27 MOST CREATIVE Nail & Hair Salon Décor Ideas [2024]

nail salon décor ideas

Here are some decorating ideas for your at home nail salon or nail room. We all get a little bit enchanted when we see beautiful nail art rooms on Instagram and YouTube, don't we?

Nail art rooms all have the same things in common. A theme, great storage for nail art supplies and amazing lighting to get their manicures perfect while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing space.

A nail art room is a nail art lover's most favorite room in the house. No matter if you are a professional nail artist who needs a work space from home or a nail lover that wants their own personal room to create their own manicures for their press on nail business.

We will discuss things that are not only great for décor but also serves as storage too for all of those nail art supplies.

décor ideas that are also functional

What are the best décor ideas for an at home nail salon?

Salons and nail studios should not only reflect your personality, they should also be functional. The most important elements that need to be considered for your nail room includes shelving, proper lighting and storage solutions for nail polishes and nail art supplies.

Also, if you have supplies like cuticle oils that need to be kept cold, there's a really great idea on this list for that. One thing to consider is how much space you have. Plan ahead and make a wishlist of the décor ideas you might like to have on display.

This photo shows how you can bring in lots of color by displaying your nail art designs. You can also buy a picture fame and use double sided tape to make displays for the wall too.

 nail room décor ideas

Decorating a nail room can be a daunting task, especially if you're starting with a blank slate. However, by narrowing down your options to a few key themes, you can make the decorating process much simpler.

For example, if you're drawn to the coast, you might consider a nautical theme, complete with blue and white stripes and seaside-inspired accessories. Or, if you prefer a more rustic look, you might focus on décor that evokes the feeling of a cozy cabin in the woods.

Whatever style you choose, decorating with a theme in mind will help to create a cohesive and stylish space. This is going to provide the best experience for you and your clients.

Nail Room Theme Ideas:

  • Minimalist Theme: A minimalist theme can be a great way to decorate your nail room. By keeping décor simple and clean, you can create a tranquil and inviting space.
  • Colorful Theme: If you are looking to add a touch of drama to your nail studio, consider going with a colorful theme. Bright colors can create an eye-catching look that is sure to wow your clients.
  • Romantic Theme: From flowers to soft fabrics and romantic lighting, there are endless ways to create a romantic ambiance. Any color can be used to create a romantic theme. Pink, for example, is often seen as a more delicate and gentle shade of love. The use of books that also double as storage brings everything together.

romantic nail salon

  • Glam Theme: There are plenty of ways to incorporate glam into your nail salon décor ideas, no matter what your personal style may be. For a truly dramatic look, go for rich, jewel-toned fabrics and glittering accessories. Velvet, satin, and sequins will all help to create a luxurious feel. If you prefer a more subtle approach, try using metallics or glass accents to add a touch of shimmer.
  • Retro Theme: If you're considering a retro theme, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Choose décor that fits the era you're trying to recreate. vintage furniture and accessories can help give your home a truly retro feel. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles. A retro theme can easily be created by combining different elements from different eras. 

Nail Salon Décor Ideas

1. Glam Chair

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A plush chair to bring the glam into your nail room and provide comfortable seating. This fluffy chair has great reviews on Amazon. It has a swivel seat that can adjust up and down.

And don't you just love the luxurious look to that fuzzy faux fur?

This will look fab in your nail room or salon and is perfect accent piece for a creative backdrop for nail photos for social media pictures.

nail room ideas glam chair

2. Large Jewelry Box On A Stand

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Go all out with this mirrored jewelry armoire. This jewelry box will give you a ton of room to hold your nail art tools and supplies and has a silvery mirror finish.

Perfect if you are looking for a high fashion look to your makeup room. This piece will fit into makeup rooms that are on the small side no problem. And you can also use it for a classy display for your best selling retail products.

nail room ideas mirrored organizer

3. Nail Salon Desks

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A desk is large enough for all of your nail art tools, like your UV lamps is essential. You can also go ahead and purchase hooks to hang different nail art tools like efiles from the sides too.

