11 BEST Cat Eye Nail Tutorials w/ Step by Step Instructions [2021]

Here are the best CAT EYE NAIL tutorials and DIY's with easy step by step instructions from nail artists that are crazy about cat eye manicures! Learn how to get a CAT EYE LOOK with the right tools and techniques from these amazing nail techs and nail artist instructors.

Learning how to make a perfect cat eye nail takes practice and you need to hold the magnet to the nail for between 15-30 seconds to get the desired effect. These cat eye videos will show you all of the up to date techniques for getting a perfect and stunning cat eye nail manicure in no time.

Set aside some time to binge watch! You will learn how to get everything from a multi-dimensional galaxy look to perfectly straight lines. Here is how to do cat eye nails!


1. How To Use Cat Eye Gel Polish by Nails By Katie Dutra

In this tutorial, Katie explains exactly what you need to get a perfect cat eye look. She talks about tips and techniques and gives you step by step instructions to get them perfect. She uses gel colors in pots and also in bottles so you can see how to use both.

2. Black & Gold Cat Eye Manicure by Nail Career Education

Suzie's nail art tutorials are a favorite around here. She shares great tips on how to get an amazing looking cat eye manicure with her step by step DIY. The way that the gold and black manicure turns out is absolutely gorgeous. In this tutorial, she shows you how to use the magnet and how easy it is to get a black and gold look that can take you from the office to a night out on the town.

Suzie has a complete line of nail products that you can purchase on her website.

3. Best Cat Eye Nail Art Compilation TikTok

This nail video is a compilation of some of the most talented and mind-blowing nail artists that are on TikTok and Instagram. Watch these tutorials and ideas for inspiration and have fun coming up with your own original designs.

4. Magic Magnetic Nail Polish by Simply Nailogical

Christine's channel is always a fun place to spend a few hours binge watching nail art videos. In this DIY cat eye nail tutorial she shows how to use multi-chrome nail polish. The completed look is totally mesmerizing! Be sure to check out her line of Halo Taco polishes that are out of this world gorgeous.

5. Snowlight Cat Eye by Dorota Palicka Nails

If you have a spare 30 minutes, this is a must see DIY cat eye video. Dorota shows a detailed step by step tutorial on how to make a specialized snowlight cat eye manicure using fiber gel. If you are looking for some elegant nail ideas for your wedding or special event, these nails are something you might want to try for sure.

6. Black Hole Effect Cat Eyes by Manisha M

The black hole effect is a little tricky to get perfect and Manisha shows how to get it perfect with this tutorial. The result looks like an actual cat eye. The multi-chrome polish from Born Pretty really takes this manicure to the next level.

7. Simple Cat Eye Design by The Nail Tips Show

Ann Chang is a favorite nail tech among professionals and beginners because her instructional videos are easy to follow. She also gets right into the tutorials which is really helpful for when you are just wanting to get right into learning. In this DIY she demonstrates how to get a simple cat eye effect with some added accents.

8. Cat Eye Nails Three Different Ways by Naio Nails

A great tutorial that shows you a cat eye effect on acrylic tips. The results that she achieves on extra long nails is absolutely stunning. In this DIY you will learn three different ways that you can use her technique using cat eye polish.

9. Cat Eye Nails by Born Pretty

Born Pretty tutorials are always fun! Here is a compilation of seven different ways to use their cat eye polishes and magnets. If you are looking for some cat eye polish to try, they have a fully stocked Amazon shop.

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10. Special Effects Cat Eye Nails by Clarissa Duhs Nails

The layered effect on these nails are so pretty! She takes galaxy nails to the next level in this DIY tutorial and shows easy step by step instructions to get them sparkly and amazing. Wait until you see the effects of the multi-stripe effect that she gets from the magnet!

11. 9D Nail Tutorial by Rose Nails

A super easy tutorial for beginners to achieve a striped design. It's amazing how using the magnet, you can get perfectly straight lines in your manicures. She shares lots of really great tips so this is definitely a must watch DIY video for someone who is just learning. 


Ready to make your own cat eye nail art? You will need to purchase some cat eye nail supplies. Here is a really good starter kit on Amazon.

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