37 MUST TRY Dip Powder Nail Ideas [2023]

best nail dip powder ides

Here are some of the best nail dip powder ideas to try this year. If nail art is your thing, you'll definitely want to check out this list of nail dip powder ideas!

Dip powder nails have become increasingly popular over the last few years because they are so easy to use and can give you a beautiful nail look.

There are so many nail dip powder ideas to choose from that it's hard to settle on just one set of nail art designs.

nail dip powder ideas

If you're looking to try something new with your nails, dip powder is a popular and versatile option that offers long-lasting results.

Dip powder manicures can be customized with a wide range of colors, designs, and finishes, making it a popular choice among those who enjoy experimenting with different nail looks.

Here are some creative dip powder ideas that you can consider for your next manicure.

Let's go through this dipping powder idea list together. ūüėä

BEST Nail Dip Powder Ideas

1. Brown Nail Dipped Manicure

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A brown themed nail dip manicure with a glitter accent nail is a great way to do fall or autumn themed nails. Imagine warm shades of brown covering your nails and then an explosion of glitter on one nail - it's cozy nail art at its best.

 maroon nail dip powder ideas

2. Matte Nail Dip Powder

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Nail dip powders come in all sorts of hues and textures, from smooth and matte to beautiful shades of colors.

This type of nail art medium lets you create unique nail art ideas that are sure to wow. So give this timeless look a try and get creative with your nail designs.

retro nail dip powder ideas

3. Milky White Nail Dip Powder

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Milky white nails are one of those staples. The ethereal and sophisticated style is an excellent way to add a bit of classic elegance to your manicure.

From classic French tips to a full set of white nails, there's no limit for what one can do with this eye-catching shade.

It's amazing how something so simple can completely transform your look from day to night - talk about nail art magic!

milky white nail dip powder

Kiara Sky has a fantastic YouTube channel that shows you exactly how to use their nail dipping powder. Here is a step by step nail dip powder tutorial.

4. Gold Glitter Nail Dip Idea

Visit Dipnotic Nails On Etsy

Get in the spirit of the season with nail art that shows off your creative side! The Harvest Hayride Foil Gold Fall Nail Dip is a fabulous idea for any nail fan who loves unique nail art from artisan brands.

This nail dip powder allows you to design customized nail designs quickly and easily, revealing gorgeous autumn-inspired nail art.

gold foil nail dip powder ideas

5. Green Gold Nail Dipping Powder

Visit Dipnotic Nails On Etsy

Beauty has no boundaries, and nail art is the perfect way to express yourself! Nail dip powders like this one from Etsy, are incredibly popular!

With this nail art idea, you can bring a sense of elegance to any manicure with stunning color combinations like this gold and green nail.

And because this seller makes their dip powders in small batches, you are supporting a quality handmade product.

green gold nail dip powder ideas

6. Valentines Day Nail Dip Powder

Visit Dipnotic Nails On Etsy

If you’re looking for nail art ideas that promise to be the life of the party on Valentine’s Day then consider going bold with a red glitter nail accented with hearts.

Layering nail dip powders will really make the glitter nail sparkle. The small heart details made from holographic elements are a stunning color combination for Valentine's Day.

valentines nail dip powder ideas

7. Rainbow Dip Powder

Visit Kiara Sky Amazon Shop

Kiara Sky nail art is here to help you nail any nail art look. It’s like a metallic mermaid spectrum on your nails that glitters in the most magical way.

It’s a stunning, long-lasting nail art look that 's guaranteed to have people ogling your sparkly masterpiece hands!

glitter dip nail art ideas 

8. Snowflake Nail Art

Shop AzureBeauty Kits Here

Using nail dip powders in different shades of blues on natural or acrylic nails, you can create a unique and intricate look that's a lovely idea for chilly days.

This style of nail art can be customized to any design and allows you to get creative with your look. You could even make use of diy manicure tools and add sparkles and loose glitter for nail art to the snowflakes, or have some fun with nail wraps and decorations.

best nail dip powder ideas

If you have not used this brand of dip powder before, here is a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to use AzureBeauty nail dips.

