eye gel polish, this set here has everything you need to get started, including the cure light.

This is a 35 piece set with not only the cat eye polish but with some glitter nail decorations too.

cat eye gel polish sets

2. MIZHSE Cat Eye Gel Polish Kit

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With this set you will be able to create the popular black hole cat eye effect as well as galaxy themed nails.

The natural resin has a low odor and when applied on top of black gel polish will give you a multi-chrome look.

Just like any cat eye nail kit, it will take some practice to get the effect perfect.

This set has lots of different colors to play around with and to also layer with to create depth of color in your manicures.

best cat eye nail supplies

3. Born Pretty Cat Eye Set

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Show off your magnetic nails with these pale colors to keep up with the latest trends. In a lighter cat eye shade, these nails offer a bespoke way to express your personal style.

We have used this brand many times and have lots of reviews on Born Pretty nail art products, check them out when you get a sec!

magnetic gel polish on amazon

4. Born Pretty Chameleon 3D

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Create your own set of cat eye nails with this set of chameleon magnetic gel colors that includes a magnet.

Their colors are formulated to give an ultra shiny look.

born pretty cat eye gel set

5. Blinkin Gel Cat Eye Starry Sky Effects

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Create a shimmering effect easily with 6 colors to choose from in this set. Customers are loving the long lasting quality of this cat eye polish and how easy it is to mix colors for a custom look.

Layering the colors up to three times really makes the cat eye look stand out more than just one coat.

best cat eye nail supplies

6. Allenbelle Cat Eye Gel Polish Set

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Allenbelle offers several 3D cat eye nail sets. The colors range from super dark to lightest colors like a pale blue.

The prices are great too so you can definitely play around with different sets or pick a couple for a gift idea for that nail lover in your life.

One of the tricks to make your cat eye nail manicure last longer is to make sure that the base is prepped properly. A very thin base will help keep your manicure lasting for at least 4 weeks.

best cat eye nail polish

7. Meet Across Cat Eye Gel

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Gel nail pots are something fun to try. It does take a bit of practice because you will be getting the gel out with a nail brush.

With this set you get gorgeous color changing chameleon colors that can create a black hole effect.

You can even play around with unique color combinations by mixing the colors too.

best cat eye nail gel

8. Modelones Full Cat Eye Kit

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To get a really multidimensional cat eye look, it's best to start off with a dark or black base color. This large cat eye kit has every color you could ever need for a base coat and cat eye polishes.

Remember, to use this gel polish, you will require a drying lamp. Read up on the best lamps for polish in our latest UV lamp article here.

We have worked with this brand many times, here's a review of the Modelones Vinyl Record gel polish so you can see exactly what their formula looks like.

modelones large cat eye gel polish set

9. Small Multi-Chrome Cat Eye Gel Nail Set

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Or if you are just getting started and need the black base plus a set of polishes, Modelones has this 9D set in a gorgeous purple.

When the colors are layered or mixed, they appear to have different colors and shapes depending on the light angle.

best cat eye nail supplies and sets

10. Maky Nail Cat Eye Nails Supplies

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Try your hand at making your own cat eye nails with a kit with everything you need in this Etsy shop. The UV gel polish kits will give you a wide variety of playful colors.

best cat eye nail polish

11. Dijit Bright Silver Cat Eye Gel

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Here's a soak off option for creating a gorgeous silvery effect to your nails.

This multicolored silver polish has different shades of silver suspended in the liquid. You can achieve a chameleon colored look depending on the light.

This cat eye polish looks especially stunning outside in the bright sun and is what you see often on Instagram reels.

best cat eye nail polish multichrome

12. GAOY Holographic Glitter Cat Eye Set

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This is a super pretty set and one of the best sellers on Amazon.

Each color that they offer is formulated with metallic magnetic glitter powder for a stunningly shiny finish when you use the magnet.

When you are looking for an elegant, 3D effect you can also layer the lighter polishes for a glittery cat eye design.

best cat eye nail polish

13. NP Beauty Nails Cat Eye Press On Nails

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If you want the look of gorgeous cat eye nails but would rather buy a ready made set, this nail shop on Etsy has a few sets on hand. Customers are raving about how amazing they look.

Step by step instructions are included so you can learn how to apply their nails for a professional look.

Cat eye nails that will make you look like you just spent hours in a salon.

best cat eye nail supplies

14. Regular Cat Eye Nail Polish

Visit Parrot Polish Etsy Shop

If you would prefer to use a regular nail polish that does not require a cure light, this shop offers many beautiful colors.

A family run business, this shop offers vegan and cruelty free nail art products and that's something we can all get behind. 

cat eye nail polish

15. Cosmic Burst Cat Eyes

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Here's an idea for those of you who want a cat eye look that is already made. The sets from this Etsy shop are stunning and they have a ton of kits to choose from.

cat eye nail art sets

16. Blood Red Magnetic Polish

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Cat-eye nail polish in red has gained immense popularity for its striking and captivating aesthetic.

The deep and vibrant red hue, combined with the mesmerizing cat-eye effect, creates a dynamic and alluring finish that enhances manicure.

17. Large Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Kit

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A cat-eye nail kit featuring 39 diverse colors has captured the attention of nail enthusiasts for its extensive range of options and creative possibilities.

With a palette spanning a spectrum of hues, from vibrant and bold to subtle and sophisticated, the kit allows users to experiment with a myriad of cat-eye effects, adding a touch of allure and individuality to each manicure.

Tips for using cat eye nail polish

1. Choose a Quality Magnet

Invest in a high-quality cat-eye magnet that comes with your cat-eye nail polish kit.

The magnet is essential for creating the distinctive cat-eye effect, so ensure it's strong and has various patterns or shapes to provide diverse design options.

2. Apply a Dark Base Color

To enhance the cat-eye effect, start by applying a dark base color. Deep shades like black or navy work well to create a strong contrast with the cat-eye pattern.

Ensure the base coat is fully cured before applying the cat-eye polish. We have a list of the best black nail polishes.

3. Work in Thin Layers

Apply the cat-eye nail polish in thin layers to avoid thickness that may impact the curing process or the effectiveness of the cat-eye effect.

Multiple thin coats can enhance the depth and intensity of the color and pattern.

4. Experiment with Magnet Placement

The position and movement of the magnet during the curing process significantly influence the final design.

Experiment with different angles, distances, and durations to achieve varied cat-eye effects, from subtle waves to bold, pronounced patterns.

5. Seal with a Top Coat

Once you've achieved the desired cat-eye effect, seal your manicure with a high-quality, clear top coat.

This not only adds shine but also protects the design, ensuring it lasts longer. Be sure to cap the free edge of the nail to prevent premature chipping.

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best cat eye nail supplies


Best Cat Eye Nail Ideas

Cat Eye Nail Tips & Tricks To A Perfect Manicure

Best Cat Eye Nail Art Tutorials

You might want to check out this set of magnets to create unique looks for your cat eye nail art designs. 

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Create different looks with a completely magnet set. Magnets are what is needed to move the magnetic polish around. The best way to use these magnets is to choose your design and then hold the magnet above the nail for at least 30 seconds. This gives the metallic specs a chance to get into place.

best cat eye nail supplies

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