best watercolor paints for nail art

Here are the best watercolor paints for nail art. Are you looking for some fantastic watercolor paint ideas for nail art? You have come to the right place. Here are some of the best watercolor paints that are a must have tool for any nail artist that likes to try new designs.

Etsy and Amazon have a great selection of handmade watercolor paints for nails, and we've compiled a list of the ones that we think you will like to try that are the best for nail art.

Watercolor paints are an excellent way to add personality and uniqueness to your nail art designs and press on nails.

best watercolor paints for nail art

If you're looking for a gift that will wow your favorite nail artist, look no further than some of the most gorgeous handmade watercolor paints and watercolor paints for nails that we found.

You can use these paints on all kinds of nail tips, gel nail ideas and gelly tips. If you are not certain about some of the ingredients in watercolor paints, avoid using them directly on your natural nails.

🔎 First let's talk about some tips and safety before using watercolor paint for nails:

  • Use non-toxic watercolor paints that are ASTM (or country's equivalent) approved.
  • Watercolor paints are not considered a cosmetic product unless sold as such and should not be used on a natural nail.
  • Use watercolor paints on nail tips or press on nails and then seal them with a top coat.
  • Keep in mind that certain colors of paint pigments are toxic like cadmiums. Before using any kind of watercolor paint, check the ingredients to make sure they are indeed non-toxic.
  • Crafting and artists watercolor paints are generally not made for skin unless specified.
  • If using watercolor paints for your nail salon or business, always refer to your local laws when it comes to using items that are not cosmetic grade for nails. Contact your licensed nail art supply store to see if they carry watercolor paints for nails.

Ok are you ready to find some amazing watercolor paints for your nails? Let's go through this list together.

best watercolor paints for nail art

Watercolor Paints For Nail Art

1. Saviland Watercolor Paints

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This makes the top spot because this colorful set is specifically formulated for nail art. The colors and smooth application of well made paints is like no other and Saviland delivers with this palette.

These paints are perfect for mixing and blending to create unique colors and shades. When you mix the green and blue, you can create a gorgeous teal nail polish color.

Whether your loved one is a beginner or a seasoned pro, they will appreciate the quality and performance of handmade watercolor paints like this set from Saviland.

We have also chance to review the Saviland nail art brushes. They work well with watercolor paints for blotting or drawing florals.

saviland watercolor paints

2. Artistro Watercolor Paints

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We have used this exact set for many nail art ideas and nail art tutorials and love the color choices. You can create so many different looks like geode nails, butterfly nail art ideas and of course gorgeous floral nails.

No matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, creating your own watercolor paint nails is so much fun. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to create custom colors and designs that are perfect for your next DIY nails project. You can mix and match any color.

From Artistro: Non-Toxic: All our water colors conform to ASTM d-4236 & EN71 safety standards.

artistro watercolor paints

3. CSY Watercolor Palettes

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These beautiful pigments are very high end, making them a must-have for any nail artist. With colors like golds & greens, these paints are sure to make any nail art idea come to life.

From simple at-home manicures to elaborate designs, watercolor nails are a great way to express your personality. And one of the hottest trends right now is using handmade watercolor paints with metallic pigments.

CSY states on their listing that their paints are non-toxic.

best watercolor palettes for nail art


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These stunning metallic sets are made with only the finest pigments so you know that your nail designs are going to look fabulous.

Each color is carefully blended by hand to create the perfect hue. The result is a set of paints that is truly one-of-a-kind, and that will help create stunning works of nail art.

If you are looking for a special gift for a nail art lover or someone who loves to try trending nail art ideas, this would be a fantastic set. It's definitely a splurge item.

IUILE: AP seal by ACMI approved, non-toxic.

best watercolor paints for nails

5. Watercolor Palette Set

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For the discerning nail artist or nail tech, only the best will do. That's why these watercolor paints are a great tool to have in your nail art supplies.

These beautiful pigments are carefully made to produce stunning results on your press on nails. This brand states on their listing that they are non-toxic.

watercolor paint sets for nails

6. Japanese Watercolor Paints

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Watercolor paints can provide a beautiful and dramatic effect for nail art. By diluting the paint with water, you can create a sheer, translucent look that is perfect for accent nails or an entire watercolor nail design.