9. Retro Nail Art Design

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This look has a vibrant burst of color and shine for an added sparkle. Not only are they relatively inexpensive and easy to apply, but these retro nail dip powders provide endless nail art ideas for your very own at-home DIY manicure.

blue and white nail dip powder ideas

If you love a retro 70's style look for your nails, check out our 70's nail art tutorial.

10. Orange Jelly Nails

Shop DipWell Jelly Collection

Modern nail lovers enjoy manicures featuring jelly nail art ideas. Jelly nails offer a unique way to cover your nails without making too much effort - it's no wonder why they're so popular.

Jelly nail polish colors are the go to choice for when you need a translucent, sometimes barely there color.

best nail dipping powder ideas

11. Pink Ombre Dip Nails

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Have you ever seen nail art more dramatic than the rainbow pink gradient nail art? This look is created by dipping a different nail color on each nail.

From soft pinks to bold, bright fuchsias and deep lovely reds, this nail art idea gives you just enough pop to feel confident and stylish.

Using any combination of colors from your dipping powder collection or adding some glitter to make it extra special will take your nail look to the next level.

best pink nail dip powder ideas

12. Pink French Manicure Idea

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Celebrate the season of love with some gorgeous pink nail art. Whether it's for a romantic night out or to just add a touch of glamor to your everyday style, pink nails are a way to show off your sweet side this Valentine's Day.

Pink is always a classic V-Day choice and there are so many lovely pink designs you can do.

light pink heart nail dip powder ideas

13. Milky Dip Powder Idea

Shop DipWell Milky Collection

Milky white nail dip powder has become extremely popular for nail art - no wonder, as it provides a long lasting nail manicure with just a few easy steps.

With this nail trend, you can create beautiful and stunning white nails from the comfort of your own home.

nail dipping powder ideas

14. Whimsical Blue Nail Art

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Looking for a product that will give your nails a unique and beautiful look? Look no further than whimsical blue dipping powder from AzureBeauty.

This product is perfect for those who want to add some color and pizazz to their nails.

best nail dip powder ideas stripes

15. Ocean Inspired Nails

Shop AzureBeauty Kits Here

The best thing about ocean inspired nails is that you can do them in variety of different styles. You can make designs that look like waves, coral, or a blue theme like below.

For those of you reading this who love the look of a blue manicure, we have another blog post listing the best blue dipping powders available for this year.

Nail dipping powder is durable and won't chip or peel off easily. On a side note, if you like ocean inspired nails, head on over to our DIY ocean nail art tutorial.

best nail dip powder ideas blue gradients

16. Forest Green Nail Dip

Shop DipWell Classic Collection

One of the biggest benefits of using nail dip powder is that it is much more lasting than traditional nail polish.

In just a few simple steps, you can have perfectly polished nails that will last for weeks.

Plus, there is no need for a UV light or other special tools ‚Äď simply apply the powder and then seal it in with a¬†top coat.

classic nail dip powder ideas

DipWell has many tutorials on how to use their dipping powders with some basic designs for beginners to more elaborate dip powder ideas to try.

17. Pastel Nail Dip Idea

Shop DipWell Pastel Collection

Summer is almost here and if you want a subtle way to get ready for the warm weather, then pastel nail colors are definitely the way to go!

Not only are they light and airy, but also fun to work with. You can always put your own spin on these nail colors by adding nail art or waterslide nail art decals.

pastel dip powder ideas

18. Cute Confetti Nails

Visit Glitter And Grace Dips Etsy Shop

Confetti nails make it easy to do nail art. From ombre to glitters and sparkles, you can be creative with your nail designs in no time.

Whether you’re rocking simple dots or playful hearts, there’s a perfect nail look for everyone with confetti nails.

fun nail dip powder ideas

19. Thermal Nail Dip Idea

Visit Glitter And Grace Dips Etsy Shop

Give your nails some shine this winter with a dazzling nail art design. With all the holiday festivities, nail art is a must to make your manicure truly stand out.

Just use this thermal glitter dip powder to get the look. Take it even further by adding nail stripers, nail decals, or rhinestones for nails to instantly transform your nails into something worthy of an Instagram post. 

thermal nail dip powder ideas

20. Autumn Vibes Brown Nail Dip

Visit Glitter And Grace Dips Etsy Shop

Bring on the fall nail art vibes. Brown and earthy colors for nail art is an inexhaustible source of possibility and fun for fall nail art ideas.

