27 Must Have Acrylic Nail Supplies For Beginners [2023]

acrylic nail supply list

We have rounded up the best nail supplies for your acrylic nail manicures. Here is the list of some of the things you will need to create a stunning set of new nails using acrylic nail art supplies.

If you are looking for where to buy acrylic nail supplies for your home studio nail salon we have found some great options for you. 

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are one of the hardest materials for nail art. Acrylic powder paired with monomer provides a protective coating for the natural nail. Acrylic nails are especially beneficial for someone who has very thin nails or has nails that break or tear easily.

Acrylic powder requires a quality monomer for hardening. Once the acrylic powder and monomer is combined, it creates a paste that bonds to the nail or nail form. This allows for building up the nail and for nail art.

best acrylic nail art supplies

Here are some helpful choices for acrylic nail supplies for someone who is just starting out. For those who are more advanced making acrylic nail manicures, you will find some helpful ideas here too.

Acrylic nail artists need everything from acrylic powders to dust collectors. In no time you will be making gorgeous acrylic nail manicures at home or in your nail studio.


1. Acrylic Powder & Monomer Set

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Here is the best selling acrylic powder kit that comes with the monomer. This acrylic powder set comes with three powder colors. Pink, white and clear powders.

The acrylic powder will self level and adhere to the natural nail as long as the nail is properly prepped.

This kit includes the brushes, monomer, acrylic powder nail file, extension forms and the dappen dish.

We also have a complete list of the best acrylic kits for beginners for more like this as well as professional kits.

acrylic nail supplies acrylic powder and monomer

2. Acrylic Nail Set

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If you are just starting out with making acrylic nails then you might want to go ahead and purchase a set that has everything you need to get started.

This set has everything from the nail prep tools, acrylic powders, monomer and loose glitter for nails.

This set also makes an amazing nail art gift idea for that person who wants to try their own acrylic DIY nails at home.

acrylic nail supplies professional nail set

3. Professional Nail File Set

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Let's start with some basics. A must have is a really good set of nail files because prepping the natural nail bed for acrylic nails is the most important first step. These files will prepare the nail bed, removing the shiny coating that prevents the acrylic to stick.

And they will file the free edge to shape your acrylic nails so that you can achieve the desired shape or length like almond or coffin nails. They will also help remove acrylic and gel on your extended or fake nails or gelly tips.

One of the important things when looking for acrylic nail files is if you can wash and sanitize them. With this set, you can clean and disinfect them.

acrylic nail supplies files

4. Silicone Practice Hands

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When looking for a practice hand you should be able to bend the fingers, add on acrylic tips into the cuticle area and be able to soak off acrylic gel with acetone. This professional hand set checks off those boxes.

This company offers hands that are made of high quality liquid silicone material. As far as acrylic nail supplies go, this is perfect for practicing your designs and manicure ideas.

Read our article about the best silicone practice hands and video of the one that we use for nail art tutorials.

best acrylic nail art supplies

Once you purchase a practice hands, it's super important to keep it clean and looking it's best. Here is a helpful video on our YouTube channel that shows you how to wash a practice hand.


5. Cruelty Free Acrylic Nail Brush

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Nail art with clean lines is tough to do without the proper tools, and this includes painting with an acrylic brush that is the right size for what you need. There are several different styles of brushes that can be used depending on your needs.

These include flat brushes (for creating bold strokes), fine paint brushes (for more detailed work), and angled brushes (for cutting in around the free edge of your nails).

The nail brush is one of the most important tools for an acrylic nail artist. Here is our top choice. The faux kolinsky sable brush. This company uses faux sable fur to imitate the most expensive acrylic brush in the world. Here's a helpful list of more nail polish companies that are cruelty free.

The handle is made with natural bamboo with a silver ferrule that holds the bristles into place.

This acrylic brush duplicates the texture of natural sable fur without harming any weasels.

acrylic nail supplies nail brush

6. Fine Details Acrylic Brush Set

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A set of brushes are what you will need for those small designs and hand painted lines. Seeing the difference between a well-done manicure and one done with cheap tools can make a huge difference in your satisfaction level.

fine liner nail art brushes

Made with strong glue between the fiber and metal tubes, these will last for quite a while and won't shed bristles onto your designs. Check out the full review of the Saviland nail art brushes.

