21 Best Gifts For Mother's Who Do Their Nails [2024]

best mothers day gifts for moms who do their nails

Here are the best gift ideas for Mom's who love to do their nails and try new nail art ideas.

On Mother's Day, show your love and appreciation for Mothers who enjoy nail art with a thoughtful and creative gift.

Nothing says 'I care' like a special nail art gift set that helps Mom maintain her manicures with some fun and new supplies. You don't have to be a pro at nails to find the perfect present; there are hundreds of options available today.

We narrowed it down to the absolute best ones that we can recommend for Mother's day, for your Mom's birthday. or other occasion.

best gifts for mothers day

From stunning gel polishes to professional-grade tools to luxurious spa gifts – you can easily find the right set of items that Mom will appreciate and get good use out of.

For Mothers who love beauty treatments, these meaningful gift ideas will make them feel pampered and cared for on their special day! And we have found some fantastic choices for all budgets.

Let's go through this list together to find your Mom a perfect Mother's day gift.

Best Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Love Nails

1. NAIL SERUM For Moms

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As well as their natural collection of nail art products, the items in this store are handmade in small batches. Another thing your Mom will appreciate is that they are cruelty free which is something we can totally get behind.

Making products in small batches ensures the best quality and attention to detail for your Mom,

best mothers day gifts nail serum

2. Mothers Day SPA GIFT BASKET

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Let's head over to Amazon and check out what Burt's Bees has to offer in their spa gift baskets for Mother's day.

For the ultimate pampering for your Mom, this spa gift set includes Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Original Beeswax Lip Balm, Res-Q Ointment, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and Coconut Foot Cream.

best mothers day gift ideas

3. Fall Harvest Manicure Gift Set

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Some of the best Mother's Day gift sets can be purchased from ILNP. They put together nail polish color collections that are absolutely gorgeous.

This is a collection of nail polishes inspired by the colors of autumn and fall. Your Mom can paint all of her nails one color, mix and match, or have accent nails with this manicure set.

best nail polish gift sets for mom

4. Sugar Scrub For Moms

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Mother's who do their nails know the importance of keeping their hands looking fabulous. Here's a sugar scrub for hands that are also foaming, so they rinse off the skin very easily.

Their customers are raving about how great their skin feels after using their scrubs. Your Mother will enjoy ingredients like glycerin, coffee, & essential oils.

mothers day gift ideas

5. Goat Milk Butter For Mom's Hands

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Here's another version of nourishing cream for your Moms hands. Their body butters are formulated with skin loving jojoba oil, goat's milk, oatmeal and aloe vera so you know it's going to be a fantastic gift idea.

best hand creams for mothers day

6. Glow Pop Gift Collection

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 Are you ready for this? This is one of those gift ideas that we get really excited about because it's so colorful and pretty.

This glitter gift set comes with 12 unique colors, including the best-selling Sea Me Glow and Mermaid. The polishes are easy to apply and make a great gift for any nail lover too.

Your Mom will have so much fun experimenting with all the different colors and creating amazing manicures. These polishes are sure to bring a smile to her face and she will immediately be freaking out about this gift set.

mothers day nail art gifts

7. ILNP Pastel Shimmer Gift Set

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Here's a great gift idea for a Mom who loves subtle shimmer. Give her the gift of a beautiful manicure with one of these gift sets.

These polishes are carefully formulated that come in a beautiful array of colors from soft lavender to lighter pinks.

Best of all, these gift sets can be given for not only Mother's day but for any occasion - Birthdays, Christmas, or just because!

nail polish gift sets

8. Eternal Candy Pastels For Moms

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Eternal offers some really great budget friendly nail polish gift sets in many color combinations like this pastel combo. If you are looking for some amazing pastel nail polishes  for your Mother this collection comes with 5 colors to play with.

Pastel nail polish is so amazing because of it's creamy coverage. It is a thoughtful gift for your Mom who loves nails.best mothers day gifts for moms who do nails

9. Remedy Gentle Gel Gift Set

Visit Remedy Nails

The right nail polish is a way to show your Mom how much you care. She'll be able to create beautiful DIY nails right at home, and she'll love the high-end quality of the nail polish from Dr's Remedy.

The luxury collection includes nail polish plus some natural TLC extras so keep your Moms nails healthy.

It's a splurge for sure, and makes an amazing surprise gift for Mother's Day.

best manicure gift sets for moms

10. DipWell Kits With Everything

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Compare Prices on DipWell

Has your Mom tried dipping powders yet? Here's a professional set that has a formula that will last up to three weeks and possibly longer. Their nail dip powders are formulated without harsh chemicals.

best mothers day manicure gift set

11. Ultimate Pro Acrylic Kit System

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This is the ultimate gift idea for Moms who want to try acrylic nails. Young Nails is a top selling nail brand who offers professional sets for beginners to professionals.

