Modelones Gel Brush Cleaner Review

modelones gel brush cleaner review

Here is our review of the Modelones gel brush cleaner called Brush Cleaning Essence.

The Modelones gel brush cleaner is good to have on hand for anyone who loves doing their own nails with gel polish.

This product is designed to clean the gel polish off of your brushes in a more gentle way then soaking in alcohol or acetone.

It is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity of the brush, therefore ensuring a smooth and streak-free application of the polish.

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modelones brush cleaner review

Modelones Gel Brush Cleaner Review

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The cleaner works by dissolving any excess gel polish and debris like loose glitters that may have accumulated on the brush, leaving it clean and ready for use.

It is typically a solution that is formulated with ingredients that don't ruin the bristles of the brush. Regular cleaning of the brush is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your gel nail brushes and achieving the desired results with each application.

Some gel polish removers are quite harsh and will eventually fray the ends of the bristles, but this one has more of an oily finish.

Modelones mentions that their brush cleaner contains no alcohol, and has ingredients which can nourish and moisturize the bristles of the brush.

When we opened the package and tried the Brush Cleaning Essence we are happy to report that there was no odor. The cleaner had a bit of an oily consistency so we could see that the brush looked hydrated when we were finished cleaning.

modelones brush cleaner review

Here are some of the specifics:

  • Size: 80ml
  • Liquid
  • No irritating aroma
  • Will clean solid gel, gel polish, extension gel, poly gel, acrylic powder, nail dipping powder
  • Squeeze bottle so no excess waste
  • Use as a brush cleaner
  • Break in new gel brushes

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How to use Modelones Brush Cleaner

Step 1: Wipe of any excess gel polish from the brush with a lint free wipe or paper towel.

modelones gel brush cleaner review

Step 2: Take the brush cleaner and add about 10-15 drops onto a shallow nail art dish.

modelones gel brush cleaner review

Step 3: Move your nail art brush back and forth gently getting the solution into all of the bristles. Dab the brush onto paper towel to remove the excess.

modelones gel brush cleaner review

Step 4: Wipe out the dish and repeat step 2 until the solution is clear.

how to use modelones gel brush cleaner

modelones gel brush cleaner

You can now go ahead and store your brush. If your bristles are looking a little frayed from use, take some base coat and dip your brush into that before storing. Remember all gel brushes must be stored away from light or they will harden. Always store gel brushes away from light.

modelones brush cleaner review

In terms of performance, the Modelones Brush Cleaning Essence Cleaner works exceptionally well. It removes even the most stubborn gel polish colors, like darker gel polish colors with ease, leaving your brushes clean and nourished.

modelones gel brush cleaner review

Overall, we would definitely use the Modelones Brush Cleaning Essence again. The product is affordable, effective, and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to clean their nail art brushes.

Visit Modelones Amazon Store To Purchase

In conclusion:

We hope that you found this gel brush cleaner review helpful. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with helpful information about nail art supplies that you might want to try.

If you are new to gel polish, check out this full set that includes the lamp.


modelones full gel kit

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