39 Stunning GOLD NAIL ART IDEAS & Designs [2023]

gold nail ideas and designs

Here is a list of the best gold nail art ideas for you. Are you wondering what kind of gold nail art you can try on your natural nails or press on nails?

We have some gold inspired nail art inspiration just for you. The best gold nail art supplies to use to create nail art are gold glitter, glitter tips for nails, and nail designs with gold sparkles as well as matte gold nails.

✅ We use gold nail art supplies all the time so we have valuable information about the best way to do a manicure that shines on and on.

It's fun to test and play around with different brands and types of gold ideas for DIY manicures and for nail ideas for your at home nail salons. 

There's many gold sparkly options to add to your design ideas in this helpful article. Amazing gold pigments, embellishments, polishes and more that are fabulous for nails.

gold nail art ideas

When talking about best gold glitter for nails, we will discuss:

  • The best gold for sparkle nails ideas
  • Gold nails with glitter tips
  • Gold nails designs that you can make at home
  • What gold glitter you can use for embedding into builder gel
  • How to get at cat eye gold glitter nail effect

When you mix different shades of gold glitter into your manicures, especially when you are creating a layered look by using gels, the results are absolutely gorgeous. 

Since we create lots of nail art pieces for nail art tutorials, we are always on the lookout for the very best gold glittery colors to add to the top of the nails and also for building up layers so that the glitter looks like it's floating inside.

There are many choices of gold glitters and embellishments. In the photo below we used a dried flower and a gold element to finish off the look

gold nail art ideas 

Another thing to consider is the shade of gold. Some of you might want a light gold, or you might be looking for more of a metallic sparkle gold. We will go through all of these ideas together.

Let's get started!

Gold Nail Art Ideas

1. Hand Painted Gold & Yellow Nails

With gel polish, you can paint your nails with many different designs, keeping it simple or more complex. Gel nails will last for up to two weeks or more.

One of the great things about painting your own nails with gels is that you can create the perfect design for short nails or long nails.

gold and yellow nails

2. Gold Embedded Nail Art

If you want to give your gel manicure an extra wow-factor, then gold embeds are the perfect finishing touch!

You can add them to your gel nails with builder gel. Builder gel for nails is a great way to set the gold in place and ensure that your nail art looks as amazing as possible.

It also helps protect the delicate gold from any damage like chips or scratches. With golden glittering accents, everyone will be in awe of your stunning gel nails!

gold nail art ideas

3. Gold Flake Stiletto Nails

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These ultra-sized nail tips are made from high-quality nail glue, ensuring a long-lasting hold as well as helping them look natural. With these nail tips, you won't ever again wonder what to do for your next nail appointment - just add glue and press-on for a spectacular nail art look!

stiletto gold nails with gold leafing

4. Gold Butterfly Nails

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Introducing gold butterfly nails from Etsy - the perfect accessory to make any outfit pop! These press-on nails come in a range of sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Their elegant gold design with delicate butterfly accents create the perfect subtle statement look.

gold butterfly nails

5. 3D Gold Nails

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Step out in style with these gold 3d nails, handmade just for you. Sparkling gold and chrome provide an eye-catching contrast that is sure to make you feel like a fantastic!

3d gold nails

6. Black & Gold Marble Nails

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This hand painted marbleized black and gold nail art design is sure to make you stand out! Perfect for those super special nights. Each individual hand painted marble design by Nails by Nirada will draw eyes to your fingertips.

gold and black marble nails

7. Red & Gold Metallic Press On Nails

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If you're searching for an accessory that offers high-impact style with a handcrafted artisan appeal, these hand painted red and gold nails are an ideal choice.

Each one is handmade with exquisite details by Nirada, providing unique finishes and special touches that can't be found in mass produced nails. 

red and gold press on nails

8. Gold Holographic Nails

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What's nice about using a fine powder is that you can incorporate it into your nail polish bases. Holographic powders can be used in regular nail polish and also gel polish.