If you are looking for a gift idea for your Mom, this is a great option since it includes powder and monomer. Keep in mind that this particular set has a faster acting monomer. For beginners, check out their Core Acrylic set in their shop.

Here's a helpful article about the best acrylic sets for beginners.

mothers day gifts yn acrylic nail set

12. Modelones Vinyl Record

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Gel polish kits are fabulous for beginners and for Moms who love gel polishes. Kits like these have lots of colors to make so many different designs. These sets are a top seller and make fantastic gifts because it's not only good quality, but they are so darn cute.

If your Mom is just starting to get into nails and wants to try gels, keep in mind that these do not have the cure light included.

best mothers day gifts solid gel polish

13. Fine Liner Nail Polish

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Looking for a budget friendly gift idea? Try a fine liner gel polish. This polish is for creating squiggly lines and painting on a perfect French line or smile line.

With so many colors to choose from, your Mom is sure to have some fun with this one. Remember, gel polishes require a cure lamp.

best gel nail gifts for mother day

14. Nail Art Decoration Set

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When it comes to DIY nails, there's no limit to what your Mom can create with nail art decorations. With this full set of rhinestones, colored pearls and more your Mother can let her creativity run wild.

You will also need some nail glue for attaching the nail art decorations. We have a super helpful article about choosing the best glue for nail art.

best mothers day gift ideas for nail art lovers

15. Watercolor Paints

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Watercolor nails are the latest trend in DIY nails. Watercolor paints for nails add a touch of colorful or metallic accents nails.

Watercolor nails are a super cool gift ideas for Moms who do their nails. Just be sure that if gifting watercolor paints for nails that they are cosmetic grade.

Saviland offers watercolor paints specifically for nails here on Amazon.

best mothers day gifts nail watercolor paints

16. Nail Dust Collector

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Why not make Mothers day extra special this year by thinking outside the box when it comes to choosing that perfect Mothers day gift?

A thoughtful Mothers day gift for any nail art enthusiast is a nail dust collector. Not only does it make the area neat and tidy, but it also prevents airborne particles from being inhaled into the lungs – making it both useful and health conscious.

A basic model, it comes with a single control on the side and gives 40w of power so it's not as powerful as some on this list, but it is budget friendly.

mothers day gifts ideas nail dust collector 

17. Paraffin Wax Set

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Show your appreciation and love to your Mom this Mothers day with a thoughtful gift that will make her hands feel amazing. Paraffin wax sets make great Mothers day gifts as it helps your Mom to have beautiful, smooth skin and take time for pampering and relaxation.

The set includes the wax itself, and a professional-grade warmer that can help her get the most out of her spa treatment. This Mothers day, give her an unforgettable gift she'll always treasure!

best mothers day gifts paraffin wax set

18. DIY Gel Nail Kit by Beetles

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A Mothers day gift doesn't need to be expensive to be meaningful, which makes a gel manicure set with everything a good choice. It's thoughtful and shows how much you are paying attention that she loves to to her nails.

Not only does it give her something that she can enjoy and use for many weeks, but it also saves her time and money since she won't have to go to get salon services. 

beetles gel polish

19. Professional Gel Set by Venalisa

Buy On Venalisa Amazon Shop

Finding the perfect Mothers day gift can be a challenge, but here's an idea that is sure to please any Mother: a gel manicure set with many colors.

This gift is both useful and fun, as Mothers of all ages will enjoy giving themselves beautiful manicures with all kinds of hues to choose from.

Not only does it allow Mothers to pamper themselves with a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of her own home, she will also find it fun to experiment with different designs and colors.

best mothers day gifts for nail lovers

20. Cordless Manicure Drill

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With Mothers day around the corner, it’s time to start looking for that special gift to tell Mom how much you care. A cordless nail file is a great choice if you want to give her something both practical and luxurious.

Unlike regular nail files, cordless ones are lightweight and portable so she can take them anywhere, making her beauty routine simpler and more convenient.

Not only will this make Mothers day extra special for your Mother, but it’ll also serve as a reminder of how much you appreciate her and all her hard work.

Do note that this drill is a bit different than a professional e-file or nail drill that removes gel polish or builder gels.

mothers day gift ideas cordless drill

21. Holophilia Glitter Collection

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Treat your Mother to something that is special & luxurious. Look no further than an artisan vegan nail polish set. Not only are the nail polishes animal and cruelty free, they come in an array of beautiful colors.

best nail polish gifts for moms

Regardless of what Mothers day gift idea you choose to go with, remember the importance of making it thoughtful.

Nail art gift sets are perfect for any Mom who loves a good manicure at home.

No matter what you decide on your Mother will surely appreciate your care and love by giving her something she absolutely loves this Mothers day. Happy Mothers day!

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