20 BEST Nail Salon & Nail Décor Ideas [2022]

best nail room decorating ideas

Here are some ideas for your nail salon or nail room. We all get a little bit enchanted when we see beautiful nail art rooms on Instagram and YouTube. And they all have the same things in common. A theme, great storage and amazing lighting to get their manicures perfect. A private nail art room is a nail art lover's most favorite place in the house. No matter if you are a professional nail artist who needs a work space from home or a nail lover that wants their own personal room to create their own manicures. 


Nail polish rooms should not only reflect your personality, they should also be functional. The most important elements that need to be considered for your nail room include a vanity, shelving, proper lighting and storage solutions for polishes and nail art supplies.

Also, if you have supplies like cuticle oils that need to be kept cold, there's a really great idea on this list for that. One thing to consider is how much space you have. Plan ahead and make a wishlist of the things you might like to have.

Here are some ideas on how to dress up your nail room with some gorgeous fairy lights and chandeliers. There are some space saving storage ideas for those who have a small nail art room. 

Let's start with some furniture basics & lighting. Then we will move on to some vanity ideas, furniture and storage for your nail supplies.

Best Nail Salon & Nail Room Ideas

1. GLAM CHAIR For Nail Art Room

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A plush chair to bring the glam into your nail room. This fluffy chair has great reviews on Amazon. It has a swivel seat that can adjust up and down. And don't you just love the luxurious look to that fuzzy faux fur?

This will look fab in your nail room or salon and is perfect accent piece for a backdrop for your social media pictures.

nail room ideas glam chair

2. EXTRA LARGE JEWELRY BOX For Storing Nail Tools

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Go all out with this mirrored jewelry armoire. This jewelry box will give you a ton of room to hold your nail art tools and supplies and has a silvery mirror finish. Perfect if you are looking for a high fashion look to your makeup room. This piece will fit into makeup rooms that are on the small side no problem.

nail room ideas mirrored organizer

3. MINIMALIST DESK For Nail Art & Manicures

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This desk is large enough for all of your nail holders. You can also purchase hooks to hang different items like efiles from the sides too. What's nice is that the area is large enough to hold a large vanity mirror with lights which we will discuss below.

If you have a large nail room, you can also put two of these desks together to create a nail desk wall.

nail room ideas desk


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For smaller nail art rooms, a stylish gold vanity might be a perfect idea. This vanity includes a table, mirror and stool. This nail room desk also comes with an adjustable mirror. 

If you have a smaller space where you play with nail art designs, then you will love this compact vanity. It's a great space saver that will not take up too much room.

nail room ideas small vanity


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When shopping for a vanity mirror with lights for your manicure rooms and nail salons, look for one that has soft white lighting. Vanity mirrors come in many sizes from small table tops to large 23 x 17 inches.

The mirrors with LEDs will give you the most light time before having to change the lights. Look for a mirror with different light color temperatures, dimmer switch and touch control.

nail room ideas lighted mirror

6. RING LIGHT For Video Tutorials

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Ring lights can be used for when you are talking to the camera and also for taking photos of nail products and designs for your social media. And they are an affordable tool for your makeup room.

When shopping for a ring light, you will want a warm white light for the best lighting. That will give you the proper lighting when you are making your nail videos, nail photos or working on a client.

nail room ideas ring light

7. FAIRY LIGHTS For Your Nail Salon Room

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Fairy lights are great for nail room décor ideas. Those little tiny LEDs give your space a warm glow and gives that cozy feeling when they are turned on. Fairy lights come in long strings of mini lights that can be strung from wall to wall or to accent your vanity.

Lights like these are also great backdrops for photos and videos.

nail room ideas fairy lights

8. CHANDELIER BLING For Your Makeup Room

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No luxury nail room or nail salon décor is complete without a beautiful chandelier. You can pick out the best one that suits your style. It's going to depend on how high your ceilings are too so that it's not hanging too low and in the way.

