Modelones Vinyl Record Gel Polish Review [2023]

Modelones Vinyl Record Gel Polish Review [2023]

Here is our Modelones Vinyl Record review! The long-awaited Modelones Vinyl Record Gel Polish Collection is here! This new release has been highly anticipated by gel polish lovers and nail art enthusiasts alike.

We are so excited to be collaborating with our friends over at Modelones for their brand new release!

The collection features 8 gel polish palettes with 21 shades in each set. The colors are so fun for creating unique nail art designs, and the set makes an excellent gift idea for a nail art lover for any occasion. Wait until you see them, they are so cute and giftable.

modelones vinyl record review

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this gel polish collection is sure to inspire your creativity.

Modelones Vinyl Record Gel Polish Review

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Ok let's start with the sets. There are 8 sets in this gel polish collection:

  • Evoke Memories
  • Cozy Wander
  • Outing Party
  • Surround with Light
  • Fall in Love
  • Find your Muse
  • Everyday Life
  • Sweet Dream

modelones vinyl record gel polish review

Each palette comes with a nail brush for easy application. The palettes feature a range of bold and beautiful colors, perfect for creating stunning manicures for any time of the year. The gel formula ensures a long-lasting finish, so you can enjoy your flawless nails for up to two weeks.

If you need help with your gel polishes, we have a super helpful article to help gel polish last as long as possible.

With this new release, achieving salon-worthy nails has never been easier. We couldn't wait to start experimenting with the color choices. We have used Modelones products many times here and was looking forward to this release.

In one of our previous Modelones reviews, their builder gel was tested out. If you have never used builder gel before, check out the review for that here.

modelones vinyl record review

This unique gel polish set comes in the form of a retro inspired vinyl record, and it's sure to be a hit with nail art lovers everywhere. The attention to detail in this packaging is just beyond imaginative. Just like a real record, the colors of each set are sure to make you smile.

We got in two palettes to show you. Evoke Memories and Cozy Wander. Remember, with gel polishes you will require a gel lamp to cure the gel colors.

Outer Packaging

This gel polish set is one of the most beautiful we've seen come in here. The outer packaging is gorgeous, with a holographic finish. It's also very practical, coming sealed for protection so you know the contents are in perfect condition when you receive them.

modelones vinyl record review

And the thoughtful touches don't stop there - the gel polishes themselves are to evoke memories of the 70's so you can have a little bit of retro fun every time you do your nails.


All of the instructions to use these sets are right inside. So if you are new to gel polish you will find this super helpful. Included is an insert pamphlet with photos and instructions.

Gel Nail Brush

The sets comes with a gel nail brush. You can extend it to make it more easy to use and then it will tuck away perfectly back in it's holder. So you will never have to try to find a nail art brush, it will always be there.

We suggest picking up some gel brush cleaner to help keep it clean after use. If you do not have gel brush cleaner, here's a tutorial on how to clean gel polish off of a nail art brush.

modelones vinyl record review

Modelones Vinyl Color Cube

Ok are you ready for how cute these are? Here is the inner packaging. This is one of the most creative packaging we have seen from a nail art brand. They really went all out with this set.

modelones vinyl record review

modelones vinyl record review

Color Swatch On The Back

On the back of each color cube are the colors that are included inside. You might want to do your own swatching to see exactly what each color is going to look like.

Each palette comes with complimentary colors that are going to go together so you can really play with lots of nail art ideas. Evoke Memories has darker fall and warm brown nail colors as well as some glittery choices. This palette also made the list of the best orange nail polishes for this year.

Tamper Proof Covering

Ok let's go inside. This set comes with a tamper proof cover so all you do is peel it back with the tab that is on the bottom right hand side. It will peel right off.

modelones vinyl gel polish kits

TikTok Music QR Code

Each palette comes with its own QR code that you can scan. This code is going to take you to TikTok. And then you can take part of their story of colors by using their beat for your video creations. Scan the QR code on the inner lid of the palette to get the songs.

modelones vinyl record review

Evoke Memories

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Fall is the season of change, and what better way to reflect that than with a gel nail polish set that features 21 different colors?

This set includes crème colors that are very opaque, as well as a few glittery nail colors that are perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to your manicure.

With such a diverse range of colors, this gel polish set is the perfect palette for creating fall or Valentine inspired manicures and we'll show you the nail art design that we made with this set below. 

Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your work outfit or you're wanting to experiment with gel nails for the first time, this gel polish set is a great choice for achieving stunning results for autumn. The colors are warm and inviting.

modelones vinyl record review

Cozy Wander

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This 21-color gel polish set offers a wide range of possibilities, from solid crème colors to glitter shades.

You can use it to create beachy nails, ocean-inspired nail art, or simply to add a pop of color to your everyday look.

We are going to be making many different nail art designs coming up on our YouTube channel with this set so keep watch for some good DIY nail art for beginners. You will love what you can do with these colors.

modelones vinyl record review

Now this is very important. Gel polish is very delicate and sensitive to light. That's why it's important to always use a mixing palette when doing your own gel nails.

Put all of the colors you are going to be using onto the mixing palette. Then close the cover of the gel set. Using a mixing palette protects the gel polish from light, meaning that it will stay fresh and easy to work with for longer.

modelones vinyl record review

If you do not close the lid and your cure lamp is on, you are not going to be happy because the lamp will start to cure the gel polish and it's going to go hard which will make it unusable. You can find lots of budget friendly mixing palettes here on Amazon or you can get a custom made resin palette on Etsy.

There are endless possibilities for creative designs with these sets. From classic reds and oranges to sophisticated marbles and ombres, these gel polishes allow you to express your personal style while rocking the latest trends.

modelones vinyl record review

Best of all, gel polish lasts longer than standard polish, so you can enjoy your beautiful fall nails for weeks to come.

The Modelones gel polish is very pigmented and has a great range of colors. We would definitely recommend this gel polish to anyone who is looking for a good quality gel polish or who wants to try their hand at doing their own gel nails.

As anyone who's passionate about nails knows, gel polish is one of the gold standards when it comes to long-lasting manicures.

The color selection is incredible, and the formula goes on like a dream. If you're looking for a gel polish that will give you salon-quality results at home, then this is definitely a set to try.

modelones vinyl record

Thanks for being here with us today and a special thank you to our friends over at Modelones for this collaboration.

For questions on this set, leave a comment on our YouTube channel. We love hearing from our fans!

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