5 Best Silicone Practice Hands For Nails [2021]

Here are the best silicone practice hands for nail art. These practice hands are exactly what you need for nail art that uses acrylic powders, gels and polishes. If you are trying out a new design idea to create custom nails or learning how to apply acrylic powder, these are excellent for perfecting your designs.

The good news is that the quality of silicone practice hands just keeps getting better and better. Silicone practice hands come in many skin tones too. So you can pick the best skin tones that works with the nail art design that you are going for. 

Silicone practice hands have never looked so real! You can choose silicone practice hands with just fingers or go for a fully casted hand for the ultimate photo ops.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN SILICONE PRACTICE HANDS. Here are some things to consider when shopping for silicone practice hands or fingers. 

  • Look for quality hands or fingers that look real. The good ones have been casted from an actual hand so they are as real looking as you can get.
  • Practice hands or fingers will either come in sets of multiple skin tones or singles.
  • Look for hands that can be used for nail polish and also forms. You will want the cuticle to have enough room so that the form or fake nail sits in the cuticle area realistically.
  • The best practice hands can be soaked in acetone. Be sure you are choosing silicone and not plastic. The silicone practice hand will be more expensive than plastics.
  • Choose practice hands that have the ability to bend the fingers in a natural way for your videos and photo shoots.


1. Silicone Practice Hand by Nail Nobility

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You can practice your nail art easily with this high quality silicone hand. This hand checks off all of the boxes above and it can be reused over and over without damage as long as you are careful not to dig into the silicone with your nail drills or files.

You can move and adjust your silicone hand into any natural position and keep it there. This makes it easier and more natural during your nail art practice and for your nail photo shoots.

best silicone practice hands for nails

2. Practice Hand With Stand & Tips by HSJL

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A kit that comes with the hand, a stand and also some nail tips to practice with. This company makes their hands with quality silicone and the hand stand allows you to rotate and bend the hand. That's going to be super helpful for nail art DIY's tutorials and filming for you IG and YouTube channels.

The practice hand has a 10mm nail fix slot, the false nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly.

best silicone practice hands

3. Practice Hands In Many Skin Tones by KnowUStore

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When you need different skin tones to practice on, this listing has many different tones from super light to very dark. The fingers will bend naturally so if you need to position them for their beauty pictures you will be able to do that easily.

You can directly insert your nails into the nail bed, and then design patterns on the nails. But if you want your nails not to slip off, you can use acrylic glue to stick your nails on the nail bed.

best silicone practice hands for nails

4. Silicone Practice Fingers by Nunayls

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Silicone practice fingers are great when you just need a quick DIY idea for swatching nail colors for your Instagram. When you are using these practice fingers for nail tips, they will fit a size 4 so do keep that in mind. 

The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional nail technician to use our products. We cater to the everyday individuals that just happen to love nails as much as we do.

best silicone practice hands for nails

5. Silicone Practice Hands On Etsy

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There's many sellers and nail shops on Etsy that sell practice hands. Look for platinum silicone because they are made to last for a very long time. Choose from many different skin tones from dark to light. These hands are very realistic and they have bendable fingers that you can position for your photos. 

best silicone practice hands on etsy  

PRO TIP FOR SILICONE PRACTICE HANDS: When using gel or acrylic on your practice hands or fingers, avoid prepping the nail. Do not apply a primer and regular base coat. This way, the acrylic or gel will be easier to remove when you are ready for your next design.

Before using any kind of practice hand make sure you apply a peel off base coat so that the design pops right off more easily. There's many peel off base coats here on Amazon.

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best silicone practice hands for acrylic nails


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