Muobofu Ombre Nail Brushes Review [2023]

muobofu ombre brushes review

This is a review and unboxing on the Muobofu ombre nail art brushes that we purchased from Amazon. This is a set of 2 brushes for nail art DIY and manicures.

Muobofu is a nail art supply company that offers nail art brushes that you can use for gel polish sets, for all kinds of awesome nail art ideas to do your own nails.

Their set of two ombre brushes are specifically made for blending because the brushes have finer brush bristles at the top.

Muobofu Ombre Brushes Review

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We ordered the set of 2 brushes with the ombre tips. This is the kind of tip that you need when you are doing ombre nail art designs or the popular vertical reverse French tip ombre nail with two colors of gel polish. 

This review is to show you exactly what we got when this set of brushes arrived in the mail. They have a cute box for presentation and it's very happy and whimsical.

muobofu nail art brushes

Another way to use these brushes is to add loose glitter to nails when you need to apply a tiny little speck here and there. These are perfect for that because the bristles are spread out at the top.

muobofu nail art brushes

Since we ordered these ombre brushes, we have been testing them out and using them often on our YouTube channel for nail art ideas. So you will see them from time to time being used for manicures and press on nails.

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Each of the Muobofu nail art brushes come in their own protective plastic sleeve. So if you are a nail tech or someone who likes to take your nail art supplies on the go, they will stay protected for travel.

You can tuck them into your nail art storage easily and will travel perfectly in any makeup train case.

What we noticed right away was the aesthetics of the brushes. They are so pretty with glittery accents that are in each handle.

So these would be great to not only use for nail art, you can also use them for photo props for social media posts and give them as gifts to someone who loves to do their nails.

They come in 2 different colors (white & black) with the same length of tip on each brush.

Muobofu ombre brushes

Because these nail art brushes are used often for gel polish, the lids are opaque. This is to protect the brush from UV light, it keeps them soft. When using brushes for gel polish, it's very important that they stay away from light when not in use or they will go hard and the bristles ruined.

We have a helpful article about how to clean gel brushes to keep them working their best.

Muobofu ombre brushes

Here are the specs of these nail art brushes:

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Ombre brush heads on each brush
  • Cute pattern on the brush handles
  • Set of 2
  • Black & white handles

Testing Muobofu Ombre Art Brushes

We tried these brushes out on many different types of nails and they performed great each and every time.

After you are finished with your gel manicure they need to be cleaned and put away to protect the delicate bristles on the top.

Make sure you don't leave any gel polish on the brush or when you come back to use it again. It could possibly be stiff and that would be a total waste of money.

Muobofu ombre brushes

Also, these ail art brushes are too delicate for constant dipping into acetone. So even through you can use them with regular polish, it's best to use them with gels.

The best way to keep these nail art brushes clean is to gently wipe the polish off going from the handle up to the tip of the brush with a lint free nail wipe dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Then condition the brush with a gel base coat before putting the lid back on to store the brushes.

What we like about these ombre nail art brushes:

  • Budget friendly
  • Two brushes in the pack
  • Pretty acrylic handles
  • Great for adding the perfect amount of glitter
  • Protective sleeves for on the go
  • Opaque snap on covers to keep them away from light

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