We think that this crystal chandelier with real crystal glass is fabulous. It will reflect the light in the most romantic way. And even when it's not all lit up, when the sun hits the glass it sparkles and shines.

nail room ideas chandelier

9. SHEER CURTAINS To Diffuse Harsh Light

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Sheer curtains will soften the lighting in your nail room. They are especially great for when the sun is streaming to give you a soft diffused light when applying your polishes or for filming.

The light material will give your makeup room décor an airy feeling that's romantic and pretty.

nail room ideas sheer curtains


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It's the final touches that make your nail rooms perfect. Here is a vintage style clock that is small enough to fit right onto a vanity or side tables.

Made from pewter, this clock has an elegance border that's decorated with white crystal rhinestones that will sparkle and shine in a beautiful subtle way.

nail room ideas clock


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With hundreds of gorgeous posters to choose from, you will be able to pick and choose the best wall art that suits your décor and salon style. 

Our premium wall art prints come in many different sizes to make your space perfect. A gorgeous print to add flair to your nail salon, home studio or office!

nail room ideas art print

12. SUCCULENTS For Your Nail Art Rooms

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Every nail studio room needs plants and what's more romantic and adorable than succulents for extra décor accents. The Next Gardener Inc on Etsy carries some amazing selections of succulents in all sizes and soft muted colors.

Succulents are really easy to look after and don't need much attention and watering. So you can spend all of your time making fantastic nail art designs.

 nail room ideas plants


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Pillows like these make great backdrops for Instagram photos.

This soft pillow makes a pretty decoration for your nail room. Luxurious, soft and plush pillows are one of those things that you always see in nail room tour videos.

These ones are a great price and come in 45 x 45 inches. Note that these are only pillowcases.

nail room ideas plush pillows

14. LUXURIOUS RUG by Flokati Shag

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If there is any item to splurge on for decorating your nail room it's the floor covering. These handmade flokati rugs are plush and as fluffy as a cloud. This family run business has many different styles to choose from to give your makeup room an extra touch of luxury and class.

Now these won't be practical in a nail salon where you have lots of traffic in and out, but for a home studio these rugs are great for adding a touch of luxury.

We are a family run business and take pride in all our rugs. We inspect every rug prior to shipping to make sure your order is perfect.

nail room ideas rug

15. NAIL POLISH ORGANIZER For Polishes & Brushes

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Here is an organizer that rotates 360 degrees. This stand will organize and store your bottles and brushes that you use most often. This organizer is easy to assemble and will hold quite a bit of products.

What's nice is that it's quite tall so it will fit almost anywhere in your room, even on smaller stands.

nail room ideas organizer

16. MINI FRIDGE For Nail Creams & Masks

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No nail room is complete without a mini fridge to hold your nail creams and hand masks. Here is the Cooluli Mini Fridge that is a must have for your skincare and nail care products. It's small enough to fit almost anywhere you like in your nail room and large enough to hold products that need to be kept cool.

nail room ideas mini fridge

17. AIR PURIFIER For Removing Dust

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It can get dusty in a nail room or small salon and this purifier has a 3-Stage filtration system. It includes a pre-filter, true hepa-filter. The activated carbon filter can help with nail dust and product powders.

nail room ideas air purifier

18. WHITE SHELVES For Storing Nail Products

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Here's an idea for decorating your nail room. A simple and minimalist shelving set to hold your plants & nail accessories, beauty magazines and more. They are floating so that the hardware won't be seen for an elegant and finished look. This is a set of four that comes in different sizes so you can choose how you would like them to look.

nail room ideas floating shelves

19. VANITY TRAY By Mica Theory

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A custom handmade vanity tray to hold all of you little treasures. This shop has many styles and colors to choose from. They offer large elegant statement pieces, florals and geode inspired vanity trays. An amazing nail room decoration that is also functional.

We take pride in all of our products and every single order we receive, and we are more than thankful for your support!

nail room ideas vanity tray

20. HANDMADE MINI DISHES By Three Little Potters

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Here is a shop that makes small dishes that are made by hand in their own studio. If you are looking for a dappen dish or little holder for gems and little bits, then these one of a kind pieces are a must have.

nail room ideas mini dishes

We hope you found this nail room design ideas article helpful. Please save a Pin to your nail boards so you can find us again.

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