How To Do Cat Eye Nails: Easy Step By Step DIY

cat eye nail tutorial

This is a step by step DIY cat eye nail tutorial on how to use magnetic gel polish to create cat eye nails. 

This cat eye nail art tutorial uses a few techniques with a cat eye magnet that will take practice. We are here to show you how to make these cat eye nails with easy steps from start to finish and how to use the nail magnet.

Did you know that it's super fun to make your own cat eye nails? All you need is a little patience and some time to practice using the magnet to make cat eye nails designs.

One of the supplies you must have for creating these nails is the cat eye magnetic nail polish.

If you're looking for a tutorial on how to get the black cat eye nail effect, try this DIY cat eye nail idea! You can even use this nail art idea as inspiration for other designs like creating a galaxy sky on your nails too.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to do magnetic nails with gel polish.

cat eye nail art tutorial

All of the supplies we used for this cat eye nail art design is listed below the instructions. You can also swap your own supplies if you want to try to use what you already have on hand. 

This cat eye nails design uses a gel nail polish set that has magnetic polish. Magnetic gel polish is what you need to create the cat eye effect.

The gel polish needs to cure under a UV or LED nail lamp. If you do not have a nail lamp yet, read our article about the best nail lamps for curing gel polish.


These instructions are for making cat eye nails using nail tips with magnetic gel polish. Follow the instructions on your magnetic gel polish sets for cure times. The cure times in these instructions are for the supplies we actually used for this manicure.

This nail art tutorial is being done on nail tips. If you are doing this on your natural nail, then scuff your nail gently with a nail file instead of the nail drill.

TIP: Flip the magnetic gel polish bottle upside down while you are preparing the nail. The little specs and glitter will start to flow to the top so they are not just sitting on the bottom of the bottle. Then gently roll the bottle between your hands to disperse the glitter just before painting the nail.

Cat Eye Nail Tutorial With A Magnet

Step 1

Using your file, gently buff the nail tip to get rid of the shine. This is an important step or the base coat will chip off easily. If you do not have a nail drill, you can use a nail file. Tips can be a bit thin on the edges so just be sure you are doing this step carefully so that you do not damage the tip.

*If you are doing cat eye nails on your natural nail, use a nail file (not an e drill) to gently buff off the shine.

cat eye nail art tutorial: nail drill

Step 2

Wipe off all of the dust with a brush and then go over the nail tips with an alcohol wipe. Make sure that there is no dust or debris on the nails so that the application of the gel polish will be smooth.

Step 3

Apply a base coat to all of the tips and cure. Cure times will be based on the base that you are using. Follow the cure instructions suggested by your brand.

Step 4

Apply a black gel polish base and cure. With this particular brand, we used two thin coats of the black gel polish that was included. Black gel polish can be tricky to use, so it's best to use thin coats and cure for about 1 minute each coat to be sure it's fully cured.

cat eye nail art tutorial

Step 5

Take the magnetic gel polish and go over the nail generously but not too thick. Magnetic gel polish has a tendency to move around a bit after you get it into place with the magnet, so it's best to do one nail at a time and get it under the cure lamp right away.

cat eye nail art tutorial

Step 6

Take the magnet and hold it to the nail tip to move the magnetic polish around. You will see the magnetic polish start to move. Keep using the magnet to move the polish to get your desired look. Hold the small side of the magnet on the top of the nail for at least 15 seconds to get a black hole cat eye effect.

Cure each nail separately as the magnetic polish will move around if it is left to sit.

This part takes practice to get to know the magnet and how it disperses the glitter particles. The good thing is that you can give yourself as much time as you need because it's gel polish and it won't dry until it's under the cure light.

cat eye nail art tutorial with magnet

Step 7

Once the desired effect is achieved, get the nail tip under the cure light following your brand's cure instructions.

Step 8 

Apply a final no wipe top coat for protection. Some magnetic nail polish sets do not require a top coat but it's still good practice for extra coverage and will help the manicure last longer.

cat eye nail tutorial

Cat Eye Nail Tutorial Supplies

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The tutorial for this cat eye nail art design is now complete! If you want to see more of our manicure tutorials or general nail art tips and tricks, feel free to check out the rest of our blog.

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cat eye nail art tutorial


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