These nail brushes are for drawing intricate lines, painting flowers and pattern designs onto nails. Check out the video on our YouTube channel to see exactly what these nail art brushes look like.


7. Acrylic Nail Prep

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It is vital that nail-lovers prepare their nail beds before applying acrylic powders. Without nail prep, the acrylic finish won't last and you'll be left with a patchy and flimsy nail look.

Taking the extra time to properly file your nail bed, removing dead skin cells and ensuring your nail beds are completely clean will ensure that your acrylic nail look is long lasting and Instagram worthy!

nail prep for acrylic nails

8. Professional Nail Drill

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Here is a great choice for a professional nail drill for acrylic nails. This nail drill is made with a brushless motor design which is magnetically driven. That means this drill can be used more than 1,000 hours so it's perfect for those who are using their drill constantly.

Nail drills are a must have to remove not only acrylic nails, they can also be used to remove gel polish and nail art decorations that have been glued on.

The low vibration will also help with hand fatigue.

The speed is adjustable up to 35000 RPM. It has two directions of rotation, so it's good for right-handed or left-handed use.

acrylic nail supplies nail drill

9. Budget Friendly Nail Drill

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We have this exact drill here in our studio and have been using it for quite a while. It's a great little budget friendly drill that can be used on acrylic nails and also gelly tips.

This is compact and lightweight so if you are on the go, it is super easy to carry around in your tote or nail box.

acrylic nail supplies portable drill

10. Eye Protection For Acrylic Artists

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Before you even think about creating acrylic nails, especially taking off the prior surface, it is important to remember that safety comes first. Acrylic nail artists should always use eye protection.

The health of your eyes while using any product is obviously the very top priority.

Little bits or gemstones can easily flick off of the nail, especially when using a nail drill. Those have a possibility to get lodged into your eye. Use protection, let's be professional.

eye protection for acrylic nail artists

11. Dust Mask For Nail Technicians

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Inhaling nail dust is not good for your lungs. Especially when nail art is your business. If you go into a nail salon and see nail technicians wearing face masks, then you will know that there is proper maintenance taking place and nail technicians stay healthy while providing services to customers.

This breathable KN95 face masks are made to provide a comfortable fit. Inner skin-friendly layer absorbs the moisture from your breath, while keeping small acrylic nail particles out of your lungs.

best nail tech supplies

12. Nitrile Gloves For Hand Protection

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Here are the best gloves when working with acrylic nail art supplies. One of the most popular brands is Framar. They offer gloves in many different sizes to fit your hands.

Their small gloves are especially perfect for those who have small hands. They fit nice and snug so they won't get caught up in your drills or files.

nitrile gloves for nail art

13. Dust Collector For Acrylic Dust

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A professional nail dust collector is a must have tool for acrylic nail artists. One of the dangers for people who work with acrylic nails on a regular basis is breathing in those little particles from filing. So this dust collector is a must have purchase.

This acrylic nail dust collector has two strong suction fan motors that's going to suck up all of the acrylic nail dust.

Made of high-quality stainless steel with a reusable filter so you can easily keep this dust collector clean.

acrylic nail supplies dust collector

14. Acrylic Nail Glue

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Nail glue is something to have on hand to help fix cracks in between full set replacement. Also if you are not using acrylic powder to add on gelly tips, you can also use this nail glue to adhere the tips to the natural nail.

A good quality nail glue will also keep gemstones and rhinestones in place so that they don't pop off.

acrylic nail supplies nail glue

15. Acrylic Nail Tips

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These clear nail tips are made from ABS material which is a type of plastic. The clear nail tips in this box has 10 different sizes. So you will get 50 nails of each size.

They are numbered 1-10 individually, so you can easily choose the best size for your finger or your clients fingers.

acrylic nail supplies nail tips

16. Nail Forms For Acrylic Nails

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Nail forms are one of the most important acrylic nail supplies. These are specifically made for your nails to make sure they fit well and are comfortable when you wear them.

