23 BEST Silver Nail Polishes & Gel Polishes [2023]

best silver nail polish

Here is a list of nail polish brands that offer some of the best silver nail polishes and gels for when you need a shimmering finish or matte nails. Silver nails are perfect for any time of the year. And they make your hands look sparkly and fabulous.

When it comes to a silver manicure there's many nail polish brands to choose from that formulate their polishes with holographic glitters and micas.

Depending on their formulas, some brands have a gorgeous mirror shine coverage with just one coat. Other brands that make silver nail polishes might take a couple coats to get a perfect silvery shine, especially when the glitter is mixed in with a clear base.

But not to worry because we have tips and tricks on how to get your silver manicure perfect every single time. No matter if you are using a sparkly silver nail polish or a chrome polish with a metallic finish, we have some very helpful ways to help get your polish on smoothly.

silver nail polish brands

Today we will discuss:

The top silver nail polishes from Etsy & Amazon stores

Glitter silver nail polish brands from top sellers and artisans

Full coverage metallic polish for when you need a little extra

Chrome silver polish with a matte finish

What is the best silver nail polish?

The best silver nail polish will have a formula that has lots of glitter or mica incorporated without being too thick. Because silver polish needs a large pigment load to get a high saturated sparkle, you will find that silver polish is thicker than other colors.

A silver nail polish that has the best coverage will be made with high quality, holographic glitters & pigments. To keep silver polish from getting goopy, keep nail polish thinner handy to keep your polish smooth.

    Let's go through this list together to help you find your perfect nail polish.

    Best Silver Nail Polishes For 2022

      1. TRAGIC DISCO by NeVerMind Polish

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      Here's an absolute breathtaking silvery polish that shines in the most stunning way. Tragic Disco is a silver holographic polish with rainbow color shifting flakes. A breathtaking holo with a hint of shifting colored flakes.

      You are going to get a silver holographic finish that will catch the light beautifully and change from glittery silvery tones to more of a lighter sheen. This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free

      "What’s my favorite thing about running NeVerMind? Seeing all the amazing manicures and nail art from my customers. It’s the community that makes all this worth it."

      best silver nail polish

      2. MOONSTONE by NeVerMind Polish

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      5 stars go out for this light silver holo polish that looks like diamonds on your nails. All of their artisan polishes are made by hand in small batches.

      This silver polish would make a great base for adding waterslide nail decals to take your mani up a notch.

      These polishes are glitter bombs, they are packed with glitter to allow for full coverage in 2-3 coats.

      best silver nail polish

      3. MOLTEN MAGIC by Revlon

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      This brand has been featured in many of our articles because of their quality polishes and large selection. Molten Magic is a silvery polish that has a high pigment load of fine holographic glitters. You can layer this color over any color nail polish. 

      Layer over any color nail polish to add a holographic flair to your manicure.

      best silver chrome nail polish

      4. SILVER ON ICE by OPI

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      If you have been looking for OPI silver nail polish, Silver On Ice, then your search is over! This OPI silver nail polish is a fun and fashionable way to show off a new look that has a bit of pop to it. It's no secret that colors play a powerful role in fashion decisions.

      Packed with pigment, this is a long-lasting silver nail polish. Silver On Ice is a great OPI silver nail polish color for your collection.

      silver on ice nail polish


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      OPI Steel Waters Run Deep is just what you've been searching for, this silver nail polish will give your nails the nice silvery look that you desire. 

      This silver polish is easy to apply and ensures long-lasting wear, making this polish a great option.

      best silver nail polish


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      A holographic silvery glitter top coat with tiny fragments of holo glitter that's going to catch the light in the most stunning way.

      This is a gel polish, so you will need a cure lamp and a top coat. We have a helpful list of the best cure lamps to use with gel polish. 

      Add a little holo to your nail polish with this scattered silver holographic glitter top coat.

      best silver nail polish

      7. DIAMOND DUST by Exotic Lacquers

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      A favorite silvery holographic polish among their customers who need a high sparkle shine to complete their look. Exotic Lacquers creates colors that are all hand blended in small batches. This shop is definitely one of the top selling nail art supply shops on Etsy.

