Nail Art TUTORIAL: DIY Unicorn Nails Step By Step [2022]

how to do unicorn nails

Here is the best and easy to follow DIY Unicorn Nails tutorial with step by step instructions.

Do you love unicorns? We sure do! They are so magical and whimsical, and they always make unicorn nails so enchanting. And what's not to love about their rainbow manes and sparkly hooves? So why not bring some unicorn magic into your nails with this easy DIY tutorial with some nail art stickers and gel polish?

You only need a few supplies, and before you know it you'll have the most envy-inspiring nails around! Read on to learn how to create these fabulous unicorn nails for yourself. Everyone will be asking where you got them done.

These unicorn nails are made with some supplies we got in from Etsy and the links are at the bottom of this tutorial as well as the unicorn nails video tutorial. We are doing this tutorial on nail tips and you can use those or you can also do this unicorn design on your natural nail too.


Step 1: Using your file, gently buff the nail tips to get rid of the shine. This is an important step or the gel base coat will chip off easily. If you do not have a nail drill, you can use a nail file with about 180 grit. Tips can be a bit thin on the edges so just be sure you are doing this step carefully so that you do not damage the tip of the nail.

*If you are doing this unicorn nail art design on your natural nail, use a nail file (not an e drill) to gently buff off the shine.

unicorn nails tutorial

unicorn nails tutorial

Step 2: Wipe off all of the nail dust with a brush and then go over the nail tips with an alcohol wipe. Make sure that there is no dust or debris on the nails so that the application of the base coat will be smooth.

Step 3: Apply a base coat to all of the nail and cure under a gel lamp. Cure times will be based on the base that you are using. Follow the cure instructions suggested by your gel polish brand.

unicorn nail tutorial

Step 4: Apply two coats of pink gel polish to all of the nails except the middle finger. Cure in between coats. Use a small liner brush to get the cuticle area perfect so that it looks professional.

unicorn nails tutorial

diy unicorn nails

Step 5: Apply one coat of pink sparkle polish to the thumb and little finger. Cure.

unicorn nails tutorial

Step 6: Apply two coats of opaque white gel polish to the middle finger. Cure in between coats. Use a small liner brush to get the cuticle area lines perfect.

unicorn nails

Step 7: Add nail glue to the thumb and apply pink rhinestones in a line. Start by adding a large rhinestone to the middle and then go outward, adding smaller rhinestones onto the edges.

unicorn nails diy

Step 8: Add nail glue to the little finger and apply pink sequins here and there. Add about 5 - 7 sequins and keep in mind that odd numbers of things look better grouped together for this type of nail art.

unicorn nails diy

Step 9: Add cloud stickers to the index finger. You can use waterslide stickers for this step also or whatever sticker you have on hand that will go with the pink color. Make sure that the edges of the sticker are not sticking up. You can go over them with a silicone tool.

unicorn nail art ideas

Step 10: Apply a large unicorn sticker onto the middle finger. If you find that the sticker is too large, you can gently cut off the edges with nail scissors. Make sure that the edges of the sticker is not sticking up anywhere. You can go over it with a silicone tool to make sure it's laying nice and flat.

Step 11: Apply a pink rhinestone onto the unicorn somewhere to give it extra bling.

how to do unicorn nails

Step 12: Apply nail glue to the ring finger and set pink seashells to fully cover the nail. The set we are using can be broken up really easily.

unicorn nail art ideas

Step 13: Go over all of the nails with a final top coat or builder gel. Pay attention to getting the gel over the gems and sequins so that they don't fall off. Make sure you cure for at least 1 minute, or follow the brand's top coat instructions.

unicorn nails

unicorn nails


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Here's the instruction video of how we created this unicorn nail art manicure. This video shows you how to prep the nail and how to apply the unicorn nail art stickers. Subscribe to our channel for more nail art ideas.

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how to do unicorn nails step by step