Express yourself and take delight in every nail design you make with the nail dipping powder kits from this Etsy shop.

fall inspired nail dip powder ideas

21. Opulent French Manicure 

Shop Savliland On Amazon

The delicate arts of nail design can be an enjoyable creative outlet. And the classic French manicure is a way to express femininity without being too flashy.

There is something undeniably romantic about seeing pristine nail art peeking out from under a cozy sweater or on your summer holiday, which makes DIY French manicures a good choice for any time of the year.

Check out our Saviland nail art brush review to learn more about this brand.

classy french nail dip powder idea

22. Stylized French Dip Powder Mani

Shop Savliland On Amazon

A French manicure is the quintessential nail look that completes any romantic summer look.

Not only is it beautiful and timeless, but it also can be DIYed with dipping powder ‚Äď no nail appointment needed. A French manicure adds a perfect addition to any nail art design you choose, allowing you to customize your nails however you like.

Add crystals or hand paint a butterfly. You can make them exactly how you want. This brand has many nail dipping powder kits with everything included so they are great for beginners.

long nails dipping powder ideas

23. Christmas Inspired Dips

Shop Savliland On Amazon

When winter comes, it's time to get creative with nail art. Glitter is the perfect choice for making a stunning winter nail-scape.

You can do a subtle shimmer design or a dazzling display of brilliancy. Glitter nail art can transform any nail into a holiday masterpiece.

Play with dots, candy canes and festive French accent nails that look especially enchanting when they sparkle with glitter! 

whimsical ballerina nail dip powder ideas

24. Green French Manicure

Shop DipWell Neon Collection

There is something so effortlessly beautiful and alluring about a fresh manicure and a pair of jeans.

Having your nails done this way instantly adds class and panache to an everyday casual outfit.

This green dipping powder provides a timeless and romantic mani that never goes out of style.

neon dip powder ideas

25. Subtle Sparkle Dip

DipWell Natural Dip Powder Collection

Nothing speaks more to nail art than the sparkling radiance of a glitter nail. Nails like these are great for a romantic evening look.

This simple nail art design is a great starting point for any DIY nail artist who is just getting started with dipping powders.

sparkle dip powder ideas

26. Silvery Glitter Nails

DipWell Glitter Collection

Let nail art be your newest form of artistic expression! Dipwell's glitter collection offers a dazzling array of colors to work with, so you can create nail art that is uniquely yours.

Perfect for DIY nails and nail enthusiasts alike, the range of colors ensures that there will be a color to match every outfit and attitude.

grey glitter dipping powder

27. Classy White & Pink Dips

DipWell Classic French Nail Collection

The classic French manicure is an iconic nail look and will never go out of style. Its effortless beauty adds a timeless and dramatic touch to any ensemble.

This nail trend has been made even more popular with the introduction of nail dip powder that gives even more flexibility on nail length, nail shape, and color options.

classic french nails dip powder ideas

28. Brown & Taupe Nails

Visit AzureBeauty Amazon Shop

More daring DIY nail enthusiasts can craft intricate and eye-catching nail art designs with nail dip glitter. Like this set of brown and taupe nails with gold leaf accents.

brown nail dip powder ideas

29. Gradient Dip Nails

Visit AzureBeauty Amazon Shop

For a beautiful and earthy nail look, why not try dipping into some nail dip powder in brown shades?

With the various shades available, you can create a nail design that's unique to you.

Imagine a dark mocha on your thumb nail for some added depth, a deep espresso on your pointer finger for drama, and perhaps a light cream on the pinky nail for balance.

brown nail dip powder ideas

30. Extra Long Coffin Nail Dips

Visit AzureBeauty Amazon Shop

Extra long coffin nails are the ultimate accessory to complete any outfit.

Not only do they add a dramatic and romantic flair to your look, but also nail dip powders come in an array of colors, making them both on-trend and eye-catching.

long glitter nail dip powder ideas

31. Jelly Nail Dip Powder Look

Visit Modelones Amazon Shop

From the subtle sparkling jelly nails to the glamorous dipping powder tend, there's never been a better time for creative manicure designs.

