70's DIY NAIL ART IDEA! Easy 70's nail tutorial

70's style nail art tutorial

Here is a super easy 70's nails style tutorial for beginners using gel polish. The 70's were a time of bold fashion choices, and that extends to nails as well. If you're looking for a truly unique manicure, you can't go wrong with 70's inspired nails.

We are partnering up with our friends over at SugarField DIY for this tutorial.

This tutorial shows you exactly how to get the look with gel nail polish colors. The key is to start with a prepped nail tip. Then add your 70's nail colors in layers. Don't worry, we will show you exactly how to do this 70's nail art.

70's nail art idea

So go ahead and take your nails back in time with this retro-chic look. If you sell hand painted press on nails and looking for an idea you can totally use this DIY for inspiration. Go ahead and make it your own! And you can even copy this, no problem. We are here to help you with ideas.

70's Nail Art Tutorial With Gel Polish

Supplies For 70's Nails

For this tutorial we used Melody Susie gel polish 24+4 collection. You can use what gel polish kits that have on hand but make sure you are using a high quality polish.

70's Nail Colors that were used from this set:

  • #260 green
  • #399 light pink
  • #255 yellow
  • #998 lavender
  • #692 dark pink

70's nail art colors

UV/LED lamp

A lamp is required for the curing process. If you have not used gel polish before and need a cure light for gel polishes, we have an article for the best cure lights for gel polish.

Fine line nail art brushes

Long full cover nail tips in your choice of shape. For this 70's inspired nail tutorial, the best tips to use are really long ones. They turn out so retro!

Base coat, glossy and matte no wipe top coat

Instructions: 70's Nail Art With Gel Polish

Step 1

Prepare your supplies and set aside the right sizes of full coverage nail tips for your fingers. Have them ready for your manicure. That way you are not searching for the nails while you are in the middle of making the nails.

Step 2

With a 180 grit nail file, buff off the shine from each nail tip. Make sure all of the shine is buffed off of the nails. If there are shiny parts left on the nail it can cause lifting of the gel polish. Do take your time with this step.

70's nail art idea

You can also use a bonder for nails as well. There are bonders that are made specifically for jelly nail tips.

Step 3

With a lint free wipe for nails, remove all of the dust from the nail tip. For this you can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that there is no dust left on the nail or this will cause bumps in the final finish of the nail. 

Let the nail tip dry completely before applying the base coat.

Step 4

Apply one thin coat of the base coat making sure the whole nail is covered as well as the tip of the nail. Cure for 30 seconds.

70's nail art idea

Step 5

Take the green color (260) and apply it to the nail evenly. Ensure that the whole nail is covered in a thin layer and also the sides. Cure for 30 seconds.

70's nail art idea

Step 6

Apply a second coat of the green gel polish color. Cure for 30 seconds.

70's nail art idea

Step 7

While the nail is curing, prepare the next colors onto a mixing palette. A mixing palette is used so that the bottles are not staying open or being contaminated, it's one of those must have nail art supplies. Take a bit of all of the colors 399, 255, 998, 692.

70's nail art idea

Step 8

Use the pink color (399) and paint it onto the nail just like the photo below. When painting these gel colors onto the nail, make sure they are not too thick or it will ruin the design. Gel polish will just slightly level itself out a tiny bit so that's really helpful.

70's nail art idea

Step 9

Next, paint the first coat of yellow color (255) onto the bottom of the nail.

70's nail art idea

Step 10

The lavender color will be next (998). Paint the side of the nail with the first coat. Cure for 30 seconds.

70's nail art idea

Step 11

Apply a second coat with all of the same polishes. Make sure the gel polishes are nice and smooth and not too thick. Cure again for 30 seconds.

Step 12

Take a small amount of the darker pink color (692) and paint some onto the lavender. This is going to make the nail more retro. Cure for 30 seconds.

70's nail art idea

Step 13

Repeat with another layer of the same dark color pink using a fineliner brush so that you get the lines perfect. Cure for 30 seconds.

Step 14

Apply a no wipe glossy top coat and cure for a full 60 seconds.

70's nail art idea

Here is the finished nail. Isn't it cute! You can do all 10 nails like this or switch up the colors.

70's nail art idea

There are lots of ways to make this even more unique. You can add waterslide nail decals or even loose glitter for nails. And if you haven't tried builder gel yet, you can also embed dried flowers into the nail to look like they are floating.

Well, that’s all for today! We hope you found this 70’s style nail art tutorial helpful.

Be sure to check out our other DIY nail art articles for more inspiration. We have a really easy rose nail tutorial and a ocean design on a super long nail. As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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