how to package press on nails

Here are some press on nail packaging ideas for your press on nail business. Are you a nail enthusiast looking to start selling your nail art creations? You are probably wondering how to package press on nails.

A press on nail business is an excellent way to showcase your talent, but finding the right packaging ideas for press on nails can be challenging.

how to package press on nails

Luckily, there are several custom packaging options available to you. Consider experimenting with foam inserts or bubble wraps to protect and securely ship each nail set.

Additionally, adding a fun insert card in each package and a coupon for future orders will help create an exciting unboxing experience for customers and add to the overall appeal of your nail art products.

As you search for that perfect packaging design, make sure it reflects the essence of your brand and beautifully captures the artistry that goes into each press on nail set!

ūüĒé We will discuss:

  • Popular¬†packaging nail artists are using this year
  • The best outer packaging for your press on nails
  • How to secure press on nails in a box or on cardstock
  • Options for custom¬†luxury¬†packaging
  • Thermal printers for shipping labels

Let's go through this list together to help you with your press on nail packaging ideas.

Best Packaging Ideas For Press On Nails

1. Empty Eyelash Boxes

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Eyelash boxes make a great packaging idea for press on nails that are a smaller size. When shopping for boxes like these, sometimes they will come with accessories for actual eyelashes so make sure when you are purchasing that you are getting only the boxes.

Another thing to consider when using eyelash boxes is that they will not hold extra long press on nails. But for smaller sets, this might be a good option. Check the size of the boxes and measure the press on nails that you offer so you know that they will fit ok. 

You can also make a sample box using paper. Get the measurements from the listing and replicate the box to make extra sure your nails will fit before ordering.

press on nail boxes for packaging

2. Long Jewelry Boxes

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Long jewelry boxes like these will hold one set of nails. Jewelry boxes will sometimes come with the fuzzy inserts so you can try to find ones without the extras or use the inserts for extra padding when packaging your nails.

Line the box to make it extra special, use an insert the same size with your logo printed on it or you can also use pretty scrapbooking papers and cut them to size.

Always check the size before ordering to make sure your nails will fit. You can also try to contact the seller to see if there are any samples they can send you.

long boxes for press on nails

3. Clear Top Boxes

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The boxes that fit greeting cards might be a good option when selling press on nails. And you can customize them with your logo stickers or use scrapbooking paper to line them with designs and colors that go with your brand.

They can easily be decorated with ribbon which can add more charm to your packaging. Boxes like these are dust and water resistant so your customers will have a place to keep their nails to reuse later.

press on nail packaging ideas greeting card boxes

4. Postcards Packaging For Nails

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A budget friendly option is to use cardstock paper for your postcards. You can print on cardstock with a regular inkjet printer or use stickers of your logo to customize it.

Then what lots of press on nail artists do is apply double sided tape to the card and press their nails onto the tape to hold them sturdy. You will find that is a way that press on nail artists on Etsy package their orders.

Print them yourself and cut them to size. By cutting them yourself you will save money, especially if you offer many different sizes of press on nails.

When ordering cardstock, find the heaviest gsm you can, like 275 or above so that they are not flimsy.

postcards for packaging press on nails

5. Order pre-printed postcards

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If you would rather save time and not print out postcard holders yourself, there's many shop owners on Etsy that off custom printing.

The shop owners will help you customize and add your logo so that it reflects your business aesthetics. You can also pick what size of postcard is best for your press on nail business.

Before ordering, contact the Etsy seller with any questions so that you are confident that you are getting what you expect.

custom postcards on etsy

6. Use backing board for packaging

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Another way to use the postcard method is to order backing board. This is the same kind of board that artists use to package their art prints so it is very sturdy.

This type of board comes in many sizes so it's easy to order a larger size so that you can cut smaller postcard sizes if needed. Then you can add your logo or stickers to customize it.

These are great to have on hand to secure the final packaging of your nails as you can cut them to size for extra protection when shipping.

This type of board can also be purchased at craft stores and art stores.

backing board for packaging press on nails

7. Double Sided Tape

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When using the postcard method above double sided tape is needed to hold the nails down. This kind of tape comes in different sizes so if you are packaging extra long nails, there's lots to choose from as far as size and thickness goes.

double sided tape for press on nails

8. Clear Cello Bags

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When using the postcard method to package press on nails, cello bags will help keep the nails protected and secure so that they are not moving around.

Cello bags for nails are also budget friendly and can be purchased in value packs.

cello bags for packaging press on nails

Note: Some cello bags come with a peel off backing so that the bag can be closed and secure. Be aware that if you close the bag with the sticky part on the back side of the postcard, your customer can run into problems when they try to slide the nails out of the bag.

