11 EASY Optical Illusion French Nail Tutorials [2023]

optical illusion French ombre nails

Here are the best optical illusion double ombre French nail art tutorials and DIY's with easy step by step instructions.

Learn how to get an illusion French tip nail with gel polish. You will learn some new techniques from these amazing nail techs and nail artists on YouTube.

Learning how to make a perfect double ombre French nail takes practice. You need to get the ombre looking perfect before going on to the next step of making the French tip.

These nail art videos will show you all of the up to date techniques for getting a correct and stunning reverse ombre manicure in no time.

reverse French ombre nail art tutorials

This nail art trend has many names but they all mean the same thing.

Double Ombre French Nails are also known as:

  • Illusion French Tip Nails
  • Ombre French Nails
  • Double Ombre French Nails
  • Vertical Ombre Reverse Gradient French Nails
  • Ombre French Tip Nails
  • Reverse Ombre Nails
  • Vertical Ombre Nails
  • Vertical Ombre Design
  • Reverse Ombre French Nails
  • Vertical Optical Illusion Nails
  • Optical Illusion French Nails

Have you ever seen so many names for one technique? But don't be confused as they are all the same thing. So these terms are all referring to the same trend that gives you the two different colors on the top and bottom of the French nail.

Ready? Here are the best and easy tutorials. Have fun!

Double Ombre French Nail Tutorials

1. Optical Illusion Reverse Ombre French Nails

In this ombre nail tutorial we are using the Beetles Gel Summer Paradise collection with a UV lamp for the gel polish.


One tip for getting this design perfected is to use an ombre brush. We have a review on the same brush that we are using in the video. See Muobofu ombre brush review.

2. Double Ombre Nails by Natalie Mugridge

This nail art video provides an easy tutorial that anyone can follow to create beautiful ombre nails. Taking approachable steps and giving clear instructions, the nail artist shows viewers exactly what materials they will need and how to use them for the most visually attractive reverse French nails.  

3. Illusion Ombre French Tip Nails by YourNailPlugX

This amazing video demonstrates the unique technique of reverse tip nail art. In a few easy steps, she shows viewers how to create beautiful nail designs.

By the end of the video, there will be no denying that with some practice and patience anyone can master this trendy nail art design!

4. Ombre Nail Art Tutorial by Vee Nailedit

This takes hard work and patience, but those who follow these steps are sure to be delighted with the amazing results!

All in all, nail art lovers should definitely check out this video; it’s sure to be both helpful and inspiring when creating ombre French nails.

5. Vertical Ombre Reverse Gradient French by Tranquilite London

his video provides an excellent introduction to creating ombre nails and it follows a step-by-step approach that makes the effect easy to achieve. Sit back and grab your favorite beverage and binge watch their channel for some really fun nail art ideas.

6. Fast & Easy Illusion Smile Line by Young Nails Inc

This is one of the best nail art YouTube channels out there and they have some really great instructional for nail art. In this video they show you how to create these gorgeous nails using their gel paints.

This brand has also made our list of the best acrylic kits for beginners. Check our their shop to use their professional nail art supplies.

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7. Reverse Vertical Optical Illusion by Nail Business

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to do the reverse vertical ombre French manicure. The nail artist uses gel polish for this DIY so if you have two gel colors, you can totally follow along.

8. Optical Illusion Ombre Nails by Nail Career Education

We absolutely love the color combination that Suzie picked out for this nail art idea. She shows you step by step how to create these beautiful French nails using gel polish.

This channel has also been chosen for the best nail art YouTube channels to subscribe to. There's so many great tutorials and information about nails that you can learn about

9. Reverse Ombre Fall Nails Dorota Palicka Nails

Dorota takes the trending concept and makes it even more amazing in this DIY tutorial. If you're looking for next level reverse ombre nail art, this tutorial is the perfect starting point.

With easy-to-follow instructions, Dorota teaches you how to create an intricate nail design that looks like it was done by a professional. 

10. Optical Illusion Ombre French Tip Miss Jo's Nail Co

If you're itching to get creative with nail art, this tutorial is a perfect place to start. It's an easy nail art DIY that'll help you get a stunning illusion. From this tutorial, you can learn the basics of nail art while creating something beautiful at the same time.

You'll be guided through selecting colors, designs, and tools you need – it's an instant nail upgrade!

11. Vertical Ombre by Tabytha Scott Nails

This vertical ombre French nail tutorial provides a simple step-by-step breakdown of how to create a gorgeous painted nail design.

All you need are some gel nail polish colors of your choice and basic nail art supplies. With clear instructions and guidance, the tutorial will have your nails looking fabulous in no time.

Make sure to practice patience as it is key to nail art success. In no time at all, you'll be enhancing your nails with gorgeous nail artwork like a professional.


In Conclusion:

We've taken you through some fantastic DIY tutorials that we hope gave you some great nail art ideas and inspirations. By exploring the wonders of nail trends, you can unleash your creativity! We hope that our nail art tutorials will give your nails a modern, beautiful look - something you can be proud to show off!

💖 Did you find a new favorite channel from this list? We hope so!

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