17 BEST CHROME NAIL POLISH & Gel Polishes [2024]

best chrome nail polishes

Here are the best chrome nail polishes and gel polishes for this year from your best nail art blog! This type of nail polish is formulated a bit differently from other colors because the pigments must be finely milled to give you that chrome finish.

Chrome shades can come in a finish with a matte or glossy look. A chrome polish will look like steel or flat gold. There's several types of finishes when it comes to chrome lacquer and gel polishes.

best chrome nail polishes

This type of polish can also come in a multichrome finish and a brushed chrome which are both gorgeous. For this guide we are going to focus on the solid chrome nail polish and gel polishes that come in a reflective and brushed matte finish.

Chrome nail polish is super hard to formulate because the colors used has to be ground down into a super fine powder to add to the polish base. It's a challenge to get a perfect finish with this type of nail polish.

Any imperfections in the base coat or going over the same area on the nail over will give you unsatisfactory results. It definitely takes a lot of patience and practice to get a smooth finish. So if you master this technique, good on you! There are some helpful tips on how to get a smooth finish at the bottom of this article.

Are you ready to find a perfect chrome nail polish? Let's go through this list together!

Chrome Nail Polishes & Gel Polish Ideas

1. ILNP Gold Chrome Polish

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Check out this gold color from a shop we found on Etsy. This is an artisan brand and all of the batches are made by hand to ensure the best quality for their customers.

Excellent coverage in two coats, this polish will give you a chromatic finish that is perfect for DIY nails or nail art.

best gold chrome nail polish

2. Color Club Tri Chrome

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The chromatic finish of this lacquer is easy to use for DIY nails or creating unique nail art. With the instant dry formula, you can do your nails quickly when you are in a hurry.

When applied correctly, this nail polish can last up to about one week. So, if you're looking for a unique color, look no further than this tri-chrome option.

tri color chrome nail polish

3. Kleancolor Chrome Metallic Set

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If you're looking for a nail polish collection that will give you a gorgeous finish, look no further than this set. The set includes many different colors, so you can create your own unique chromatic look.

So if you're looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your nails, this is the polish for you! You can do so many different ideas with this set like French tips, a different color on each nail and ombre looks. Nail polish gift sets like these are budget friendly!

chrome nail polish set

4. KYDA Gold Chrome Mirror Finish

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This gold chrome nail polish is the epitome of luxury. The rich, chromatic finish is absolutely stunning, and gives a brushed finish.

And best of all, it's easy to do your own nails with this polish. Simply apply a base coat, then two coats of the polish. Finish with a top coat, and you're good to go! Nail art has never been so easy or so glamorous.

gold chrome nail polish

5. KYDA Silver Chrome

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KYDA also has a silver version of this chrome polish. The brushed finish is achieved by using full coverage pigments in their formula.

Whether you're rocking a DIY mani for a night look or going for a more dramatic look by adding some loose glitter for nails or nail decals, this silver polish is sure to give you the wow factor.

silver chrome nail polish

6. Ownest Chrome Color Pack

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Looking for a way to add a ton of chrome color to your nails like blue, purple, green and pink? It comes in many beautiful colors, each with a stunning chromatic finish.

Whether you're looking for a subtle accent or a dramatic statement, this nail polish is sure to deliver. Plus, it's perfect for a nice gift idea for a nail art lover.

chrome nail polish collection

7. Santee Chrome Collection

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Another set that is totally budget friendly is the Santee chrome collection. Nail polish sets make a great gift idea too. They usually come with a nice assortment of colors, so you can find the perfect shade for every occasion.

They also make a great way to try out new nail polish brands and styles. And collections are often much cheaper than buying individual bottles of nail polish. So if you're looking for a unique and affordable gift idea, consider giving a full set.

chrome nail polish set

8. Cirque Colors Gold Chrome

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Gold chrome nail polish is the most popular way to add a touch of luxury to your nails. This high-end polish is handmade with powder pigment for a one-of-a-kind, chromatic finish.

