15 SFX MAKEUP KITS For Special Effects Artists [2024]

best sfx makeup kits

Here are the best makeup kits for SFX makeup artists who do special effects.

Welcome to the world of Special Effects (SFX) makeup artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, and imagination comes to life through the transformative power of makeup and prosthetics.

In this curated list, we'll explore an array of essential tools and makeup kits that are indispensable for SFX makeup artists.

best sfx makeup kits

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just embarking on your journey into the realm of fantastical transformations, these tools and kits are your passport to crafting mesmerizing, otherworldly characters and scenes that will leave a lasting impression.

So, sharpen your brushes, prepare your latex, and let's dive into the realm of SFX makeup magic!

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sfx makeup products

special fx makeup


1. Graftobian Special FX Pro

Check Price Here

Unleash your inner SFX makeup artist with our all-in-one kit, packed with over $280 worth of professional-grade Special FX Makeup and Tools.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this kit equips you to create astonishingly realistic effects. Craft professional-looking wounds, blood splatters, and convincing bruises with ease.

Elevate your SFX makeup game and bring your wildest creative visions to life with this comprehensive and essential kit.

best sfx makeup kits

2. Mehron Professional Makeup Kit

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Discover the ultimate SFX makeup kit designed to unlock your artistic potential. This comprehensive set not only includes detailed instructions for guidance but also features a wide array of essentials such as makeup, brushes, pencils, remover, and applicators.

Also included is cream accent colors ideal for precise highlighting and contouring, along with four lip and cheek colors to enhance your character's features.

Complete with brushes, sponges, skin prep, setting spray, and setting powder, this all-inclusive professional sfx makeup kit is your passport to crafting extraordinary transformations with ease and precision.

best sfx makeup kits

3. App-Pro SFX Kit

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Experience the ultimate SFX makeup artistry with this all-in-one professional special FX kit, thoughtfully assembled to encompass all the essentials for creating remarkably realistic makeup effects.

This set has an impressive array of full-sized products, including an 8-Color Cream Makeup Palette, Tooth FX in Blood Red and Hair White, a 5-Color Bruise Wheel, Squirt Blood, Stage Blood, Coagulated Blood, Barrier Spray, Fixative "A" Sealer, and more.

Trusted by numerous industry professionals, this kit is a go-to choice for bringing your most imaginative makeup visions to life.

best sfx makeup kits for professionals

4. TEMPTU Airbrush Kit

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SFX artists wield airbrush kits as versatile tools that enable them to achieve an impressive range of effects.

From seamlessly blending colors and creating lifelike textures for wounds, scars, and tattoos to applying fine details such as veining or stippling for a convincing skin texture, airbrushes are indispensable for achieving a professional level of precision and realism in special effects makeup.

These tools also excel in producing ethereal fantasy and creature makeup, from alien skin tones to otherworldly gradients, making airbrush kits an invaluable asset for SFX artists.

best sfx makeup kits

5. Special FX Set

Check Price Here

Unlock the world of incredibly realistic SFX makeup artistry with this all-in-one professional special FX kit.

Crafted to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals, this comprehensive kit equips you with the essentials to bring your wildest makeup visions to life especially when working with unique SFX prosthetics.

From wounds to otherworldly creatures, the kit includes everything you need, and even comes with a practice head to hone your skills.

With this kit in your hands, you'll have the power to create captivating and authentic SFX makeup effects that leave a lasting impression.


best sfx makeup kits

6. TAG Makeup Palette

Check Price Here

Tag offers a makeup and body art palette featuring a versatile selection of 12 captivating colors.

Mix and match these vibrant shades to bring your artistic visions to life. A top seller, this palette empowers you to achieve stunning makeup and body art creations that captivate and inspire.

Whether you're a professional artist or an enthusiastic beginner, this palette is great to have in your kits.

TAG Face and Body Paint - Regular Palette 12 x 32g

7. SFX Contour Kit

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A contour kit is an absolute must-have in any makeup collection for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, it offers the power of transformation, allowing you to sculpt and define your facial features, creating the illusion of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose, and a more chiseled jawline.

Secondly, it's incredibly versatile, serving both everyday makeup needs and special occasions. Whether you're aiming for a natural, everyday look or a glamorous, red-carpet appearance, a contour kit provides the tools to tailor your makeup to any occasion.

Finally, it enhances your makeup skills, encouraging you to learn the art of shading and highlighting, a fundamental aspect of makeup application.

sfx contour kit

8. PRO SFX Palette With Remover

Check Price Here

A highly pigmented SFX kit with a reliable remover is an exceptional gift idea for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, it fosters creativity and encourages the exploration of a fascinating art form, allowing the recipient to transform ordinary faces into extraordinary characters with richly pigmented effects.

Secondly, it provides a complete and versatile package, ensuring that the recipient has everything they need to embark on their SFX makeup journey.

The inclusion of a high-quality remover demonstrates thoughtfulness, as it showcases consideration for both the recipient's artistic aspirations and the importance of safe makeup removal.

best sfx makeup kits

9. Custom Body Art Set

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A custom body airbrush set with a wide spectrum of colors is an absolute must-have for artists and enthusiasts alike due to its remarkable versatility and creative potential.

With an array of colors at your fingertips, you can effortlessly craft intricate and vibrant body art, from striking tattoos and body painting to elaborate fantasy and character transformations.

