zebra nail art ideas

Here are some zebra nail art ideas & tutorials from your #1 nail art blog. 

Get ready to have some fun with these awesome zebra nail art designs! If you love being creative and want to show off your wild side, these zebra-inspired ideas are perfect for you.

From cool black-and-white styles to colorful twists, we've got the best nail art to make you smile! So, let your nails become a canvas of happiness and let's dive into these super cool zebra designs to try out! Have a blast! 🦓💅😄

zebra nail art ideas

Zebra nails are a super trendy and bold nail look that is perfect for any time because you can make them simple or add effects based on the time of year.


1. Vertical Zebra Nails

Zebra nails with vertical lines feature a striking and elegant design, reminiscent of the majestic zebra's distinctive stripes.

The bold contrast of black and white creates a visually captivating pattern that stands out on your nails.

Whether you're dressing up for a night out or want to make a fashion-forward statement, these zebra nails with vertical lines are a surefire way to make your hands the center of attention.

zebra nail art ideas

2. DIY Zebra Nail Art Tutorial

Watch This Tutorial

In this zebra nail art tutorial, you'll discover how to create stunning zebra-inspired nails with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

This tutorial will guide you through the entire process. By the end, you'll have fabulous zebra nails that are sure to impress and show off your creative flair!

zebra nail art ideas tutorial sugarfielddiy

3. Hot Pink Zebra Nails

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These custom-made press-on zebra nails allow you to embrace your wild side and express your unique style.

 So, if you're looking for a trendy and hassle-free way to sport zebra nail art, these handmade press-on nails are the perfect choice. Flaunt your fierce and fabulous side with these stunning zebra-inspired nails.

zebra nail art ideas cosmic traveler nail co

4. Zebra Press On Nailz

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Handmade press-on zebra nails are a fabulous and convenient way to rock the bold zebra nail art style without the hassle of going to a salon. These nails are individually crafted with care, designed to perfectly fit and flatter your natural nail shape.

zebra nail art ideas black rose nailz

5. Zebra Nail Decals

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Are you tired of the same old nail polish colors and designs? Looking for a way to add some excitement to your manicure? Look no further than zebra nail decals!

These fun and trendy accessories are the perfect way to express your wild side and create eye-catching nail art.

zebra nail art ideas zebra nail decals

6. Zebra Nail Charms

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With these zebra-licious charms, the possibilities are endless. You can go for a full-on zebra theme, with black and white stripes adorning each nail, or mix it up with a single zebra accent nail.

Get creative and experiment with different designs, colors, and patterns. The only limit is your imagination.

zebra nail art ideas nail charms

7. Zebra Gel Nails

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Here's the set of gel polish you need to create a basic black and white zebra print nail. When using gel polish, you will need a cure lamp to make the gel harden.

Gel nail polish is super popular because with the proper prepping of the nail, it will give you a lasting manicure for up to 4 weeks.

zebra nail art ideas

8. Zebra Nail Art Tutorial

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In this fabulous nail art tutorial brought to you by the brand Born Pretty, you'll learn how to achieve a stunning and chic nail design using their high-quality nail products.

Follow the simple step-by-step video to create a captivating zebra look.

zebra nail art ideas born pretty

9. Zebra Nail Stamps

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Zebra nail stamps are the perfect idea! With these handy tools, you can achieve the iconic zebra pattern effortlessly. Just apply your favorite nail polish, choose a zebra stamping plate, and transfer the design onto your nails for a fierce and trendy look.

Get creative with different colors and designs, and in no time, you'll have fabulous zebra-print nails to show off!

zebra nail art ideas

10. Zebra Gel Strips

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Zebra gel strips are a fantastic option for achieving stylish zebra nail art in a hassle-free manner.

These pre-made gel strips come with the zebra pattern already printed on them, making it incredibly easy to apply the design to your nails. Simply peel off the backing, press the strip onto your nail, and trim it to fit perfectly.

No need to worry about messy polish or intricate stamping—zebra gel strips offer a quick and professional-looking result. With their long-lasting and durable nature, you can enjoy your fierce zebra nails for days.

zebra nail art ideas zebra gel strips

Did you find this zebra nail art list? We hope so!

Thanks for reading and being here with us today. We hope you enjoyed exploring these fantastic zebra nail art designs!

Let your imagination run wild and have a blast trying them out. Remember, nail art is all about having fun and expressing yourself.

So, go ahead, paint those nails, and show off your happy and stylish side! If you have any more questions or need further inspiration, feel free to come back anytime. Happy nail-painting and take care! Goodbye! 👋😊

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