If you want a salon-perfect look, it's crucial that your manicures last long while still looking great. Nail forms will help ensure this. You can use these for building up the acrylic material.

best tools for acrylic nail artists 

17. Acrylic Nail Clippers

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You will find that the curved blade is perfect for trimming any excess off the acrylic nail extensions easily. These nail clippers are made with high quality stainless steel so they are good quality.

For the price, you can't go wrong with this set. The reviews are really great.

acrylic nail supplies nail clippers

18. Cuticle Trimmer Set

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Every nail artist needs a cuticle trimmer set. Prepping the natural nail and making sure the cuticle is looked after is one of the most important steps when creating acrylic nails.

Everything you need to prep the nails and cuticles before going ahead with the acrylic powder is included with this set.

acrylic nail supplies cuticle tools

19. Dappen Dish For Monomer

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You can use almost any small glass vessel for a dappen dish. A dappen dish holds the monomer liquid. Some dappen dishes are a little nicer than others though and this one here just looks fabulous.

dappen dish for nail art 

20. Nail Hand Rest

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Arm rests are a great thing to have in your nail studio to help keep hands relaxed and in place while you are working on the designs. It also helps with the position of the hands too.

This one is made with premium microfiber leather material. It is very soft and will be comfortable for you and your clients.

Keep in mind that the legs do not fold down without taking it completely apart.

acrylic nail supplies nail hand rest

21. Nail Decorations

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Now the fun part! Nail art decorations are so much fun to work with. The ideas are limitless. This set has 36 acrylic nail decoration pots. There are tons of nail gems& nail art stones in a ton of shapes, colors and sizes. All the nail rhinestones are pretty and sparkly.

There's enough variety of gems and glitters in this set to give you many acrylic manicures.

acrylic nail supplies decorations

22. Waterslide Nail Decals

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Water nail decals, also known as water transfer nail decals & waterslide nail decals, have never been more popular. They are easy to use and also come in many different shapes, colors and sizes for your acrylic nail manicures. 

Waterslide nail decals are a really good choice for those who want the look of hand painted nail art designs without having to actually paint the designs onto your nails. So if you are just getting started with nail art designs, these are easy to use.

waterslide nail decals

23. Nail Rhinestones

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Choosing the finishing touches to your acrylic manicure is so much fun. Here is a huge set of nail rhinestones and gems that will last a very long time. They are super easy to use too, just set them onto the nail with some nail glue.

The tweezers that are included will help you put the tiny gems onto the nail bed.

acrylic nail supplies rhinestones

24. Nail Dotting Tools

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These are budget friendly acrylic nail supplies, they can be well worth it if you're looking to create some truly special nail art, especially mandala nail art.

Included are large dotting tools, small dotting tools, and even triangle shaped dotting tools that can be used to create all sorts of looks.

nail art tools

25. Nail Artist Lamp

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A desk lamp is a must have, especially when you are working on nails in low light. This one will clamp right onto your desk while you are working on your manicure. And because it has a side clamp, it won't take up room on your table or desk.

High quality material, safe and non-toxic that will do no harm to your hands and nails.

acrylic nail supplies desk lamp

26. Nail Decal Templates

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Nail art is a fun and creative way to express your personality, and there are endless possibilities for design. If you're looking for a creative way to jazz up your nails, why not try using nail decal templates?

With downloadable templates, you can create your own nail art designs that are unique and stylish.

acrylic nail art supplies

26. Nail Training Mat

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With a silicone nail training matt, you can practice new design ideas. They are a low-cost way to improve your acrylic nail techniques and styles.

Having a silicone nail training matt eliminates hours of practice by allowing you to map out and perfect your designs.

silicone practice matt 

We hope this list helps you to choose what acrylic nail supplies you need to have on hand. There are lots of different types of acrylic supplies you can use when you do your nails. 😘

You may want to invest in a few different styles depending on the final effect you're going for, whether it's a natural look or something more intricate and stylized.

Acrylic nails do take some practice and thankfully there are lots of DIY tutorials on YouTube to help you out with your new supplies.

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