GEL NAIL ART TUTORIAL: Ice Cream Nail Art Step By Step [2023]

ice cream nail art tutorial

Here is a fun and easy ice cream nail art tutorial using gel polish. Gel polish is the best way to get summer nails that look creamy and yummy.

This easy ice cream nail art tutorial uses gel polish in three pastel colors to create a delicious looking design.

At first glance, you might think this ice cream nail tutorial is difficult, but it's really quite easy. Not to worry because this ice cream nail art idea will show you step by step with photo instructions and a video!

The steps to make popsicle nails are simple and perfect for beginners. You will need gel polish in a variety of colors, a top coat, and a small brush.

For this DIY nail art idea we are using the Summer Paradise collection from our latest collaboration and review with Beetles Gel.

ice cream nail art tutorial

Beetles Gel nail polish collection is absolutely perfect for this ice cream nail art because there are lots of creamy colors that look fabulous for ice cream nails.

Remember with gel polish, you will need a gel cure lamp.

This nail art tutorial is done on a full coverage tip. You can replicate this on a natural nail too! And if you don't use gel polish, go ahead and try this with regular nail polish. Just use whatever colors you have on hand.

We have some helpful guides for the best nail polish colors out there.

Beetles gel polish for summer nail art

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Supplies needed for this ice cream nail art idea

Summer Paradise gel collection

UV/LED lamp

Fine line nail art brushes

Long full cover nail tips in your choice of shape

Instructions: Ice Cream Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1

Choose the right sizes of full coverage nail tips for your fingers and have them laid out and ready. You don't want to be trying to find the right sizes in the middle of a manicure.

Step 2

With a 180 grit nail file, buff off the shine. Pay extra attention to the sides of the nail and make sure there is no shine anywhere. If there are shiny parts left on the nail it can cause lifting.

ice cream nail art tutorial filing the nail

Be careful not to take off too much or dig into the nail tip when using a nail file. Take your time to make sure the nail shine is completely removed without damaging the nail tip.

ice cream nail art tutorial filing the sides of the nail

Check out the article about how to make a gel polish last longer if you have problems with gel polish not staying on for the full three weeks. It's very important to prep the nail properly.

Step 3

With a lint free wipe, remove all of the dust. You can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol for this step to make sure that there is no dust. Even a little bit of nail dust can ruin your manicure.

ice cream nail art tutorial wiping off dust

Step 4

Apply one coat of the base coat making sure the whole nail is covered as well as the tip of the nail. Cure for 30 seconds.

ice cream nail art tutorial applying a base coat

Step 5

Prepare the gel colors on a mixing palette. On a mixing palette, take a bit of the colors light blue (b447), light yellow (b446), light pink (b445).

It's always a good idea to use a mixing palette whenever possible so that the gel polish in the bottle stays clean and away from light. We have a list of must have nail art supplies for those who are just getting started.

ice cream nail art tutorial preparing gel colors

Step 6

Take the blue color and paint the area of the nail that is closest to the cuticle. Apply it in an angle so that it comes down the side.

ice cream nail art tutorial applying gel colors

Step 7

Repeat with the next two gel colors going down the nail to the tip.

Step 8

Using a brush with a pointed end, make some lines going from the top on an angle. This is going to mix the colors a bit for a nice transition from color to color. And also give them a bit of a jelly nail polish look.

You should be able to see through the lines just slightly. Doing this is going to give the ice cream nail more dimension. Once that is completed, cure for 30 seconds.

ice cream nail art tutorial making jelly lines

Step 9

With a fine liner brush, make lines on the nail going from the top down on an angle. Take the blue first and go over the blue section. Then the yellow, and finally the pink.

This is going to make even more layers onto the nail, bringing out each color some more to look like a yummy popsicle ice cream.

ice cream nail art tutorial making lines

You can go over each color with the same color or change it up a bit. Some alternatives is going over the blue with yellow, the yellow with pink and the pink with blue.

Step 10

Apply a glossy no wipe gel top coat and do a final cure for 60 seconds.

popsicle nail art tutorial

Here's the video showing how to do this nail step by step.

Video Tutorial: DIY Ice Cream Nail Tutorial For Beginners With Gel Polish

We hope you found this ice cream nail art DIY super fun!

Having beautiful nails is one of the many joys in life. There's nothing like looking down at your manicured hands and seeing summer nails that make you feel happy and confident. Especially when you can do them yourself.

We hope you have fun with this, remember it takes practice do you your own nails at home.

If you are wanting to practice before jumping in, we suggest purchasing a silicone practice hand. These are great for trying out new ideas.

best practice hands

You can experiment with different colors and designs to create a look that's unique to you. Change things up a bit by adding loose glitter for nails for some extra sparkle. So go ahead and take this ice cream nail idea and make it your own!

Another way you can change things up is to do different colors on each nail. You can use any colors you want, but we suggest using pastel nail polish colors for the best effect.

If you love ice cream nails we have some more ice cream nail art ideas that includes nail stickers, builder gel embeds and more.

Thanks for trying this tutorial! If you have any questions, leave a comment on our YouTube channel. We love hearing from our fans!

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ice cream nail art tutorial