16 BEST Glow In The Dark Nail Polish & Gel Polishes [2024]

best glow in the dark polishes

Here are the best nail polishes and gel polish sets that glow in the dark. Are you looking for some glow in the dark nail polish ideas? You have come to the right place because there are some amazing glowing polishes on this list for your DIY manicures and nail art ideas.

This list was challenging to create because there are some not so great polishes out there that say they are glow in the dark, but give dismal results. So we went through carefully to bring you some choices with amazing feedback and customer reviews.

best glow in the dark polishes

It's hard to make a really good glow in the dark polish because you need quite a bit of the glow in the dark pigment to make the base glow.

With too much pigment, you will get a thick polish that does not spread onto the nail properly. And then not enough glow pigments added to the formula makes the polish not so great.

Plus there are different formulas to choose from. Glow in the dark polish comes in lacquer, gel polish, top coats and gellies. Some require a cure light, like the gel polishes. and others can just be painted onto any type of nail. All of these different options are all discussed.

So much to know about glow polishes! But not to worry, we are going to go through this list together to help you find the perfect brand.

Best Glow In The Dark Nail Polishes

1.  Cotton Candy Pink

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Another vegan and 10-fee polish that you can feel good about.

How about a light pink nail polish that glows purple when exposed to light? It's like nothing you've ever seen before.

Just make sure that the polish is really good and mixed before using. The pigments in glow in the dark polishes are known to settle on the bottom of the bottle a bit.

pink to blue glow in the dark polish

2. Evening Glow

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Here is a sheer base color with a green glow. Nail art that glows in the dark is a growing trend, and there are plenty of polishes that make great gifts for nail artists out there.

Evening Glow is one of those polishes that anyone would be delighted to have.

bright green glow in the dark polish

3. Fluorescent Pastel Gel Set

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As anyone who loves to do their own nails knows, a good gel manicure is one of those must haves in a nail polish stash. With so many options of glow in the dark polishes to choose from, it can be tough to decide which ones to go with!

If you're looking for something that's both pastel and glowy, why not try a gel polish set?

This year, gels are one of the hottest things to use, and this glow gel polish set is a good way to try many different shades of glow in the dark polishes.

When using a gel polish set, you will need a cure lamp to set the gel polish.

glow in the dark gel polish pastel colors

4. Saviland Glow Set

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And then here is another set of gel polishes with a ton of different colors to try. Glow in the dark sets like these are so fun to use because you can try a different look on each nail.

The fun part is charging them up to see what colors they glow. Whether you're looking for a new conversation starter for a night out or a one-of-a-kind gift, this nail polish is sure to do the trick!

glow in the dark gel polish set

5. Glow In The Dark Gel In A Pot

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This colorful and glowing gel polish that comes in a pot is a fun way to try some newly released colors.

Gels like these can be used on natural nails, as well as on acrylics, false nails and gelly nail tips etc. Have you tried a gel nail polish that comes in a pot yet?

The glow effect that you get from this nail gel polish is made of plant based ingredients. It is also long lasting when it's cured under a lamp. You can paint your full nail with it or use it for making accents and designs.

glow in the dark polish in a pot 

6. Fluorescent Polish

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Speaking of making fine lines on your manicures. Here's a fabulous set that comes with the small brushes. Perfect for those accent lines and intricate details for your glow in the dark manicures.

And remember, the longer these polishes are exposed to a UV light source like the sun or UV lamp, the more the polishes are going to charge up.

glow in the dark polish

7. Glow Gel Liner

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For those who are looking for a fineliner set that glows AND comes in a range of pastel colors, this is the set to grab.

Not only does this make a fantastic gift idea for someone just getting into nails, it's totally budget friendly so you can get a set for yourself too.

All you need to do to use this polish is to paint it onto your nail then cure it under a UV lamp. Once it is cured, apply a no wipe top coat and you are good to go!

glow in the dark fine liner gel polish

8. Night Blues

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Here's a cool blue nail polish – a delightful burst of fun for your fingertips! This enchanting shade not only adds a playful pop of blue to your nails but also brings a touch of magic to your nights.

Simply let it charge up some light, and watch as it transforms into a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark manicure.

glow in the dark nail polish 

9.  Non Toxic Glow Polish

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Who doesn't love a good Piggy Paint? And here is their version of a glow in the dark nail polish that give off a green glowing shade.

