23 Best Cat Eye Nails & Designs [2022]

cat eye nail art ideas

Here are some of the best cat eye nail ideas and designs. Nail artists have taken over Instagram and TikTok with their gorgeous designs and the trend is not slowing down. Cat eye nails are stunning and the way the light catches them in a perfect way make them a must try DIY manicure for any outfit or occasion.

There are many ways to achieve a cat eye design. The secret to make cat eye nails is with a magnetic formulated gel polish and a magnet.

The magnetic specs in the polish will move the polish towards the magnet, transforming the design into an actual cat's eye, or to make a cat eye look that's inspired by a cat eye but not exactly round. Here are some gorgeous cat eye nail designs and ideas.

What is cat eye nail polish?

Cat eye nail polish is a gel polish that has magnetic pigments dispersed within the polish. A magnet is then used to move the polish around. Using different sized magnets will give you different designs like circles, lines or wavy details. When the light hits the polish, you will see a 3D effect.


1. Galaxy Cat Eye Nails by funlacquer

A gorgeous multi-dimensional cat eye look with magnetic multichrome gel polish. This look is absolutely stunning the way the blue and pink shimmer stands out against the extreme dark background.

Look at how they layered different polishes to really get that 3D effect.

best cat eye nail art designs

2. Dark Green Cat Eye Nail Design by ganeshanailss

The green against the black background makes this cat eye design look like it has a world of it's own. The way that the magnet moved the shimmering highlights around the nail is simply gorgeous.

best green cat eye nails

3. Gel Cat Eye Nails by lor_artistik

Follow this Instagram nail artist for the most amazing cat eye nails that are created with multi-dimensional gel polish. When the light hits these galaxy nails, it creates shimmering effects that are out of this world.

best cat eye modern nails

4. Purple Gel Cat Eyes by laama_nails

Purple nails never looked so good! Laama creates stunning nail art designs on her Instagram and she has lots of unique designs and tutorials using gel polish and a magnet.

best cat eye nail designs

5. Sophisticated Cat Eye Nails by My Little Nail Art Shop

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You can surely find some neat little shops on Etsy! And this shop carries some complete cat eye gel nail kits. Perfect for a gift idea for that nail artist in your life. Who wouldn't want to play with these sets? 

Anna, the owner of this Etsy shop goes above and beyond for her customers and has raving reviews!

best cat art nail designs

6. Black And Red Cat Eye Nails by maria.pougiou

Sexy nails that you can dress up or down. Black and red nails are always a popular choice for DIY manicures, especially since they can be worn at any time of the year. The multichrome flakes add the perfect amount of red to these nails. 

cat eye nail art

7. Cat Eye Nail Polish Colors by mizhse

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Create your own set of cat eye nails with this set of chameleon magnetic gel colors that includes the magnet. Their colors are formulated from natural resin to give an ultra shiny look.

Do you have a passion for nail art? This new 9D Cat Eye gel polish set will change the way you think about nails. With galactic color changes, auroras-effect and black hole effects, try your next manicure with this incredible product!


best cat eye nail art

8. Elegant Cat Eye Nails by holo_studio

Simplistic nail designs just go with everything and light colored manicures seem to last just a little bit longer than darker colors. These light colored cat eye nails are giving off all the feels.

cat eye nail artists and designs

9. White Cat Eye Nails by sheenbow_pigment

The white and silvery colors are a shimmering style that complements almost any outfit, especially during the winter months. The pearl highlights look absolutely incredible. These cat eye nails shimmer in the most perfect way.

cat eye nail art

10. 9D Cat Eye Nails by Homost

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With 6 magnetic colors to choose from you can create a variety of cat eye nails, and even try a different look and color combination on every nail. Cat eye nails do take some practice to get your desired design and this set has plenty of gel polish to play around with. Keep in mind that the LED lamp is not included.

Check out this article for the best UV lamps.

cat eye nail kit

11. Press On Cat Eye Nails by NP Beauty Nails

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A set of press on cat eye nails are great to have on hand for those times when you need a super quick manicure. This shop on Etsy has every shape of nail to choose from too, so you can pick out an extra long coffin nail or a short stiletto design.

"I create all nail designs by hand and use the latest trending techniques to create designs of your dreams."

cat eye gel nails

12. Modern Cat Eye Nails by renata_jochymkova_nail_design

This is how it's done! This nail artist really knows how to show off their trendsetting style. A modern cat eye design with a flair for color. The red and black show a sophisticated style that is complemented by the whimsical lighter colors.

cat eye nail art

13. Almond Cat Eye Nails by bonbon86_lvnails

Reflective speckles paired with playful light catching fragments add dimension to these bold nails. This nail artist takes the cat-eye look into another world all it's own.

cat eye nail art ideas

14. Pink & Gold Cat Eye Nails by unas.bonitas

These are some of the most stunning cat eye nails out there. Look how the gorgeous gold adds exquisite detail. It just frames the pink reflective gel polish perfectly. A truly inspirational look that's unique and put's you right in the mood for everything cat's eye!

cat eye nail art designs

15. Gel Cat Eye Nails by Double Dip Nails

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Silver and purple make some of the best cat eye looks and Double Dip Nails has perfected it! You can find all kinds of nail art ideas in their Etsy shop. Raving reviews continue to pour in every day for this shop's fast shipping and customer service.

cat eye nail artists

16. Majestic Cat Eye Nails by nails.byjessika

When you look at this stunning manicure, it looks like the blue gel shimmer has so many layers of color, it really appears to go on forever. What's not to love about how this manicure reflects the light, especially in the sun!

cat eye nails

17. Cat Eye Nail Art Supplies at MakyNail

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Whenever you need to stock up on some cool nail art supplies then Maky Nail on Etsy might be the shop for you. With cat eye nail gel and DIY manicure supplies, you will have fun playing around with your own cool designs.

cat eye nail art supplies

18. Cat's Eye Effect Nails by luxxenailspallc

Here's a pretty look by the folks over at the Luxxe Nail Spa. Look how the magnet repels the magnetic pigments in the gel polish to create this subtle look. You can easily go from the office to after-hours with ease!

best cat eye nail art

19. Butterfly Cat Eye Nails by cutey_nail

A sweet little design with butterfly accents will add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look. The light blue multichromatic gel polish takes on a sparkle and shine that's whimsical & fun.

best cat eye nail art

20. Pink Cat Eye Nails by tsibsnails

Show your nails some love with a pretty pink nail design. This nail artist achieved a glowing cat eye effect in three thin coats. The highlights turned out perfectly and remind us of romantic strolls along the beach.

best cat eye nail art ideas

21. Magnetic Cat Eye Nails by salon_de_marina

An amazing effect that glows in all the right ways. Sometimes it's very hard to get a picture of how eye catching cat eye nails look in the light. This nail artist captured it perfectly!

cat eye nails art 

22. Short Cat Eye Nails by Lm_beauty_esthetics_studio

One of the reasons why nail art designers fall in love with cat eye nails is because this effect looks great on long and short nails. You can get this glammed up effect even on extra short nails like these.

Lisa is a certified nail tech who perfects her designs from her home studio.

best cat eye nail art for short nails

23. Tanzanite & Black Cat Eye Nails by tipsntoeswillebroek

This artist says that a cat's eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world. We would have to agree! Using tanzanite with black, this nail artist achieved a look that is perfect for a night out on the town or a black tie party.

best cat eye nails


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