The press on nails can catch on the sticky tape and that is not a good idea.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure the sticky side is on the front or purchase open cello bags without the sticky self seal and use a sticker with your logo or some washi tape to close up the end.

If you are wondering about the blue French nail in the above photo, here's how it was created on our YouTube channel. And like always, use any idea from our nail art videos for your press on nail business or inspiration for your manicures. Subscribe


9. Holographic Ziplock Bags

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Holographic bags make an eye-catching packaging idea for press on nail art. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but customizable as well.

By choosing the right size and design to fit your nail art needs, you can create a unique custom packaging look that is distinctly yours.

Furthermore, holographic bags are known for having superior protection of their contents - ensuring that nail art is kept safe when transported.

All in all, these great protection and design benefits make holographic bags an optimal solution when it comes to stylish and secure packaging ideas for press on nails.

holographic ziplock bags for press on nails

10. Luxury Bags For Outer Packaging

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Now that you have your nails secure in boxes or on postcards, here are some ideas for outer packaging for your press on nails.

We know that some of you who are reading this sell luxury press on nails or several sets at a time for photo shoots or high end clients. For those times, the packaging is very important. Especially if you sell press on nails that are over $100.

These are just suggestions, if you are selling premium press on nails you might want to splurge on these but if you are selling budget press on nails, it might not be cost effective to use luxury packaging. So it just depends on what you are selling your nails for and who your clientele is.

Remember to get a larger size than the original packaging so that everything fits inside from the nails to the prep kits and any samples you are including.

  • Muslin bags
  • Organza bags
  • Velvet bags
  • Cotton drawstring bags

bags for press on nails

12. Wax & Seal

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For those in the nail art and nail products industry, eye-catching packaging is a must for customers. That's why custom wax seals with your logo make for great packaging ideas. It makes everything look elegant and reflects well on your brand.

press on nail packaging ideas wax seal

13. Scrapbooking Paper

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Here are some ways you can use scrapbooking paper for your press on nail business:

packaging ideas for press on nail business

14. Tissue For Outer Packaging

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Using tissue paper for the final wrapping of orders adds a touch of luxury to any purchase. It helps create something that feels special to the recipient, especially when they have requested nail art with custom designs.

Tissue paper can also double as photography backdrop ideas when taking photos of the nail sets.

tissue paper for packaging press on nails

15. Ribbon Or Twine

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Ribbon for gift wrapping presents itself as a budget friendly and creative way to wrap and package nails and supplies.

Ribbons can be purchased in large bundles for low costs and come in a variety of sizes, textures, colors and prints, offering endless opportunities to express creativity when it comes to wrapping your nails.

ribbon for press on nail packaging

16. Bubble Mailers

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Bubble mailers are an excellent option for shipping nail art. This type of packaging provides strong yet lightweight protection, which helps nail art and press-on nails remain safe during transit.

In addition to keeping these items secure, custom bubble mailers can take your packaging ideas to the next level and make a great impression on customers.

Creative designs on the mailer can help your business stand out by making your packages unique and memorable when they arrive to your customer.

bubble mailers for press on nail shipping

17. Eco Mailers

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Another option instead of the plastic mailers is to go with a biodegradable option like these pretty floral mailers.

biodegradable mailers

18. Stay Flat Mailers

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For nail art professionals, sturdy packaging matters. And when it comes to mailing something you have worked so hard at making, ordinary shipping materials just won’t make the cut.

Fortunately, rigid cardboard mailers are an excellent way to make sure your product is secure while shipping press on nails or other nail supplies.

The heavy cardstock board these mailers are manufactured from provides protection, and also a very attractive presentation as you can get them in craft or white.

stay flat mailers for press on nails

19. Thermal Printers

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You did it! You have sales coming in and now you will need a thermal printer for your labels. The Rollo Label Printer makes it easy and convenient to create shipping labels from your shop or Etsy store.

With its advanced label optimization technology, you can ensure that your labels are printed at the highest possible quality ‚Äď perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs.¬†

best label printer for press on nail business

In Conclusion:

With people starting their own press on nail businesses being extremely popular, finding innovative packaging ideas is essential for nail businesses. After reading through this list of nail packaging options, we hope that you found it helpful in gathering some inspiration.

Whether you choose to take on a DIY nail project with press-on nails and custom packaging, or you opt to make use of some professional pre-packaged solutions, the possibilities are truly endless.

ūüíĖ Thanks for reading this article. We hope you found some¬†really¬†awesome ideas for your¬†press on nail business. Good luck!

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