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If you are getting ready for a new product launch or get some more eyes onto your listings, there's no better place than right here on our nail blog. We have the qualified readers that are perfect for your products.

We specialize in well written articles and product reviews that go beyond ordinary best of lists or one time Instagram posts. We make sure our articles are written in a way that mature over time with helpful videos.

That means carefully written articles will bring in more traffic over time than a one time Instagram post or social media share.

Working with us is great for:

• New product launches. Get your products out there with a well written, helpful blog post and video.

• Amazon listings that need a video boost.

• Showing how your product can be used with close up videos and professional photos that make people excited. 

• Getting your Etsy shop out there to more people.

• Including your product in one of our gift guides or shopping guides.

• Putting your product on our front page.

DEMOGRAPHIC: Mostly women who live in the USA and are the ages of 28-56.

Do you have an collaboration idea? Let's get your products up on our blog with their own video.

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