This set empowers artists to explore their artistic boundaries, experiment with various color combinations, and bring their wildest visions to life with precision.

best sfx makeup kits

10. FAIR Complexion Set

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An airbrush set tailored for fair complexions is a good addition to any makeup artist's toolkit.

With the precision and finesse of an airbrush, artists can achieve the perfect blend of soft, luminous hues and achieve a seamless, radiant glow or highlights on darker skin that will certainly stand out.

best sfx fair complexion makeup kit

11. Silicone Prosthetic Kits

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This shop on Etsy is an excellent choice for ordering silicone prosthetics. Etsy is a platform that hosts a diverse community of talented artisans and special effects makeup artists, and Monster FX Studio has gained recognition for their high-quality silicone prosthetics and other SFX products.

They offer a range of unique and realistic options, making it a convenient and trusted source for those looking to enhance their special effects makeup kit with professional-grade prosthetics

best sfx silicone kits


Check Price Here

Ben Nye kits have earned their popularity for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, they are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability, featuring professional-grade makeup products that deliver consistent and impressive results.

Secondly, their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of makeup applications, from theatrical performances and film sets to everyday use and special occasions, appealing to both makeup artists and enthusiasts.

best sfx makeup kits

13. Ben Nye Setting Spray

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A setting spray is an indispensable step in any makeup routine, and its importance cannot be overstated.

This makeup essential serves as the ultimate finishing touch, ensuring that your meticulously applied makeup stays in place throughout the day or night.

By creating a protective barrier over your makeup, setting spray helps prevent smudging, creasing, and fading, allowing your look to remain fresh and flawless for hours on end.

Additionally, setting sprays are especially crucial for those in warm or humid climates, as they aid in controlling excess shine and keeping makeup intact, making it a must-have for any makeup enthusiast or professional looking to achieve a long-lasting and polished finish.

best sfx makeup kits ben nye

14. Ben Nye Bruise Wheel

Check Price Here

A bruise kit with the right colors is an essential tool for special effects makeup artists and anyone aiming to create convincing injuries or bruises.

It ensures authenticity by providing a spectrum of shades that mimic the stages of bruising, from initial redness to deep purples and greens, enabling artists to craft lifelike injuries.

Having the right colors on hand enhances versatility, allowing for the creation of a wide range of special effects, from realistic wounds to zombie makeup, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the transformation.

best sfx makeup bruise kits

15. Makeup Train Case

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A makeup train case is an absolute essential for any makeup artist or enthusiast striving to maintain organization and efficiency in their beauty routine.

This portable and compartmentalized storage solution provides a dedicated space for cosmetics, tools, and brushes, ensuring that everything remains easily accessible and neatly arranged.

By helping to keep products organized and protected from damage or spills, a makeup train case streamlines the application process, allowing for quicker and more seamless makeup application.

See our article about some of the best makeup train cases for sfx artists.

best makeup train cases for sfx artists


Special Effects (SFX) makeup is a fascinating and creative field that allows you to transform ordinary faces into extraordinary characters. Here are ten valuable tips to help you excel in SFX makeup:

  1. Research and Inspiration: Start by researching the look or character you want to create. Collect reference images, watch tutorials, and study the anatomy of the subject if necessary.

  2. Invest in Quality Products: High-quality SFX makeup products and tools are crucial for achieving realistic effects. Invest in the best products you can afford for better results.

  3. Practice and Patience: SFX makeup is an art that requires practice. Don't get discouraged if your first attempts don't look perfect. Keep practicing and refining your skills.

  4. Skin Safety: Prioritize skin safety. Use skin-safe adhesives and removers, and always conduct a patch test to ensure your subject doesn't have allergies or sensitivities to the products you plan to use.

  5. Preparation is Key: Organize your workspace and lay out all the materials and products you'll need before you start. This will help you work efficiently and prevent interruptions. 

  6. Layering Techniques: Master the art of layering makeup and prosthetics. Start with a clean, moisturized face, apply a base layer, add prosthetic pieces or special effects, and then blend and layer colors for realism.

  7. Texture and Detail: Pay attention to texture and detail. Create texture by using tools like sponges, stipple brushes, and texture stamps. Focus on fine details, such as veins, scars, and wrinkles, to make your creations more convincing.

  8. Blending and Color Matching: Achieve seamless transitions by mastering blending techniques. Match skin tones, and use color theory to create realistic bruises, wounds, or other effects.

  9. Practice Different Techniques: SFX makeup covers a wide range of techniques, from basic cuts and bruises to complex prosthetic applications. Explore various techniques to expand your skillset.

  10. Experiment and Innovate: Don't be afraid to experiment and innovate. SFX makeup is an evolving art form, and trying new techniques or materials can lead to groundbreaking effects.

Remember that SFX makeup is all about creativity and imagination. As you continue to develop your skills, you'll discover your unique style and approach to creating jaw-dropping special effects. We have another very helpful article about tips for becoming an sfx makeup artist.

In Closing:

Thank you for exploring this comprehensive list of tools and makeup kits for SFX makeup artists.

We hope that these recommendations empower you to unleash your artistic potential, create astonishing characters, and craft memorable moments in the world of special effects makeup.

best sfx makeup kits

As you embark on your creative journey, remember that your imagination is your greatest asset, and these tools are here to help you bring your visions to life.

Happy SFX makeup artistry, and thanks for reading!

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