The Modelones jelly set is a way to show off your style and express who you are with nail art that is beautiful, light and sweet.

jelly nail dip powder ideas

32. Yellow & Pink Nail Art

Visit RedNee Amazon Shop

Spoil yourself and get ready to experiment with fun nail arts in the comfort of your own home. The sets from RedNee include everything you need to get started with dips.

yellow and pink nail dip powder ideas

33. Holiday Nail Dip Glitter Nails

Visit CN Designer Dips On Etsy

Create unique nail designs with the shimmering hints of gold and red dip powders.

Transform each nail into its own individual masterpiece! Delight in the time spent lovingly crafting your new nail look and admire the sparkling result for weeks to come. 

Christmas dipping powder ideas

34. Arctic Fox Nail Dip

Visit CN Designer Dips On Etsy

Have fun exploring the vast potential of nail art when you incorporate dip powders like Arctic Fox. DIY nail art kits like the one offered on Etsy provide an easy and budget-friendly way to create gorgeous designs from the convenience of your own home.

Perfect gift idea? Absolutely!

silvery nail dip powder ideas

35. Dip Collection Set

Visit CN Designer Dips On Etsy

No nail art enthusiast should be without this nail art dip powder kit. With so many colors you need to start creating amazing DIY nail designs, this kit has you covered.

From sparkly pink to bold browns, these dips can take your nails from basic to bold in an instant. And they also make a great gift idea for that nail art lover or nail tech in your life.

pink dip powder ideas

36. Confetti Nails

Visit CN Designer Dips On Etsy

Confetti nail art is so whimsical. Putting together a truly unique nail design can be quite a project, but for big impact nail ideas, you can't do much better than confetti nails.

These designs are so cute for parties and special occasions.

polka dot nail dip powder ideas

37. Black Dip Nails

Visit Modelones Amazon Shop

Get that black-as-midnight look with black dipping powder. Dipping powders give your nails a full, natural look that lasts well beyond traditional manicures.

Plus, black dipping powder can be used over again for the perfect way to get magical-looking talons again and again.

Show up for any formal event feeling as posh as black-rimmed glasses with black dipping powder on your nails.

black nail dip powder ideas

Nail Dip Powder FAQ's

Are Nail Dip Powder Better Than Gel Polish?

Both dip nails and gel nails have their pros and cons, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the condition of your natural nails.

Dip nails involve dipping your nails into a colored powder and then sealing it with a clear topcoat. Dip nails are known for their long-lasting durability and resistance to chipping. They also tend to have a more natural look and are less damaging to the nails than other types of artificial nails.

dip powder nail ideas

On the other hand, gel nails involve applying a gel polish to the nails and then curing it under a UV or LED light. Gel nails are also long-lasting and can provide a glossy finish.

They can also be customized with different designs and colors. However, the curing process requires exposure to UV or LED light, which some people may prefer to avoid.

Ultimately, the choice between dip nails and gel nails depends on individual preferences, nail health, and lifestyle factors.

Can you do designs on dip powder nails?

Yes, you can definitely get designs on dip powder nails! Dip powder nails can be customized with various designs, patterns, and colors, just like gel nails or acrylic nails.

To get designs on dip powder nails, you can either use stencils or freehand paint them using nail polish or a nail art pen. Stencils are a popular option because they make it easier to create intricate designs, and they can be removed without damaging the base coat.

dip powder nail ideas

Alternatively, you can use a stamping technique to transfer pre-designed images or patterns onto your dip powder nails. This involves using a special stamping plate, a scraper, and stamping polish to transfer the design onto the nails.

Can you use dip powder on short nails?

Yes, dip powder can be used for short nails! In fact, dip powder can be a great option for people with short nails because it can add length and strength to the natural nails without the need for extensions.

Dip powder can also be used to create a more natural-looking manicure on short nails.

dip powder on short nails

Short nails can be challenging to work with when it comes to certain nail enhancements, such as acrylics, but dip powder can be applied to short nails without any issues.

In Conclusion:

Exploring nail dipping powders can be the start of a beautiful journey! Growing your nail artistry skills and creating incredible nail looks is something that can give so much joy and satisfaction, not to mention the benefit of beautiful nails.

With this nail dip powder list, you have all the best color options at your fingertips, between contrasting pinks or muted greys and breathtaking reds--so many possibilities to explore! ūüėė

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