Ensure that the desk top area and shelves are large enough to hold everything you grab for on a regular basis so that you are not searching for your nail tools like nail decals and loose glitter for nails.

These desks also come in many colors to go with your color scheme. 

nail salon desk with drawers

4. Gold Vanity

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For smaller nail art rooms, a stylish gold vanity might be a perfect idea. This vanity includes a table, mirror and stool. This nail room desk also comes with an adjustable mirror. 

If you have a smaller space where you like to display your favorite gel polishes or dipping powders, then you might love this compact vanity. It's a great space saver that will not take up too much room.

We have a super helpful list for more makeup vanity ideas from farmhouse chic to antiques.

nail room ideas small vanity

5. Mason Jar Plants

Adorn the space with charming mason jars filled with thriving green plants, adding a touch of natural beauty and rustic elegance to the decor.

The combination of the glass jars and lush foliage creates a visually appealing and refreshing atmosphere.

best nail salon decor ideas mason jars

6. Vanity Mirror

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When shopping for a vanity mirror with lights for your manicure rooms and nail salons, look for one that has true white lighting. Vanity mirrors come in many sizes from small table tops to large 23 x 17 inches.

The mirrors with LEDs will give you the most light time before having to change the lights. Look for a mirror with different light color temperatures, dimmer switch and touch control.

For more lighting ideas check out our latest article best salon lighting ideas.

nail room ideas lighted mirror

7. Ring Lights

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Ring lights can be used for when you are talking to the camera and also for taking photos of nail products and designs for your social media. And they are an affordable tool for your nail business.

When shopping for a ring light, you will want a warm white light for the best lighting. That will give you the proper lighting when you are making your nail videos, nail photos or working on a client.

nail room ideas ring light

7. Playful Pop

Infuse the salon with vibrant colors, funky patterns, and playful decor elements. Use neon signs, colorful murals, and fun props to create a lively and energetic atmosphere.

8. Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights are great for nail room décor ideas. Those little tiny LEDs give your space a warm glow and gives that cozy feeling when they are turned on. Fairy lights come in long strings of mini lights that can be strung from wall to wall or to accent your vanity.

Lights like these are also great backdrops for photos and videos.

nail room ideas fairy lights

9. Statement Chandelier

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No luxury nail room or nail salon décor is complete without a beautiful chandelier. You can pick out the best one that suits your style. It's going to depend on how high your ceilings are too so that it's not hanging too low and in the way.

We think that this crystal chandelier with real crystal glass is fabulous. It will reflect the light in the most romantic way. And even when it's not all lit up, when the sun hits the glass it sparkles and shines.

nail room ideas chandelier

10. Zen Serenity

Encourage relaxation with a Zen-inspired decor, featuring Japanese elements like bamboo, paper lanterns, and serene water features. Choose calming colors like light greens and blues.

11. Sheer Curtains

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Sheer curtains will soften the light that comes into your nail room. Curtains are great for when the sun is streaming to give you a soft diffused light when applying your polishes or for filming.

The light material will give your nail room an airy feeling that's romantic and pretty. A great idea for your nail salon décor ideas.

nail room ideas sheer curtains

12. Nail Polish Display Rack

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It's the displays that make your nail rooms perfect. Here is a nail polish display rack that will hold plenty of nail polishes and gel polishes.

Made from acrylic, this shelf set has several different colors and styles to choose from.

nail polish display rack 

13. Wall Art Prints

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Premium wall art prints come in many different sizes to make your space perfect. A gorgeous print to add flair to your nail salon, home studio or office. When purchasing prints for nail salon décor, keep in mind your theme and overall look.

nail room ideas art print

14. Hollywood Glamour

Create a red-carpet-worthy salon with Hollywood-inspired decor, including movie-themed posters, velvet ropes, and spotlights.

Opt for a black and gold color scheme to complete the look.

