12 Best Ice Cream Nail Art Ideas + Video [2023]

ice cream nail art ideas

Here are some of the cutest ice cream nail art ideas. Making your own ice cream nails is so much fun. The good news is that all of the basic supplies you need to make your very own ice cream nails can be purchased online so it's super easy to get started with your manicure.

If you love ice cream and you love nails, then why not combine the two? Ice cream nail art is a super cute and fun way to show off your personality and style.

There are lots of different ways to do ice cream nails, from simple designs to more complex ones. You can use any colors you like, or go for a more traditional ice cream look with pinks, white, and brown nail colors.

ice cream nail art ideas

To get started, you'll need some basic nail art supplies. You'll need nail polish in the colors of your choice, as well as a top coat to protect your nails. You'll also need some ice cream cone shaped decals or stickers. 

Here are some fun and cute ice cream decals, nail art stickers and chunky charms to take your ice cream nails to the next level.

BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL is at the bottom of this post with step by step instructions making a super easy ice cream nail.


1. Nail Decal Templates

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Nail art is a fun and creative way to express your personality, and there are endless possibilities for design. If you're looking for a creative way to jazz up your nails, why not try using nail decal templates?

With downloadable templates, you can create your own nail art designs that are unique and stylish.

ice cream nail art ideas

2. Kawaii Ice Cream Nail Stickers


Ice cream nail art stickers are super easy to use - just print them out and stick them onto your nails for an instant ice cream manicure.

These ice cream stickers will add a touch of kawaii cuteness to any manicure, and you can mix and match the ice cream designs to create your own unique look. 

With these nail art stickers, you can have the most adorable nails around.

kawaii ice cream nail stickers

3. Pastel Ice Cream Gel Nail Polish

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Ice cream nail polish is the perfect way to get your summer nails on point. Amazon has a ton of pastel polish colors that are perfect for creating fun, vibrant ice cream nails.

Whether you're going for a classic look or trying something more playful, light and playful polish is the perfect way to start.

ice cream nail polish

4. 3D Ice Cream Nail Charms

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If you want to take your ice cream nails to the next level, try adding some 3D elements. Nail Tech Bee Supply has some fabulous kawaii ice cream charms that come in assorted packs. Use these charms for chunky 3D ice cream nails.

Check out their adorable ice cream nail charm selections, they offer several different colors. 

These 3D ice cream charms are perfect for adding a touch of fun and personality to your nails, and they’re also great for showing off your love of ice cream.

ice cream nails 

5. Chunky Ice Cream Nails

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Beauty Bar By Jenn has some of the best ice cream nails out there. And the best part is that the are all custom made and ready to wear the moment they arrive.

Their nails are completely custom so do send a message if there are any specifics you would like Jenn to know about your nails.

ice cream nails

6. Purple Ice Cream Nails

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This best selling nail shop on Etsy offers some cute ice cream nail decals. The purple Yum Yum ice cream decals are one of many stickers you can grab at a great price.

They offer spatter ice cream decals too that will satisfy any ice cream craving.

ice cream nail art ideas

7. Ice Cream Nail Decals

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Here's some affordable ice cream nail decals! With many colorful different designs to choose from, you can get creative and have some fun with your nails.

Whether you're looking for a cute cupcake or a fruity design, they've got you covered.

Their ice cream decals are made from high quality waterslide paper and are super easy to apply. Waterslide nail decals can be used on any kind of nail.

ice cream nails

8. Sundae Ice Cream Nails

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Does ice cream and sundae stickers make you happy? The large selection of nail art stickers from this shop is impressive.

These nail decals come in a variety of designs, including your favorite ice cream flavors, fruit toppings, and even cute little cupcakes! They're perfect for summertime or anytime you're feeling sweet and sassy!

Best of all, they're super easy to apply and don't require any messy cleanup!

ice cream nails  

9. Doughnut Ice Cream Nails

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Step up your nail game with these super cute ice cream stickers from XO Fetti. With a variety of flavors to choose from, you can create a custom look that's perfect for summer.

Whether you're going for a playful vibe or want to add a touch of sweetness to your outfit, these stickers are sure to do the trick.

best ice cream nails

10. DIY Ice Cream Charms

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If you are looking for an amazing ice cream nail art gift, then these charms are perfect. They come in a mixed container that has ice cream, cupcakes and popsicles in cute kawaii shapes.

ice cream nails 

11. Hot Pink Ice Cream Nails

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When you are making your own ice cream nails, you need a really good set of gel nail polish as a base. With gel, you can add on stickers, gems and 3D ice cream charms easily. 

Gel polish requires a curing lamp. We have a helpful article on choosing the best nail lamps for gel polish.

ice cream nail art ideas 

12. Ice Cream Nail Art Tutorial with video

Here's a super fun and easy ice cream nail art tutorial using pastel gel polish. Follow along to make your own ice cream nails with a long full coverage tip.

There's step by step instructions with photos here on the ice cream nail art tutorial.

And for those who love to watch nail art tutorials, here is the video showing how to make this super easy ice cream nail for beginners. Subscribe


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ice cream nail art ideas 

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