EASY Yellow & Blue Flower Nail TUTORIAL Gel Polish

flower art on nails tutorial

Here is an easy yellow and blue flower nail art design for beginners using gel polish. From delicate daisies to colorful roses, flower nails are a popular choice for gel polish enthusiasts. While flower nails can seem tricky to achieve, with a little practice, anyone can create beautiful designs.

This flower nail design tutorial uses yellow gel polish with nail sticker accents to create a look that is so pretty, it's like a fresh rainy day. 

These DIY flower nails are perfect for beginners and we will show you how to do them step by step with photos.

yellow blue flower nail tutorial

You can even add some loose glitter for nails and lots of waterslide nail decals to take the floral nail art up a notch.

Gel polish was used for this nail art flower design but you can also use regular nail polish colors too.

To start, the nail tip is buffed and prepped before a base coat is applied. Next, two coats of the yellow gel polish are applied, allowing each layer to cure in between.

Finally, a top coat is applied to protect the design and give it a high-shine finish. With just a few simple steps, you can create stunning flower nails. Don't worry, the instructions below are super easy to follow.

Yellow & Blue Flower Nail Design Tutorial

Supplies for this nail art tutorial

The gel polish from Venalisa is perfect for this but you can use any gel polish that you have on hand.

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yellow blue flower nail tutorial

Base & matte top coat

Cure lamp

Full coverage nail tips

Flower nail art stickers

Step 1

With a 180 grit nail file, buff off the shine from the nail tip. Pay extra attention to the sides of the nail tip and make sure that all of the shine is completely removed.

If there are shiny parts left on the nail tip it can cause lifting of the gel polish or nail polish.

Take your time to make sure the nail shine is completely removed without damaging the nail tip. If you know how to use an efile for nails, you can also remove the shine with that too. Just make sure you have good air flow and use a nail dust collector to keep the particles from flying around.

Check out our article about how to make a gel polish last longer if you need some tips on how to use gels.

Step 2

With a lint free wipe for nails, remove all of the dust from the nail tip. You can also use isopropyl alcohol for this step. Do not ever use water because the moisture will ruin your manicure and the gel will not paint on properly.

Make sure the nail tip is completely cleaned. Even a little bit of nail dust can ruin your manicure because the gel polish will catch the little specs and magnify them.

Step 3

Apply one coat of the base coat making sure the whole nail is covered in an even and thin layer. Cure for 30 seconds.

Step 4

Apply two thin coats of the yellow gel polish, curing for 30 seconds in between coats.

yellow blue flower nail tutorial

Step 5

Apply the nail sticker.

Now you can apply the nail art sticker. Here is where you can make a minimal nail or go all out and apply the stickers to all of the nails, totally up to you.

yellow blue flower nail tutorial

Step 6

Apply a glossy no wipe gel top coat and do a final cure for 60 seconds.

We hope you found this flower nail art idea super easy to do and try it out on nail tips for a bright and colorful look.

yellow blue flower nail tutorial

Tips For Creating Nail Designs With Flowers:

  • Play around with different colors for your flowers or even switch this idea up by applying different colors of glitter.
  • 3d nail art decals can also be placed onto the nails, or raise parts up of the roses with some builder gel. There's just so many ways to get creative with these flower nail designs.

In Conclusion

Thanks for trying this nail art flower design nail tutorial!

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