MozArt states on their listing that they are non-toxic (ASTM compliant) 

best watercolor paints for nails

7. Gouache Watercolor Set

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For those looking for something very different for their nails, here is a set of gouache paints.

Watercolor paint and gouache both have water as their main ingredient. However, the two paints differ in other ways. Lighter colors of watercolor paint is mostly transparent, while gouache is usually opaque.

Watercolor paint dries quickly, while gouache takes longer to dry. So use this on press on nails when you have a lot of time to create because it's going to take at least 20 minutes to dry. Even longer if you are using it for building up colors to use underneath a builder gel.

Watercolor paint is best suited for delicate work, while gouache is better suited for bolder work and nail art designs.

watercolor paint for nails

8. Metallic Watercolor Paints

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With this set of many colors you can experiment with different techniques to create different looks, and have fun creating your own unique watercolor nail designs. Mix and match the metallics to create galaxy nails or floral designs.

metallic watercolor paints

9. Arteza 60 Tube Set

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DIY nails are trending, and there are plenty of nail art ideas you can try at home using watercolor paints with several different finishes like metallics in golds, greens and purple.


watercolor paints for nails

10. SAKURA Koi

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Imagine having a handy watercolor palette that fits right in with your nail art kit. The Koi watercolor set is your go-to companion.

Its 9 mL water brush with a medium tip makes painting on the fly a breeze, allowing you to transport and store water wherever you go.

With 30 vibrant watercolor cakes, this set promises a beautiful array of colors for your nail art projects. Plus, there's a plastic palette included for mixing your shades, and a dabbing sponge for that extra artistic flair.

best watercolor paints for nails

11. Watercolor Paint Pens

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A watercolor paint pen offers a user-friendly alternative to traditional watercolor pans. With its convenient pen-like design, it's incredibly easy to control and perfect for both beginners and experienced artists.

Unlike pans that require brushes and separate water containers, a watercolor paint pen combines the brush and paint in one tool.

This means less mess, quicker setup, and the ability to paint with precision and accuracy.

best watercolor paints for nails

12. HIPPIE CRAFTER Watercolor Brush Pens

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Introducing the ultimate nail art companion: a delightful set of 50 watercolor brush pens bursting with a rainbow of 50 vibrant and joyful colors.

Elevate your nail art game to new heights with this versatile collection that allows you to paint, blend, and create stunning designs with ease.

best watercolor paints for nails

13. Glittery Watercolor Paints

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Unleash your inner artist with this enchanting set of watercolor paints adorned with pretty sparkly accents. With this set you can add a touch of shimmer and magic to your artwork.

These sparkling watercolors will bring a delightful twinkle to your nail art and can be used for any time of the year but would be really great for holiday nail ideas.

watercolor paints for nails


Watercolor nail art is a fun and creative way to express your personality, and there are endless possibilities for design. If you're looking for something a little different, watercolor nails are a unique and beautiful option.

Here are five tips for creating this trendy nail look:

1. Choose your colors wisely - watercolor paints can be sheer or opaque, so it's important to select shades that will achieve the desired effect. Like mentioned above, gouache paints are more opaque than watercolor paints.

2. Experiment with techniques - from brushstrokes to blotting, there are many ways to create interesting watercolor nail designs. You can also create some gorgeous geode nails with metallic gold and rose gold paints.

best watercolor paint for nails

3. Start with a clean canvas: Before applying watercolor paints to your nails, ensure they are clean, dry, and free of any old polish or oils. This will help the watercolors adhere smoothly and last longer.

4. Use a base coat: Apply a clear base coat to your nails before using watercolor paints. This not only provides a smooth surface for painting but also prevents the watercolors from staining your natural nails.

5. Use a top coat - this will help to protect your nail art and make it last longer. If you make watercolor nails and then put the nail tips into water, the design is going to come right off.

6. Mix colors on a palette: Just like traditional watercolor painting, use a small palette or dish to mix and dilute your watercolors. This allows you to create custom shades and control the intensity of the colors on your nails.

7. Apply in thin layers: Watercolor paints are best applied in thin, translucent layers. Start with a light touch and gradually build up the color to achieve the desired effect. This prevents your nails from becoming too thick or clumpy.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to watercolor paints for nails! 😘 We know there are a lot of options out there, but we hope this list helps you narrow down your search. Now it's time to have some fun and be creative with your watercolor nail designs.

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