The perfected formula is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage in just two coats. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated manicure or standout nail art, this is a fantastic choice.

gold chrome nail polish

To see exactly what this polish looks like in real life, check out their swatching video in their listing.

best chrome gold nail polish swatching video

9. LA Girl Liquid Chrome Electric Blue

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Electric blue is one of those must have colors for sure! The dark rich pigment and the chromatic finish gives your nails a dazzling look.

The polish is also quick drying, so great for when you are in a rush. And if you're looking for a truly unique nail look, you can use this polish to create a reverse French tip.

liquid blue chrome nail polish

10. LA Girl Liquid Chrome Lacquered Lavender

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Here is their metal effect lavender version which is absolutely stunning. When applied, the polish dries to a beautiful finish that looks like actual lavender plated metal.

lavender chrome nail polish

11. Sally Hansen Minted Metal

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The chromatic finish on this polish will give you a titanium look, which creates a depth and richness that looks amazing.

Whether you're looking for a simple way to add some glamor to your nails or you're an avid DIY'er who loves experimenting with different nail art styles, this chrome nail polish is a must-have in your collection.

Sally Hansen has several color choices that you can also purchase as a collection like pink, purple gold and blue.


sally hansen chrome nail polish

12. Sally Hansen Color Foil

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Chromatic nails are all the rage these days, and silver nail polish is the perfect way to get the look at home.

DIY nails have never been so easy or so much fun! The best thing about a silver chrome nail polish is that it gives your nails a beautiful metallic finish that looks like brushed metal.

sally hansen silver chrome nail polish

13. Joya Mia Ultra Chrome

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We were so excited when we found this formula! You can use it to create designs and patterns on your nails like dots, flowers or cover the whole nail of course.

Silver chrome nail polish is an essential tool for achieving a chromatic finish for your nails. So if you're looking for a silver nail polish that can help you achieve a beautiful chromatic finish, then this silver nail polish is the perfect choice for you.

silver chrome nail polish

14. Hacaus Chrome Gel In A Pot

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Have you ever seen those videos of chrome gel polishes on IG and thought to yourself, "Where do they get those?" Well, this company offers gel polishes in a pot. Gel polish will give you a longer lasting manicure than regular nail polish. We have lots of helpful articles on how to use gel polish manicures.

Don't forget that with this gels you will need a light to cure the gel polish.

chrome gel polish in a pot

15. Ingzy Chrome Red Polish

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There's something about red chrome nail polish that is super romantic, especially for Valentines day nails. Whether you're going for a sleek and sophisticated look or an edgy and trendy one, this type of nail polish is sure to give you the perfect chromatic finish.

And when it comes to DIY nails, red is definitely the way to go. With its reflective properties, this metallic chrome nail polish can really make your nail art pop.

best red chrome nail polish

16. Ingzy Rose Gold Nail Polish

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The rose gold shade that they offer is incredibly flattering on any skin tone, and the chromatic finish will make your chrome nails stand out.

Plus, rose gold chrome nail polish is very easy to apply, so you can achieve a professional-looking manicure at home. To get the best results, use a base coat of clear nail polish before applying the rose gold nail polish. Then, use a top coat to protect your nails and prolong the life of your manicure.

For an extra touch of luxury, try adding some rose gold glitter to your nails. This will give them a truly unique look that's going to look amazing in the sun or light.

best rose gold chrome nail polish

17. CoolNail Magic Chrome

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Have you ever wanted to have a beautiful manicure but didn't want to deal with the hassle of painting it on? Chrome press on nails are the perfect solution!

You can achieve a high-quality, long-lasting manicure in the comfort of your own home, and best of all, no polish is required.

With press on nails, you can have the perfect manicure without spending a lot of time.

chrome press on nails

How To Apply Chrome Nail Polish

  • Mix the polish thoroughly. Before polishing your nails, gently mix the bottle of chrome nail polish before every use by rubbing it between your hands for about 2 minutes.
  • Lightly buff your natural nail before application. This will help get perfect application and help the base coat stick.
  • Apply a light layer of base coat. This is an important step because it will need to be applied perfectly or the chrome polish will show imperfections.
  • Paint on two light layers allowing the polish to dry between layers.  Try not to get too much polish onto your brush and make sure that the cuticles are not flooded. Less is more.
  • Avoid going over the same area over and over because this will cause streaks.

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