10 Best GEL BRUSH CLEANERS For Gel Polish [2024]

10 Best GEL BRUSH CLEANERS For Gel Polish [2024]

Here are the best gel brush cleaners and conditioners for this year.

When it comes to gel brush cleaners, choosing the right one is essential. Quality gel brush cleaners can make all the difference in the longevity of your gel brushes.

Not only can a quality gel brush cleaner cleanse your gel brushes efficiently but also help to maintain the integrity of their bristles so they don’t fray over time.

best gel brush cleaners

Having a go to gel brush cleaner will go a long way towards keeping your gel brushes looking and performing great. Let's go through this list together to help find a brush cleaner that works.

Best Gel Brush Cleaners & Conditioners

1. Modelones Brush Cleaning Essence

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This brush cleaner works great and is good to have on hand for anyone who uses gel polish. This is formulated to clean the gel polish off of your brushes in a more gentle way then soaking in acetone.

You can use this with darker nail polish colors that are hard to clean off like red and black gel polishes.

best gel brush cleaners

2. Louinstic Gel Nail Brush Cleaner

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Here's a product designed to clean and condition nail brushes. It is designed to remove dirt, glitter, gel, or acrylic residues and keep brushes soft and in good condition, extending their life.

The conditioner contains an oily liquid with organic solvents that dissolve gel/glitter residue and is mild and non-irritating, moisturizing brushes to a soft texture.

It can be used as a gel brush cleaner and a conditioner/preserver for expensive brushes. The product is gentle on bristles and the company provides excellent customer service to address any problems.

best gel brush cleaner

3. Tammy Taylor Professional Cleaner

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The brush cleaner and conditioner by Tammy Taylor is designed to keep brushes flexible and soft by removing the gel polish without using acetone.

The 5-in-1 nail brush preserver is safe for all types of brushes and is better than soap at removing debris while preserving the bristles. The small-batch conditioning formula works quickly to improve the brush's application by leaving the bristles silky and smooth.

The product is easy to use, simply pour into a dappen dish, soak the brush, and wipe the bristles clean. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee and a no-hassle returns and refund policy.

best gel brush cleaners

4. Saviland Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

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The Saviland Nail Brush Cleaner & Conditioner is a multifunctional product designed to clean, restore, and maintain nail brushes.

It features an upgraded formula that is gentle and safe for all types of brushes and can effectively remove gel polishes. The product is made with plant-based ingredients, is vegan and cruelty-free, and has a low odor.

The company offers excellent customer service and is committed to helping customers solve any issues they may have with the product.

Here is a review of the Saviland fine liner nail art brushes for those who need a new set.

best gel brush cleaners

5. Saviland Brush Conditioner

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Saviland also offers a squeeze out formula. It is a multifunctional solution for cleaning, caring, and restoring gel nail brushes.

It is designed to keep the brushes clean, soft, and flexible, extending their life. The upgraded formula is gel-textured, made with safe and healthy ingredients, and has organic solvents to dissolve powder/gel residues easily.

saviland brush conditioner

6. MEFA Nail Brush Cleaner

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The Nail Brush Cleaner from MEFA is an excellent and quick cleaning solution for your nail brushes.

Unlike traditional cleaners that contain acetone, this conditioner uses oily liquids and organic solvents that dissolve gel/shimmer residue and hydrate dry and split brushes.

It can be used on all kinds of nail brushes, including gel nail polish brushes, acrylic brushes, and more.

The bottle has a concave design for easy control of the liquid flow and a unique faint chocolate aroma. Using the cleaner is easy, just pour a suitable amount into a glass or shallow sequin dish, dip the bristles in the product, swirl, and remove excess with a lint free wipe.

best gel brush cleaner

7. Morovan Cleaner & Brush Restore

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Morovan Acrylic Brush Cleaner & Restorer is a professional nail brush cleaner designed for cleaning and all types of nail brushes including fine liners and gel nail brushes.

The cleaner is suitable for synthetic and natural bristles and helps keep the brushes new and extend their life.

The multi-functional cleaner can remove sealing wax, dissolve colored gels and powders, moisturize dry and forked brushes, and help restore the flexibility of the original brush.

To use, simply immerse the brush in the cleaner and wash for 2 minutes.

morovan brush cleaner

8. MAKYNAIL Gel Brush Cleaner

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Let's head on over to Etsy to show you a top selling nail art brand. This gel brush cleaner is an excellent choice for maintaining the longevity and performance of your gel brushes.

Its powerful formula effectively dissolves gel residue, leaving the brushes clean, soft, and ready for your next flawless application.

best gel brush cleaners

9. Mia Secret Brush Cleaner

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Mia Secret Brush Cleaner is a must-have tool for professional nail artists and DIY enthusiasts.

The 30ml bottle provides ample supply for regular use and is suitable for cleaning all types of nail brushes, including gel nail polish brushes, dipping powder brushes, and more.

The quick-acting formula effectively removes residue, leaving brushes in top condition, while its gentle composition helps to maintain the shape and longevity of the bristles.

Simply pour a small amount of the cleaner into a container, immerse your brush, and swirl to refresh and restore its performance.

mia secret gel brush cleaner

10. Bush Cleaner And Restorer

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Our last recommendation is this heavy duty brush cleaner. Only use this as a last resort for brushes that have already hardened with gel polish. You will not want to use this cleaner as part of your everyday cleaning as it could possibly fray your nail art brushes.

It is formulated to restore brushes that you might have in your throw out pile as a last resort to try to get them soft again.

To use, soak brushes in the cleaner, up to 8 hours for extremely damaged brushes, and remove the softened residue with a wipe.

gel brush cleaners

In Conclusion:

Overall, gel brush cleaners are a must-have for anyone who enjoys nail gel painting as a hobby or for your press on nail business.

With these solutions, you can maintain the quality of your gel brushes over time and ensure they last much longer than usual. If you’re a beginner just staring out using gel polishes or an expert, having clean brushes is a must.

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