When using a holo powder, just be sure that you are adding a little bit at a time so that your polishes do not over saturate. If you add too much, they will become lumpy and unusable.

Another way to use gold powders, is to put a bit of gel polish onto a palette and mix up exactly what you need, that way you aren't wasting product and can keep using your bases for other glitters and colors.

gold nail art ideas

9. Gold Nail Polish

Here is a list of nail art brands that offer some of the very best quality gold nail polishes. Gold nail polish is a classic and timeless nail color that fits in any season.

It can be used to make a statement with any nail look, or even as an accent nail alongside your vibrant manicure.

It's also incredibly versatile and looks great with most skin tones thanks to its warm hue.

gold glitter ideas for nails

10. Chunky Gold Glitter Nails

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Chunky glitters for nails can be used to either incorporate into a builder gel or to lay on top of the nails to create a gold ombre glitter effect.

The way to create this gold manicure is to apply a base coat and cure. Then take some chunky glitters and apply them onto the tips. Next take some fine glitter and move up the nail. Apply a no wipe top coat.

You can mix the gold glitter into a nail polish base and swirl it around. Another way to incorporate gold glitter is to put on a coat of gel polish, let cure and then dab the gold flakes onto the nail. Then add a top coat.

chunky gold glitter for nails

11. Long Almond Gold Nails

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All we can say about this set is WOW. The skill that this nail artist has is simply amazing. Marusya crafts her nails with intricate details. 

They are made with handmade techniques that make them a natural choice for any fashionista.

exta long gold nails

12. Gold Pop Art Nails

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The trending gold pop art nails is a must-see in this shop. Featuring hand painted gold chrome that accents the pop art details of black and white.

With such beautiful detail and quality put into each design, these handcrafted nails are some of the best out there.

gold and black pop art nails

13. Gold Glitter Topper Nails

Adding a gold glitter topper to your nail polish routine is an easy way to jazz up any manicure. Glossy nail polish can look great on any base coat color. Use a lighter color for a more classic mani and dark for a sultry look.

gold glitter topper nails

14. Gold Glitter Sequins

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Step up your nail game with these mesmerizing gold sequins! A little goes a long way with these tiny flakes, so layer them on for an irresistible look.

Whether you're dressing up for a party or just feeling fancy, these will add some sparkle to your style.

You can use these for accents here and there or go all out and cover your whole nail or nail tips for extreme sparkle.

gold glitter sequins for nail art

15. Extra Long Luxury Gold Nails

For this nail we started with a red base using the Melody Susie 24 nail polish set. Then added some loose glitter for nails and gold leafing. The result turned out stunning! You can use this idea for your own nail art ideas and for your press on nail business too. Have fun with it!

luxury gold nails

Here's the video of the nail above on our YouTube channel so you can see exactly what it looks like. Subscribe

16. Shiny Gold Nails

Give your nails some extra glamour with gold chrome nail powder. Perfect for a night out, this nail art powder and sparkles like no other.

gold chrome nails

17. Gold Chrome Powder Nails

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Powders will give a subtle gold glitter look that really shines true in the sun or with a camera light. These powders come in many different shades of gold too.

You can get a holographic gold which is super sparkly and will color change depending on how the light hits it. Or you can go with a rose gold or antique gold.

To use a chrome powder, you apply a no wipe top coat and cure it under a lamp. Then using a sponge stick, pick up the powder and rub it onto the nail. Apply a no wipe top coat to seal it all in.

gold chrome powder for nails

18. 3D Gold Charms For Nails

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Give your nails some glam with gold rhinestones. They are perfect for creating chunky 3D nails that will stand out and sparkle.