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      DIAMOND DUST is a MEGA holographic glitter polish loaded with multiple size holographic glitters.

      best silver nail polish

      8. PLATINUM by Exotic Lacquers

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      For those days when you want an extreme mega linear polish with extra bling. Platinum is a shimmery silver holo nail polish. You'll see some serious effects when you step into the light or sun.

      You are not going to be able to look away because it shines on and on. 

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      best silver nail polish

      9. STARDUST by Glitterfied Nails

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      A gorgeous handmade glitter nail polish that is made with multiple sizes of holographic silvery glitter. This polish has the glitter suspended in a clear base so it's perfect for putting on top of other colors to achieve a multi-colored look with a silver sparkle coating. 

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      "I pack a ton of glitter in my polishes, if you find it too thick you can add a couple drops of nail polish thinner (not nail polish remover)."

      best silver nail polish

      10. SOLID SILVER NAIL WRAPS by So Gloss

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      A vinyl wrap that will give you a high quality nail polish manicure but without the fuss of a polish. This shop mentions that if you add a top coat to these silver nail wraps that they can last up to two weeks. 

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      So Gloss nail wraps are heat activated with your hair dryer and applied directly on to your nail, you get instant results. Just heat, stick & file.

      best silver nail polish

      11. ECHO by ILNP

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      Let's head on over to ILNP's Etsy shop for a high shine silver nail polish that has an ultra metallic shine. Tiny micro flakes are in this polish, and that's what is going to catch the light in the most stunning way.

      ILNP states that they are cruelty free.

      Bring your brightest dreams to reality as ultra-thin holographic micro-flakes and intense sparkling silver pigment effortlessly take this polished platinum to another level!

      best silver nail polish

      12. TINSEL by ILNP

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      A very silvery topper polish that can be used for a perfectly silver manicure in two coats. Suspended in a clear glossy base, you can use this to help bling out any base color or apply two to three thin coats for a beautiful reflective manicure. 

      Sitting in a clear glossy base, Tinsel is glistening with reflective silver flakes varying in size.

      best silver nail polish

      13. GLITTER BOMB by Karma

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      A chunky silver glitter polish with sparkle and shine. Like with all glitter polishes with a clear base, the trick is to apply it in several thin layers with a sponge to get a full coverage. PETA confirms that Karma is cruelty free

      "Our vitamin enriched formula is long lasting and chip-resistant. Our nail strengthening polish contains calcium and coffee extract to nourish nails and prevent peeling."

      best silver nail polish

      14. TRIXIE by Zoya

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      Let's head on over to the Zoya shop for another silver polish. Zoya is a premium beauty brand that cares about where their ingredients are sourced from. You will get good coverage in two thin coats. Zoya is well known for their quick drying formulas and high end finishes.


      best silver nail polish

      15. SERAPHINA by Zoya

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      A set of four polishes that includes some beautiful shades. Use the black polish or white polish and then go over with two coats of the silver polish for a beautiful sparkle look. So many ways to get different manicure looks with this set.

      Cruelty Free Kitty confirms that Zoya is cruelty free.

      Zoya's fan favorite color is Vegan friendly and the longest wearing natural nail polish that is Big 10 Free.

      best silver nail polish zoya

      16. SILVER GLITTER GEL SET by Modelones

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      This silver gel polish is created to give you a manicure that will last up to two weeks and longer. The trick to a perfect manicure is to apply a thin coat. A curing lamp is required for this set.

      Be sure that the brush doesn't have too much gel on it before starting to apply.

      Modelones also carries some really amazing cat eye gel polish sets too.

      This clear glitter gel nail polish can be arbitrarily matched with other colors of gel polish. You can apply it on different color layers and design your own nails to show your style.

      best silver nail polish

      17. AMAZEBALLZ by Lacquistry

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      Prepare for a super reflective silver polish. This lacquer will give you a smooth finish in two thin coats. If you love a stand out metal look that looks like a silver nail varnish, then you might fall in love with this formula! Customers are raving about their excellent customer service and quality. 

