21 Best ORANGE NAIL POLISH & Gel Polishes [2024]

best orange nail polishes and gel polish

Here are some of the best orange nail polishes, lacquers and gel polish sets out there for those looking for the perfect orange nail polish.

We've rounded up the best orange nail polishes and gel polishes, so you can find the perfect shade for your next manicure. From classic orange to bright coral, there's an orange nail polish for everyone.

best orange nail polish

And we've got some hard to find artisan polishes on this list that you will not find anywhere else! These are not your ordinary nail polishes friends, we have searched high and low to bring you the most stunning orange shades out there.

Keep checking back because this list will be updated so you can always come back when you need the most daring or subtle orange colors for your DIY manicures.

Let's go through these fabulous shops and find your new favorite orange shades. From glittery to matte, there's going to be a polish here that you will love to have in your nail polish stash!

Best Orange Nail Polishes & Gel Polishes

1. Shattered Pumpkin Orange

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Once in a while a color comes along that you just can't stop thinking about! Spectrum Cosmetics offers some of the most unique shades of orange colors for your nails.

This gorgeous orange shade is perfect for the Autumn season, and its holographic metallic finish shines in the most alluring way. This is part of their Sleepy Hollow collection and is the perfect polish to get you in the Fall spirit.

orange holo nail polish

2. Jack Orange

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Rusty orange nail polish is perfect for those warm cozy sweater nights, and Jack Orange is the perfect shade to take your nails to the next level.

The tiny metallic flecks add an extra bit of shimmer to your nails without being too glittery.

Whether you're wearing it for a special occasion or just because you feel like pampering yourself, this polish is sure to make you feel fabulous. It might be your new favorite fall nail polish.

best orange nail polish

3. Orange Gel Nail Polish Kit

Visit Lanfo Beauty

You're looking at a complete set of orange gel polishes with some accent colors so that you can play with different designs on each nail. This orange nail polish is perfect for creating stunning manicures for sure.

The orange colors go from dark to light, and it goes on smoothly and evenly. With this orange nail polish, you'll be able to create beautiful orange nails that are perfect for any occasion.

Gel nail polish requires a UV lamp for curing and we have a helpful article about the best lamps for curing gel polish to help you get started using gels.

orange gel nail polish set

4. Piece Nail Polish Gel Set

Visit Lanfo Beauty

Here's another smaller set from Lanfo Beauty. With these colors, you'll be able to create endless orange nail looks! From a lighter orange to pumpkin spice, these colors will have you covered for all your fall manicures.

Blue is always a great idea to pair with orange since it is a color that makes the orange pop, especially hot orange.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can use the accent colors to create some really fun and stand out designs. orange gel nail polish gift set

5. Pastel Neon Orange

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Atomic Nails light orange nail polish is a top seller on Etsy. There's something about a pastel orange nail polish that makes summertime a bit more special.

It's the perfect hue to compliment a sun-kissed glow, and it always looks impossibly flattering against any skin tone.

Plus, it's vegan and cruelty free so you can feel great about supporting this artisan shop.

best light orange nail polish

6. Modelones Vinyl Record Orange Palette

Modelones Amazon Shop

The solid gel palettes comes with shades or orange and complimentary colors. The gel formula ensures a long-lasting finish, so you can enjoy your flawless nails for up to two weeks.

best orange nail polish 

7. Neon Orange Nail Polish

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Not all orange polishes are created equal. Some formulas can be watery and difficult to apply, while others promise rich color but end up looking streaky and patchy.

If you're looking for an orange polish that delivers on both pigment and performance, look no further than this vegan and hand-made formula. 

This orange polish is buttery-soft and applies like a dream, plus it's packed with pigment for true opacity in just two coats. It dries down to a bright, glossy finish that will make your nails look professionally done.

neon orange nail polish

8. Spice Orange Polish

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Dramatic and bold, orange nail polish is the perfect way to make a statement. And with super thick gel polish, you can almost get the look of a builder gel.

The orange color is rich and vibrant, and the thick formula ensures that your nails will look their best. Whether you're headed to the beach or just want to add a pop of color to your look, orange gel nail polish is the way to go.

We've used Makartt polishes for years and as long as you prep the nail properly, they will give you a manicure that will last up to 4 weeks.

orange gel polish

9. Earthling Orange Gel Polish

Check Prices On Makartt

As any beauty enthusiast knows, a great manicure can make all the difference. The perfect shade of polish can elevate your look and help you to feel your best.

This hue is perfect for warm summer nights, and it looks especially striking against any shade of skin. Once your nails are painted, cure them under a lamp to set the color. With just a few simple steps, you'll have a manicure that looks like you just came from the salon.

Makartt’s formulas are made for at home salon use and beginner friendly so that you can create beautiful, self-expressive nail designs in the comfort of your own home.

orange gel polish makartt

10. Peach

Visit Le Mini Macaron

Looking for a unique orange nail polish with a peachy look? This shade is a warm pink-y orange with cheerful undertones.

It dries quickly, within about 30 seconds, and lasts up to two weeks with a top coat. Plus, it looks great on all skin tones. So if you're looking for an orange nail polish that's both beautiful and long-lasting, Peach is the perfect shade for you.

orange gel nail polish

11. Tropical Passion

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The color orange is often associated with feelings of happiness and warmth. It's no wonder, then, that orange nail polish has become a popular choice for people of all ages.

Not only does it add a touch of fun and flair to any outfit, but it also helps to boost your mood and self-confidence. If you're looking for an orange nail polish that will really make a statement, look no further than this bright orange polish.