With so many different ways to style them, you can create a unique look every time. Whether you want a classic or bold look, these rhinestones will help you achieve it.

gold sparkle nail ideas

19. Gold Roses Nails

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Here are some must see LNNails hand painted press-on nails featuring a romantic rose design. Create an effortless, glamorous look that would be fantastic for a wedding or special event.

gold roses nail art

20. Gold Lace Coffin Nails

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What better way to get into the loving spirit than with some wedding inspired coffin nails? Gold is such a versatile color, and is a classic color for weddings and special events. This press on nail artist offers some of the best quality nails on Etsy.

gold lace press on nails

21. Gold Watercolor Paint For Nails

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Transform your nails into works of art with artisan gold watercolor paint. Apply it in layers to create beautiful geode-inspired designs that will amaze and impress.

We have used this exact set to create shiny and sparkling gold nails. You can make so many different kinds of nail art with sparkly gold watercolors.

Here's a video on our YouTube channel that shows one way to use this gold sparkle paint, rose gold gel polish and gold leaf.


22. Gold Leafing Flakes For Nails

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Speaking of gold leafing, these shimmering flakes will give your nail an eye catching effect depending on the light, and also how you incorporate it into the manicure.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate gold leaf flakes in to your manicure:

  • Dab it onto cured gel polish for extra sparkle, then go over with a top coat.
  • Fill the whole nail with leafing flakes and then go over it with builder gel to make it look like it is suspended.
  • Use it on transparent tips for an elegant look.
  • Create a galaxy themed nail and use it to create a gold galaxy line.
  • Cover your nail with gold foil, then apply sequins and rhinestones.
  • Mix it into your nail polish base.

gold flakes for nails

23. Gold Shimmer Fineliner Nail Polish

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To get an easy ultra thin gold glitter line, check out these polishes with a fine tip brush.

This polish features a thin brush to make precise, detailed designs. You can create pretty flowers, ultra thin lines, dotting techniques and geometric designs.

best gold shimmer for nails

24. Gold Glitter Gel Polish

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One of the easiest ways to achieve gold nails with sparkle is to simply apply two coats of your favorite gel polish. Gel polishes are formulated with either finely milled glitter flakes, holographic gold and chunky gold.

When you are using gel polish, you will have to cure it under a lamp. Gel polishes are one of our favorite things to use because as long as you prep the nail properly, it will give a lasting manicure for up to 3 weeks.

You can enjoy your sparkly gold nails for a long time using gels. We have a helpful article about choosing a curing lamp for gel polishes.

gold glitter gel polish

25. Fall Nail With Gold

Go To Tutorial

Here is an easy fall nail art idea with gold glitter using gel polish on a nail tip. Gel polish that comes rich earth tones like the Modelones Vinyl Record is a great way to add a touch of gold accents to your nails, and there are endless possibilities for creative nail art designs.

fall gold nail art idea

Here's the step by step DIY on our YouTube channel showing how to use the gold glitter to make this nail.

26. Gold Glitter Nail Polish Strips

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Looking for a quick and easy way to add some sparkle to your nails? Look no further than these gold sparkle nail polish strips. Made of 100% real nail polish, they're non-toxic and easy to apply.

Just peel and stick them on your nails, and you're good to go! No need for heat or paste, their nail strips fit snugly on your nails and are breathable.

Applied correctly, nail polish strips will last for 7-10 days.

gold glitter nail polish strips

27. Loose Gold Glitter For Nails

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Loose gold glitter is one of those nail art tools that is good to have on hand. You can mix it with other colors or apply it right onto your nail.

Just look how gold glitter shines with the light. It's absolutely sparkly! This video has over 100K views! Subscribe to our channel for everything nail art.


28. Micro Gold Beads 

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These tiny round gold pieces will give your nail a glittery effect when they shine in the sun.