Piggy Paint offers some of the best glow in the dark nail polish formulas that is non-toxic and safe for all ages.

glow in the dark polish non toxic

10. Beetles Glow In The Dark

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Imagine a world where your nails glow a high quality green color. It's reality, and it's available now thanks to Beetles glow in the dark polish. This unique nail polish has a formula that turns into a glowing color when exposed to darkness.

glow in the dark nail polish green

11. PINK Glow In The Dark Polish

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Elevate your evenings with an exquisite pink glow-in-the-dark nail polish, designed for those unforgettable nights out.

As the sun sets, your nails will come alive with a radiant pink charm that keeps the party going well into the night. With every gesture, you'll leave a trail of enchanting luminescence, making your special occasions truly remarkable.

glow in the dark nail polish that is pink 

12. Pink Glow Polish

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As the sun sets, the world around us takes on a new form. The light fades and the shadows lengthen. But even in the darkness, there is still beauty to be found.

And with this amazing dark polish, you can bring that beauty right to your fingertips. This unique nail polish has a light base that turns into a glowing blue color once it is all charged up. It's perfect for adding a touch of drama to any evening outing.

Plus, it's made in small batches so you know you're getting a quality product. So go ahead and let your nails take center stage. After all, they deserve it.

blue glow in the dark gel polish

13. Glow In The Dark Polish

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This is their green version. It is a light yellow polish that can be worn on it's own or over other colors. This shop mentions that when it's worn overtop lighter colors you will get the best results.

green glow in the dark polish

14. Yellow Glow Polish

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Glow in the dark nail polish that changes from yellow to green is a whimsical way to add a bit of fun and drama to your nails. Whether you're looking for a festive manicure for a party or a dramatic statement for a night out, glow in the dark nail polish is a great way to achieve it.

The best part is that you don't need to be a professional nail artist to get stunning results. With a little practice, you can easily create glow in the dark nail art at home.

yellow to green glow in the dark nail polish

15. Neon Green Glow In The Dark Polish

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A neon green glow in the dark nail art is so much fun for creating a one-of-a-kind look. With a little creativity, you can use glow in the dark nail polish to create any design you can imagine. Paint an accent nail, or go all out with all of your nails painted.

So go ahead and experiment with glow in the dark nail polish, like this green sparkle polish - it's sure to add some fun and excitement to your manicure!

green sparkle glow in the dark nail polish

16. UV Glow

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Ultraviolet nails are all the rage these days, and for good reason! They look great in any light, but they really come to life in the dark. Whether you're hitting up a club or just want to add a little extra glow to your manicure, glow in the dark nail polish is a must-have.

And this set has all your glow-in-the-dark needs covered with pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple options. Plus, it makes a great gift for the glow-in-the-dark lover in your life. So have the girls over, get your nails done and get ready to glow!

colorful glow in the dark nail polish

What Makes Glow In The Dark Polish Glow?

Glow in the dark nail polishes are formulated with phosphorescent pigments. When the nail polish is exposed to light, it absorbs the light energy and slowly releases the energy in the form of a glow. You can try to make your own glow in the dark polishes by purchasing non-toxic glow in the dark powders for nails from Amazon.

Tips For Applying Glow In The Dark Polish

1. Glow in the dark polish will need to be charged before it glows. The best way to charge the polish is to expose the nails to bright light for a few minutes. Or you can also charge your nails under a uv lamp. The longer you charge up the polish, the longer results you will have.

2. It's best to apply glow in the dark polish in 2-3 light coats. This way you will have the best chance for the glow pigments to build up in layers.

3. Glow in the dark polish is fun but do note that the effect doesn't last very long before it needs to be charged up again. It's more like a fun thing to try but don't expect it to last all night. Some formulas might give up to an hour and then others might be able to last for about 2 and sometimes more.

4. Since you need a good amount of glow powder that is mixed in with a base polish, glow in the dark polishes can have a sandy, or bumpy texture once it is dried. Apply 1 or 2 coats of a glossy top coat if you want an ultra smooth finish.

5. Some settling will occur if the polish hasn't been used for a while and the pigments can settle at the bottom of the bottle. Before making a glow in the dark manicure, put the bottle upside down for at least 15 minutes. Then gently mix the polish by rubbing it gently between your hands. Storing the bottle upside down will also help the pigments stay at the top.

Did you find a perfect glow in the dark nail polish from this list? We hope so! 

Thanks for reading and being here with us today! We hope you can now find your new favorite glowing nail polishes for your DIY manicures and nail art ideas!

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