15. Small Plants

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Every nail studio room needs plants and what's more romantic and adorable than succulents for extra décor accents. The Next Gardener Inc on Etsy carries some amazing selections of succulents in all sizes and soft muted colors.

These can be displayed on your coffee table in you waiting area or desk. Since they are small they are great for limited space and provide visual interest. They make a very attractive centerpiece.

Succulents are really easy to look after and don't need much attention and watering. So you can spend all of your time making fantastic nail art designs.

 nail room ideas plants

16. Hanging Plants

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Consider hanging plants. Not only do they make great décor, but they can also help set the tone and theme of your space. If you want to create a relaxing oasis, go for plants with soft, flowing leaves.

Hanging plants are great for a small space because they don't take up any room and go with pretty much all themes, especially a minimalist design.

For a more vibrant and fun atmosphere, opt for brightly-colored plants. And if you really want to make a statement, go for an oversized plant that will really fill up the space. No matter what style you choose, hanging plants are a great way to add some life to your home nail studio.

hanging plants for nail studio

17. Shaggy Pillows

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Whenever you can decorate with something that can also be functional is a great idea. Pillows like these not only make great décor accents, they can also be used  for backdrops for Instagram photos.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a nail tech, these pillows make great gifts.

fur pillow for nail art room

18. Artistic Studio

Turn the salon into an art gallery by showcasing local artwork on the walls. Use colorful and bold décor pieces that reflect creativity and artistic expression.

19. Flokati Shag Rug

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If there is any item to splurge on for decorating your nail room it's the floor covering. These handmade flokati rugs are plush and as fluffy as a cloud and will look fantastic in a studio with a retro look or modern theme.

This family run business has many different styles to choose from to give your makeup room an extra touch of opulence and class.

Now, these won't be practical in a nail salon where you have lots of traffic in and out, but for a home studio these rugs are great for adding a touch of luxury.

nail room ideas rug

20. Organizers

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Here is an organizer that rotates 360 degrees and makes a nice little display for your nail salon décor ideas. This stand will organize and store your bottles and brushes that you use most often. This organizer is easy to assemble and will hold quite a bit of products.

What's nice is that it's quite tall so it will fit almost anywhere in your room, even on smaller stands.

nail room ideas organizer

21. Vintage Elegance

Embrace vintage charm with antique-inspired furniture, vintage mirrors, and soft pastel colors. Consider incorporating vintage nail tools and accessories as decorative accents.

22. Mini Fridge

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No nail room is complete without a mini fridge to hold your nail creams and hand masks. Here is the Cooluli Mini Fridge that is a must have for your skincare and nail care products.

It's small enough to fit almost anywhere you like in your nail room and large enough to hold products that need to be kept cool.

nail room ideas mini fridge

23. Air Purifier

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It can get dusty in a nail room or small salon and this purifier has a 3-Stage filtration system. It includes a pre-filter, true hepa-filter. The activated carbon filter can help with nail dust and product powders.

Not only does it have a purpose, it's a cute display for your nail room.

nail room ideas air purifier

24. Glamorous Glam

Go all out with a glamorous theme, using luxurious chandeliers, plush velvet seating, and ornate mirrors. Choose a color scheme that includes rich jewel tones or gold accents for a touch of opulence.

25. Shelving

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Here's an idea for decorating your nail room. A simple and minimalist shelving set to hold your plants & nail accessories.

They are floating so that the hardware won't be seen for an elegant and finished look.

This is a set of four that comes in different sizes so you can choose how you would like them to look.

nail room ideas floating shelves

26. Vanity Tray

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A custom handmade vanity tray to hold all of your little treasures. This shop has many styles and colors to choose from.

They offer large elegant statement pieces, florals and geode inspired vanity trays. An amazing nail room decoration that is also functional. A perfect fit.

nail room ideas vanity tray

27. Mini Dishes

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Here is a shop that makes small dishes that are made by hand in their own studio. If you are looking for a dappen dish or little holder for gems and little bits, then these one of a kind pieces are a must have.

nail room ideas mini dishes

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