You can find micro beads in the craft section of your local dollar store or craft store in many sizes, even smaller than the ones shown in the photo below.

gold micro beads for nail art

29. Gold Ombre Glitter Nail

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Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do gold glitter ombre nails. Ombre glitter nails are a fantastic way to add a little gold sparkle to your manicure! These DIY nails are surprisingly easy to achieve, and the result is simply stunning.

gold glitter ombre nail art tutorial

Here is the glitter ombre nail art tutorial on our YouTube channel


30. Gold Ombre by YN

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And if you love the ombre look, here is another gold nail art idea from YN on YouTube. Glitter ombre nail art with gel polish is a beautiful, hand-painted way to express yourself and your unique style. They carry professional nail art products for beginners and professionals.


31. Yellow Gold Nail Polish

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Sometimes you just need to keep things simple and go for regular gold shimmer nail polish. Did you know that brands like ILNP also sell nail supplies on Etsy? Yes, they sure do and you can even favorite their shop to see when they have sales on.

It's good to have it on hand for touch ups or for those times when you need to get going in a hurry. Another way to use regular gold nail polish is to apply it on top of another color for extra glittery effects.

gold nail polish for nails

32. Green Gold Nails

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Looking for a green to gold metallic nail polish that will give your nails extra shine? This 100% vegan and cruelty-free nail polish is made with finely milled metallic shimmer pigments and comes in a beautiful luminous shade.

green gold nails

33. Gold Cat Eye Polish

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You know those mesmerizing, color changing cat eye nails that you see on IG? Well they are done with cat eye polish.

If you are new to cat eye nail, we have a helpful cat eye gel polish article about some of the best brands for this technique. We have used the gold glittery polish for DIY manicures and it really sparkles and shines perfectly.

It gives you a 3d multidimensional look because of the metallic pigments that can be moved around with a magnet.

In this video below, you can see how the rose gold glitter gel polish gives a sparkly look to the nail tip.


34. Gold Flat Backed Gems

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Dazzle and shine with these gold flat backed gems for nails. With a flat back, they will set down on the nail bed or nail tip flat so that you can glue them easily.

gold nail art ideas gemstones

35. Luxury Rhinestone Set

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And for a different kind of gold shine, here is a set of gold luxury rhinestones in the shapes of shiny bows, golden hearts and more.

When you use 3D elements like these, just be sure to glue them down with high quality nail glue so that they don't pop off. The best kind of glue for nail decorations like these is a UV glue that cures under a lamp.

luxury gold rhinestones for nail art

36. Gold Dip Powder

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Have you tried gold dip powder yet? Nail dipping powder is a powder that you dip your nail into. Then the activator is applied and the powder dries hard on your nails.

After the activator is applied, you go over it with a top coat to make the gold highlights really come out and shine like golden diamonds.

gold dip powder for nails

37. Gold Glitter Striping Tape

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Whenever you want to get a perfect gold line on your nails, that's where gold striping tape comes in. It can be used for making lines and then also for adding gold highlights and borders to your nails.

Do go over the tape with a top coat so that it does not not peel off.

gold striping tape for nail art

38. Gold Nail Art Stickers

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Get the perfect nails without any of the hassle with gold nail art stickers! They are so easy to use, simply peel them off and stick them on your nails for an instant manicure.

Whether you want something simple or something more glam, these versatile stickers will let you create any look you want. With their shiny metallic finish, these stickers will make your nails really stand out.

gold nail art stickers

39. Gold Butterflies For Nails

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From time to time, we scour Etsy to find you guys the best nail art ideas to share. This time, a shop came up that has some pretty cool nail art supplies. Here is a set of gorgeous gold butterflies for nail art.

Aren't these so cute? They are 3D and really going to take your manicure to the next level. This shop also has gold skulls, gold bees, and heart shaped nail art.

gold butterflies for nails

In Conclusion:

There are a ton of ways that you can try when incorporating gold into your manicures and nail tips. Gold glitter nails can be achieved with many different types of glitters and colorants that will catch the light and sparkle.

You can use micro gold glitter, chunky gold glitter, holographic accents, mica powders, and even watercolor paints. We have used all of these before to create amazing glittery nails.

We hope you found this article helpful and can find some amazing gold nail art ideas to try out.

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