16 BEST Gift Ideas For Nail Technicians & Nail Artists [2022]

best gift ideas for nail artists & nail techs

Here are some of the best gift ideas for nail artists and nail technicians. There are plenty of nail shops that can be found on Etsy and Amazon for your gifting needs. And the nail art community is growing all the time so it's a great time to find some fabulous giftable items for anyone who loves nail art and playing with different kinds of nail products.

Many nail art have switched completely over to Etsy for their nail art needs and we have found some amazing finds that make excellent gifts. It's so fun to try new products from nail art brands from all around the world. And the good news is that there are many shops that provide natural, high end nail art supplies as well as vegan nail care products. Let' go through this gift guide together so you can find an amazing gift that's right for nail art lover and nail technician.


The nail art industry has grown tremendously over recent years, and it's no surprise there are many handmade nail products that you can buy. Handcrafted & artisan polished and tools are exactly what many people are looking for to give as gifts this year. 

Let's find a perfect gift ideas for your nail tech and nail art lover together.

1. NAIL SERUM by Moonrise Creek

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As well as their commendable collection of apothecary products, the items in this store are handmade in small batches and take the Earth into consideration when being manufactured. Making products in small batches like this ensures the best quality and attention to detail, whilst also guaranteeing that your product is much fresher.

The best gifts for nail techs and nail artists are their serums and creams that can be used on your hand and nails to keep them looking their best.

This shop states that they are cruelty free

 best gift ideas for nail artists

2. NAIL POLISH SET by Nicole Miller

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Your nail tech can express themselves with these beautiful nail polish shades from Nicole Miller. This mini nail polish collection comes in a set of 15 eye-catching shades.

This makes a great gift idea for those who love to try new nail polish colors.

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3. FOAMING SUGAR SCRUB by Sugar Rose Company

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Sugar scrubs make great gift ideas for nail art lovers because one of the most important things is keeping your hands looking fabulous. Especially if your nail tech is filming videos for their Instagram or YouTube channels.

These sugar scrubs are foaming so as you wash your hands, they provide a nice soft lather. They also come in a variety of yummy aromas too.

Customers are raving about how great their skin feels after using their scrubs. So you can't go wrong with a gift for any nail art lover from this Etsy shop. wrong.

best gift ideas for nail techs  

4. WALL ART PRINTS by Sugar Me Beauty

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With hundreds of gorgeous posters to choose from, you will be able to pick and choose the best wall art that suits your décor and salon style. If you are looking for a gift idea for a nail tech who is just getting started or for someone who is revamping their nail art room, let them pick out their favorites.

Our premium wall art prints come in many different sizes to make your space perfect. A gorgeous gift idea to add flair to a nail salon or at home nail studio.

best gifts for nail artists

5. MINI FRIDGE For Nail Creams & Masks

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How cute are these mini fridges for a nail art room. If your nail artist has a nice cozy space in their home, then these fridges will keep all of their nail creams and oils fresh.

Here is the Cooluli Mini Fridge that makes a great gift ideas. It's small enough to fit almost anywhere in your nail room and large enough to hold nail products that need to be kept cool.

best gifts for nail artists

6. FOOT SPA GIFT SET by Blinking Owl Acres

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What we love about this shop is their line of herbal spa products that are perfect for any nail technician. You can give them a gift of relaxation. Any nail tech would absolutely love their spa gifts and we especially think that this foot RX kit is extra special.

Blinking Owl Acres is a holistic makeup & body care company. It is also our Permaculture-based homestead in the Lost Pines ecosystem of Bastrop County, TX.

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Here's a gift idea that is definitely budget friendly. These adorable nail sticker designs have a clear background so you can use any color of polish you want underneath. They are also embossed to make them really stand out on the nail bed which is a nice extra touch.

"Besides nail wraps, we also have water transfer nail decals that are perfect for those who still prefer nail polish or gel but are looking to add some beautiful designs and art to their nails."

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From their very popular artisan nail polish collection their polishes are formulated to be super opaque. Anything from this shop would make a fabulous gift idea for any nail tech or nail artists.

They suggest applying a thin coat then going over that with a heavier 2nd coat. Apply a top coat to seal and protect your polish for longer wear.

best gifts for nail artists


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Your nail artist can have fun practicing their nail art easily with this high quality silicone hand. If you are on the search for a gift idea for your friend or family member who wants to start posting nail tutorials and videos on Instagram or YouTube, this is one thing that should definitely on your gift list.

best gift ideas for nail artists


10. CAT EYE NAIL KIT by Mizhse

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Here's a great gift idea for those who would like to try something new with their designs. How about a cat eye nail kit? With this set your nail tech or nail artist will be able to create super gorgeous cat eye effect manicures as well as galaxy themed designs. 

This set has many different colors and shades to play around with so it's a gift that will keep on giving for a very long time.

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11. POWDER PIGMENTS by Beauty Bar Baby

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If you’re looking for something a little more colorful for a gift idea, these unicorn and mermaid inspired powders are sure to catch your nail art lovers eyes (and everyone else’s when you wear them!). Here, you can find lots of glitters and shimmers to fulfil all of your sparkly needs.

This shop offers glitters & pressed powders that can be added to nail polishes or acrylic powders for an extra wow!

best makeup stores etsy beauty bar baby

12. MANICURE GIFT SET by Miaa Design

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A manicure set is a thoughtful gift idea for those who are travelling or going to nail art shows. They can just put this into their bag or suitcase and have a cute little manicure set with them for when they need a quick touch up.

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If you have the budget to splurge, this case makes a luxurious gift for someone who is just starting out their nail art career. The Shany pro rolling case has large drawers and compartments for all of their nail art supplies. This is especially helpful for nail techs on the go who offer at home nail art services.

best gifts for nail techs

14. NAIL GLITTER by Color On Beauty

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As well as your regular glitters, this store is full of all kinds of chunky and decorative glitters, such as mermaid tails and various vibrant colorful choices.

You can still find your basic glitter pots, too, in every single color you could ever imagine. So if you are looking for a gift idea for a nail artist who loves to play and mix their own colors, you will have no problem finding some favorites.

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15. CUSTOM NECKLACE by Caitlyn Minimalist

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This top selling shop on Etsy offers some gorgeous custom pendants that are luxury gift ideas. The name pendants are one of many custom jewelry you can order. Get creative and request a word or phrase that's unique for your nail tech or nail art lover.

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Sometimes it's hard to find gift ideas for nail techs that you haven't seen anywhere else. That's exactly why this Etsy nail supply shop is fantastic! They offer a large variety of unique nail art supplies that you just can't find everywhere. These luxury charms are too cute to pass up!

Customers are loving their customer service and what this shop has to offer. You will find many great gift ideas in this nail art shop that any nail technician would fall in love with!

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We hope you found this gift guide helpful. Please save a pin to your nail boards so you can find us again.

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