The vivid shade is perfect for summer or days, and the formula is quick to dry so you can get on with your day.

orange gel nail polish

12. Tangerine Tease

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Light orange polish is always a fun and playful look for manicures. This medium shade is going to look great for any time of the year. The formula goes on smooth with full coverage with two coats

There's so many ways to use this polish too, you can add some glitter accents or waterslide nail decals to create a custom manicure that suits your personality.

tangerine orange nail polish

We have used Essie nail polish before and do like their easy to apply formulas.

13. Greatness

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Their polishes are multichrome, making them look fantastic on your nails. The orange shade is a popular choice for fall.

best orange nail polish

14. Please Don't Glow Girl

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You are going to find that two coats will do with this creamy orange nail polish by KB Shimmer on Etsy. This nail color is made with finely milled orange pigments that brushes on smooth and even.

Whether you're going for a sleek and sophisticated look or something a little more whimsical, this polish is perfect for you. Plus, it provides full coverage in two thin coats, so it's easy to achieve the perfect finish.

bright orange nail polish

15. Here For The Boss

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Here's an absolute breathtaking orange sparkle polish that shines in the most stunning way in the light. Here For The Boss is a holographic polish with tiny rainbow color shifting flakes. 

You are going to get an orange holographic finish that will catch the light beautifully and change from glittery orange tones with colorful accents.

shimmer orange nail polish

16. Soul Stone Jelly Orange

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This orange nail polish is like a beacon, drawing you in with its muted hue. If you have been looking for a new shade to add to your collection, this one might be your new fav.

What makes orange nail polish so special? Unlike mass-produced nail polishes, each bottle of orange nail polish is handmade with love and care. From start to finish, each batch is mixed by hand, ensuring that each bottle is truly unique.

orange nail polish

17. Tangerine Jelly

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Tangerine Jelly is a best seller in this shop. And because orange nail polish is made with 10-free ingredients, it's gentle on your nails. So next time you're looking for something special, try this shop on Etsy - you won't be disappointed!

orange nail polish

18. Baby Orange

Visit Venalisa Amazon Shop

Next up is an orange nail polish with the lightest hint of yellow. This color reminds one of eternal youth, and of fresh starts. And there's no better orange nail polish that looks like a creamsicle than Baby Orange gel polish.

With its creamy consistency and perfect orange hue, it's the perfect way to add a touch of summer to your nails. Plus, it's easy to apply and lasts for weeks without chipping.

baby orange gel polish

19. Sunshine Kiss Gel Set

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Nail art is a fun and fabulous way to express yourself, and there are plenty of gifts for nail artists out there. However, one of the best gifts you can give is a gel polish gift set.

These sets come with 12 colors of polish with light orange to dark orange. It's a great way to try out different colors and combinations and see their creativity come to life.

Gel polish gift sets make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasion. So if you know someone who loves to do their nails, consider giving them a gel polish gift set. They'll be sure to appreciate it!

orange gel polish set

20. Camden Chic Dark Orange

Londontown Amazon Shop

This high end orange nail polish is everything you could ask for and more. With a high gloss shine, it's perfect for those who love a glossy finish.

Plus, this polish is vegan, breathable, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about wearing it. To see more nail polishes like this, check out who made the list of the best vegan and cruelty free nail polish brands.


camdon chic orange nail polish

21. Piccadilly Square Orange

Londontown Amazon Shop

Orange is not only a color but also an emotion. It's the color of optimism and goes perfectly with any outfit, no matter what the season. And this shade has a darker look with red undertones.

For those looking for a pop of color to your look with a glossy finish, this one is a great choice. And of course since Londontown is vegan, breathable, gluten-free, and cruelty-free you can wear this color proudly.

To get the best results for this polish, apply 1-2 light coats for full coverage.

orange nail polish londontown

Tips to applying orange nail polish perfectly:

1. Prep your nails: Before you start painting your nails, make sure to prep them properly. This includes cleaning your nails and removing any old polish.

2. Apply a base coat: A base coat is important for a perfect finish. It will help your orange nail polish last longer and prevent it from chipping.

3. Paint your nails: When painting your nails, be sure to use smooth, even strokes. Start in the middle of your nail and work your way out towards the edges. Make sure the polish does not pool into the cuticle.

4. Let your nails dry: Once you've applied your orange nail polish, let your nails dry for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step. If you do not like waiting for your nail polish to dry, maybe it's time to try a gel polish kit.

5. Apply a quality top coat: A top coat will give your nails a glossy finish and help them last longer. Here's the fun part, you can choose between a matte top coat for a more high end finish or go all out for a fun glossy look.

What Does Orange Nail Polish Say About You?

Wearing orange nail polish can convey a variety of personality traits and characteristics. This vibrant and bold color often signifies a sense of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity.

what does orange nail polish mean

People who choose orange for their nail polish may be seen as outgoing and adventurous, as it's a color that demands attention and stands out in a crowd. It can also suggest a person who is willing to embrace change and take risks, as orange is associated with novelty and innovation.

Furthermore, orange nail polish can indicate a sunny disposition and a zest for life. It's a color that exudes warmth and positivity, suggesting that the wearer is approachable and friendly.

Those who opt for orange may have a playful and optimistic outlook on life, and they're likely to bring a sense of joy and cheerfulness to their interactions with others.

orange nail polish list

Overall, orange nail polish can speak volumes about a person's vivacity, confidence, and their inclination to radiate positivity wherever they go.

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