17 Top Selling Makeup Shops Etsy [2024]

makeup shops on etsy

Here are the best shops to find cruelty free and artisan makeup on Etsy. There are plenty of original artisan makeup shops that can be found on Etsy. And the beauty and skin care community over there is growing all the time.

Many makeup lovers everywhere have switched completely over to Etsy for their beauty and makeup needs. It's so easy to try new and premium makeup products from beauty brands from all around the world.

And the good news is that there are many shops that provide natural, high end makeup, vegan skin care and beauty products.

best selling makeup shops on etsy


The beauty industry has grown tremendously over recent years, and it's no surprise there are many handmade makeup products that you can buy on Etsy.

Handcrafted & artisan makeup and beauty products are exactly what many people are looking for to help with their makeup and skin care routines.

These smaller shops on Etsy provide excellent customer service and make their beauty products in small batches.

Let's go through some beauty and makeup shops on Etsy together.


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As well as their commendable collection of apothecary products, the makeup items in this store are handmade in small batches and take the Earth into consideration when being manufactured.

Making products in small batches like this ensures the best quality and attention to detail, whilst also guaranteeing that your product is much fresher.

This shop states that they are cruelty free


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This makeup shop on Etsy offers vegan makeup that is completely plant based. We are totally getting a vibe from their organic cream eye shadows as well as the gorgeous face luminizer creams.

No matter what you choose from this shop, you are going to love trying their products just like their 30,000+ customers.

This shop states that they are cruelty free


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If you have ever wanted to try vegan concealer then head on over to River Organics. They make concealer and beauty products that are certified organic and formulated with plant oils like Moringa, Apricot Kernel and Camellia seed oils.

This shop states that they are cruelty free

Our products are made with organic plant oils and butters and produced in small batches. Formulated to be safe for all skin types.


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If you’re on the hunt for some affordable but high-quality lip products, this store is very popular and will supply you with any color product you’d like.

They also sell eye shadows, too, giving you the perfect opportunity to spice up your current collection with some fun pigments.

This shop states that they are cruelty free


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What we love about this shop is their line of herbal oil cleanses and organic lipsticks with natural pigments.

You can use their lipsticks as cheek color too and since they are made with nourishing ingredients you will look fresh for hours.

Blinking Owl Acres is a holistic makeup & body care company. It is also our Permaculture-based homestead in the Lost Pines ecosystem of Bastrop County, TX.


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Visit this shop for naturally clean skincare & cruelty-free cosmetics like mineral makeup and hyaluronic acid hydrating face serums.

One of their top selling beauty items is their facial scrubs that will help give you the most soft and blemish free skin with regular use.

This shop states that they are cruelty free

They focus on a balanced, holistic approach that doesn't rely on the next quick fix or the next trendy face wash.


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If you’re following a vegan lifestyle, or vegan products interest you, this store may take your fancy, promoting all of it's organic makeup products.

They’ve got anything you need to build your makeup bag, and it’s all food grade and plant based.


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Mineral powders are great to use on your face and eyes, and the ones from this store are extremely affordable and come with lots of enticing promises.

You can also find some small sets that follow certain aesthetics or benefits!

This shop states that they are cruelty free


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For the most amazing brush cleaner that lasts a long time, visit Hooties Suds. It's recommended to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week to keep them free of nasties and this soap is super easy to use.

All you have to do is wet, swirl and then give them a rinse.


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Ocean Mist Cosmetics, found on Etsy, is the place to go if you're looking for mineral makeup of the highest quality. Their mineral makeup is organic and it would make a great gift idea for any person who has an eye for cosmetics.

With such luxurious mineral products, you won't want to pass up their amazing prices. Check out Ocean Mist Cosmetics on Etsy today and discover what all the fuss is about!


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If your little loves to play with makeup then check out this shop's pretend makeup collection. They make everything from mini glitter eyeshadow pallets to pretend nail polish.

Our high quality pretend makeup encourages creative play, so they are able to use their imaginations.


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Animal testing is something that most people like to avoid when purchasing new beauty products, and the ones from this store are tested on friends, instead.

The products are almost completely zero-waste, which is great for the planet.

This shop states that they are cruelty free

My name is Laura and I love formulating vegan, low waste, eco friendly cosmetics.


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As well as your regular glitters, this store is full of fun makeup and face decoration products, such as their eyeliner stickers and various vibrant lip paints.

You can still find your basic glitter pots, too, in every single color you could ever imagine.


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    If you’re looking for more vegan makeup, here is the perfect fusion between cruelty-free beauty and colorful, inspirational eyeshadows and more.

    Their products have buttery formulas in colors so stunning, you’ll want more!


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    And now that you have all of your makeup, you are going to need some handmade cotton remover pads. This shop has lots of pretty patterns to choose from to suit your own personality.

    They also make great gifts for that makeup lover in your life.

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    16. AROMI

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    Formulated from scratch in small batches, this cosmetics brand offers gorgeous perfume, lip gloss and more. You'll find eye-catching colors and pigments perfect for any skin tone or occasion.

    Plus the stellar range of scents formulated with natural fragrances like vanilla and jasmine will tantalize your senses. A beginner or a professional makeup artist will find the latest stunning shades.


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    Kristen L Cosmetics is leading the multichrome cosmetics revolution on Etsy with their stunning collection of eyeshadow products. They provide the highest quality shades and colors that immediately catch your eye.

    Their exquisite colors last all day while staying vibrant, creating a look you'll want to repeat. There's something for everyone in the Kristen L Cosmetics line; glamorously bold multichrome shades, subtle everyday hues, and modern duochrome shadows make up just an inkling of what they offer.

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