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      This polish is unlike anything I have ever seen before, this is coming from a serious Lacquerhead. This is not a glitter. It is more like super fine particles of super reflective metal.

       best silver nail polish

      18. CROSSING THE MOON by Crystal Knockout

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      Crystal Knockout on Etsy has many silver polishes to choose from and their Crossing The Moon is one of their most popular from their Wild Hunt Collection. This is a color changing white to black with a shimmer base.

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      Tip: If you want a matte nail polish look then all you need to do is go over it with a matte topcoat.

      White flakies and silver shimmer swim throughout the base. Swatches show two coats.

      best silver nail polish

      19. SUBCULTURE by Cirque Colors

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      A stunning reflective metallic nail polish with a high gloss shine finish. This silver polish will give you shiny coverage and will last about 5-6 days with a topcoat. 

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      Subculture is an ultra reflective platinum metallic nail polish. This polish is made with special metallic pigments that gives it a shiny, mirror-like finish. Opaque in 2 coats.

      best silver nail polish

      20. CRUSHED ICE by Cirque Colors

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      One of the best selling silver polishes is Cirque Colors silvery holo. This polish is formulated with silver hologram elements and will give you a stunning silvery glitter coverage after two coats. 

      This Etsy shop states that they are cruelty free.

      Crushed Ice is a strong linear holographic nail polish made with 100% pure holographic pigments.

      best silver nail polish

      Check out the Cirque Colors review that we did for some of their nail polish colors with swatching video to see exactly what their formulas look like. Subscribe


      21. MIRROR SILVER by Kyda

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      Sometimes it is super difficult to get a perfect mirror finish with a silver nail polish. The best way is to start with a quality nail polish and then be careful not to get any lumps or bits of dried polish into the bottle.

      This mirror silver polish is at a great price point. You are going to find this polish very subtle. Add a matte topcoat or a high shine topcoat for two completely different looks. This polish also made our list of the best chrome nail polishes.

      best silver mirror nail polish

      22. SILVER STAMPING POLISH by What's Up Nails

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      What you are seeing here is an ultra silver metallic glitter nail polish that can be used for stamping. It also goes on in just two thin coats. This silver polish makes a fabulous topper or can be used on its own for a silvery shine.

      Whenever you need a light silver polish, this shop might have exactly the perfect shade for you.

      Customers are raving that this silver nail polish goes on beautifully and is great for stamping with nail art stamps.

      best silver nail polishes

      23. SUMMER PARADISE by Beetles Gel

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      A traditional gel manicure with silver polish is something that you might want to try. Remember with gel polishes you do need a cure lamp.

      This is the Summer Paradise by Beetles gel. We have used their formulas and really enjoy the glitter polishes that come in their sets, especially the silvers for a glossy finish. For a closer look at this collection head on over the the Beetles gel polish review article and read how to make a gel polish manicure last longer.

      The silver polish that comes with this collection is super sparkly and you can use it as a base or for a topper.

      Watch the swatching video that includes the silver glitter gel polish.

      One of the most important things when it comes to silver nail polish is the application. Here are some helpful tips to help you with your manicure.

      How To Apply Silver Nail Polish

      • Mix the polish thoroughly. Before polishing your nails, the silver nail polish will need to be mixed thoroughly. Gently mix the bottle of silver nail polish before every use by rubbing it between your hands for about 2 minutes.
      • Lightly buff your natural nail before application. This will help get perfect application and help the silver polish stick.
      • Paint on two light layers allowing the polish to dry between layers. Very light layers are best when working with silver. Try not to get too much polish onto your brush.
      • Apply the silver nail polish color slow and steady. Avoid going over the same area over and over because this will cause streaks.
      • Remove extra polish or accidents with acetone. If you get any silver glitter onto the outside of your nail or into your cuticles you can remove it with some acetone and small nail brush.

      Here's a short nail art video on our YouTube channel showing how you can easily make a silver nail with nail art supplies.

      Nail Art Tutorial With Silver Glitter Polish


      Did you find a new silver nail polish from this list? We hope so!

      Thanks for reading and being here with us today.

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