Saviland NAIL ART BRUSHES Review: Do They Work? [2024]

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This is a review and unboxing on the Saviland nail art brushes. This is a set of 6 fine liner brushes for nail art DIY and manicures.

Saviland is a brand known for its nail art products, particularly nail polish and other nail care items. They offer a variety of products designed for both professional nail technicians and individuals interested in DIY nail art.

Saviland is recognized for its extensive range of nail polish colors and finishes, including gel polish, which is popular for its long-lasting and durable nature.

Gel polishes typically require curing under a UV or LED lamp to achieve a hardened finish.

The brand may also offer other nail care products such as base coats, top coats, nail tools, and accessories.

Saviland is a nail art supply company that offers everything from nail art brushes, gel polish sets, nail dipping powders builder gels, acrylic powder sets and all kinds of nail art supplies to do your own nails.

saviland nail art brushes

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We ordered the set of 6 brushes with the art liner tips which are great for line work, dotting and for filling in small spaces in nail art designs.

Another way to use fine liner brushes is to add loose glitter to nails when you need to apply a tiny little speck here and there.

Saviland Nail Art Brushes Review

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This review is to show you exactly what we got when this set of brushes arrived in the mail. This is the outer packaging which is nice and modern. The colors are very bright and happy looking.

saviland nail art brushes

Unboxing Saviland Nail Art Brushes

Each of the Saviland nail art brushes come in their own protective plastic sleeve. So if you are a nail tech or someone who likes to take your nail art supplies on the go, they will stay protected for travel.

What we noticed right away was the aesthetics of the brushes. They are so pretty and feminine with glittery accents that are in the handle.

So these would be great to not only use for nail art, you can also use them for photo props for social media posts.

They come in 6 different colors with a different length of tip on each brush ranging from short .7cm to long 2.3cm. The shortest is the green color and the longest is the orange color.

Because these nail art brushes are used often for gel polish, the lid is opaque so you can't see what size of brush is in each container. This is to protect the brush from UV light, it keeps them soft.

saviland nail art brushes

Since you can't see the length of the brush once it is back in the sleeve, you might want to use a marker or something to note the length on each color so that you know at a glance what one you need.

These are the colors from the shortest to the longest:

  • Green .7cm
  • Gold 1cm
  • Blue 1.2cm
  • Pink 1.4cm
  • Red 1.6cm
  • Orange 2.3cm

What we did notice is that they definitely need to be cleaned and put away properly. Make sure you don't leave any gel polish on the brush or when you come back to use it again, it could possibly be stiff.

Also, these fine tipped nail art brushes are made from nylon which might be too delicate for constant dipping into acetone. So these are best used with gel polish, not regular polish. But for the price, you might not be worried about that.

size of saviland nail art brushes

The best way to keep these nail art brushes clean is to gently wipe the polish off going from the handle up to to tip of the brush with a lint free nail wipe.

Then condition the brush with a gel base coat before putting the lid back on right away to store the brushes.

What we like about these nail art brushes:

  • Budget friendly
  • Many sizes for different line work
  • Pretty glittery handles
  • Great for detail work like florals and filling in colors
  • Made from nylon
  • Protective sleeves for travel
  • Opaque snap on covers so can be used with gel polish
  • Good for moving glitter around on the nail

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Here's the video from our partner SugarField DIY showing you exactly what these brushes look like.


When purchasing nail art brushes, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure that you get brushes that meet your specific needs and preferences. Here are five things to look for when buying nail art brushes:

Brush Material


Bristles: Look for brushes with high-quality bristles that are durable and maintain their shape well. Synthetic bristles are often preferred for nail art brushes as they are typically softer and more flexible than natural bristles.

Handle Material: Choose brushes with sturdy handles that provide a comfortable grip. Handles made from materials like acrylic or wood are common. The handle's length and thickness can also affect your control and precision.

Brush Size and Shape



Variety: A good set of nail art brushes should offer a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different nail art techniques. Look for sets that include fine detail brushes, striping brushes, and flat brushes for broader strokes.

Versatility: Consider brushes that can be used for various nail art designs, from intricate details to broader strokes. A versatile set allows you to experiment with different styles and techniques.

Ease of Cleaning


Cleanability: Nail art brushes need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use to maintain their performance.

Brushes that are easy to clean and resistant to staining will save you time and effort. Brushes with synthetic bristles often clean more easily than those with natural bristles.

Drying Time: Brushes that dry quickly are convenient for those who frequently switch between colors or techniques. This ensures that your brushes are ready for use when you need them.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Research: Before making a purchase, research different brands and read reviews from other users.

Look for brands with a positive reputation for producing high-quality nail art brushes. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the performance and durability of specific brush sets.

Recommendations: If you have friends or colleagues who are into nail art, ask for recommendations based on their experiences.

Personal recommendations can be a helpful guide in choosing the right brushes.

Price and Value


Budget: Set a reasonable budget for your nail art brushes. While quality is essential, there are many affordable options that offer good performance. Consider whether you're looking for a complete set or individual brushes and compare prices across different brands.

Value for Money: Assess the overall value of the brush set. Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront for a higher-quality set can be a better investment in the long run.

By paying attention to these factors, you can choose nail art brushes that suit your skill level, preferences, and the specific techniques you plan to use.

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