21 BEST Brown Nail Polishes & Gel Polish [2023]

best brown nail polish

Here is a list of the very best brown nail polish colors. Brown nails look fab at any time of the year because of its warm and rich color tone. And they make your hands look absolutely fabulous, especially dark skin and extra light skin. 

When it comes to using a brown nail polish or gel polish there's many nail polish brands to choose from that formulate their brown polishes from sparkly holographic glitters to soft matte brown tones.

best brown nail polishes

Some nail polish brands will have a formula that will give you a full coverage with just one coat. Other brands that make brown nail polishes might take a couple coats to get your nails looking completely covered, especially when you are using a light brown polish.

We found some of the hands down best brown colored nail polishes as creative as their names! Let's go through this list together so you can find a new favorite brown nail polish to include in your nail polish collection.

Best Brown Nail Polish & Gel Polishes

1. Cozy Café

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There's something about brown nails that just looks so sophisticated and elegant. Maybe it's the way they remind us of rich wood tones, or maybe it's because they look good with every outfit.

Regardless, brown nails are a classic choice that can never go wrong. And now, thanks to new brown nail polish formulas that are vegan and cruelty free, we can enjoy this timeless trend without any guilt, like Cozy Café.

light brown nail polish

2. Desire

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Desire is shade of richly pigmented, milk chocolate brown with hints of plum.

Not only does this polish look good, but this brand also makes us feel good knowing that we're not harming any animals in the process.

Not only does this company have a fantastic formula, they are also vegan and cruelty free and that's something we can all get behind.

dark brown nail polish

3. Liberty Belle Brown

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We could easily do up a nail article featuring many shades of brown nail polishes from this shop on Etsy, Parrot Polish! This artisan brand has an amazing collection of brown nail polishes. It was so hard to narrow it down to share with you!

This shade of brown reminds us of dark chocolate and cozy sweater nights that gives serious feels on those cooler nights. Definitely a must try.

holo brown nail polish

4. Eternal Brown Collection

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Brown nail sets are a good option for making a custom manicure with different shades. If you're looking for a sophisticated and stylish nail color, this set is the way to go.

These trendy shades are a good choice for any occasion, whether you're headed to the office or hitting the town for a night out. And this brown nail polish set comes with four shades, from light to dark, so you can find the perfect hue to match your outfit.

Plus, their long-lasting polish provides excellent wear for up to six days when you apply a top coat.

brown gel polish

5. Tobacco Dark Chocolate Brown

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Here's another top selling vegan and cruelty free brown polish that you are going to go crazy for. Tobacco is a dark brown nail polish. It's a true dark chocolatey brown with golden undertones.

It's a lovely shade for dark or extra light skin. Custom colors like this are hard to find!

artisan brown nail polish

6. Vampires Whiskey

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Brown nails have been making a huge comeback in the last few years, and Vampires Whiskey is THE shade to get the look. This is a rich dark brown with reddish undertones, it's a great color for fall and winter.

Nothing says "I'm a serious adult" quite like brown nail polish. It's the perfect way to show the world that you're responsible, capable, and put-together. And since their polishes are vegan, it's a brand that we can all get behind.

vampire brown nail polish

7. Essie Expressie Brown

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For those of you who love essie nail polish, this might be the dark shade of brown you have been searching for that's also budget friendly. Brown nails are all the rage these days, and essie brown is a good formula to get the look.

This rich brown nail polish is a must have for fashionistas who want a deep shade of brown. The dark brown color is stunning and looks great on all skin tones as you can see in the photo below.

essie brown nail polish

8. Essie Timeless Tweeds

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There's something about light brown nails that just oozes sophistication. Maybe it's the way they look so sleek and polished, or maybe it's because they always seem to be on trend.

Either way, we can't get enough of these lighter shades of brown nail polish right now and Timeless Tweeds is one of those shades to have in your nail polish stash.

essie light brown nail polish

We have used Essie polish before and have a  Essie nail polish review blog post and show you exactly what their formula looks like.

9. Overnight Bag

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After you apply this brown polish with tiny glitter effects, look closely and you will see the pretty pigments that shine beneath the surface.

This brand always offers top of the line polishes. They use finely milled pigments which reflects light, and this creates the most stunning effect. 

This brown polish will go on without without streaks in two light coats. But if you want totally thick brown coverage, go for three.

bold brown nail polish

10. Central Station

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Central Station by ILNP is one of those soft shades of brown that you can't stop looking at. This polish will give you a neutral shade that has subtle grey undertones. It's very warm and inviting.

The tiny holographic pigments that they add to the brown base adds subtle sparkle and shimmer. You won't be able to look away in the light.

best brown nail polishes

11. Timber Light Brown

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Timber nail polish is a light shade of brown crème. Whether you're rocking brown nails with stamping or waterslide nail decals, this polish a great shade for a base.

Brown nails are unique and eye-catching, and they can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. So if you're looking for a versatile polish that will take your nails to the next level, you will fall in love with this lighter shade.

light brown nail polish

12. Gaia's Creation

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Gaia's Creation is a gorgeous taupe brown polish that has holographic flakes suspended in the base. This is a color that will bring a touch of fall into your nail polish routine.

It's a good choice of color to transition from summer to autumn, and it reminds us of all our favorite fall flavors like cocoa and marshmallows.

Plus, their nail polishes are handmade in small batches to ensure quality, so you can feel good about supporting this artisan businesses.

best brown nail polish

13. Brown Gel Polish

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Try a brown ombre manicure with this gel polish set. Start with a light brown base and gradually add the darker shades of brown as you work your way up the nail.

The best thing about gel polishes is that they won't dry on you while you are perfecting and practicing your look.

This gel polish set makes an amazing gift idea for that nail artist in your life. And because it's gel, it will require a cure lamp to set the gel.

brown gel polish set

14. Gliterfied Nails Brown

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This brown polish has a clear base that is accented with lovely shimmer. In the light or sun it gives off a cool brown gold effect and this makes this nail polish a favorite among their customers.

Brown nail polish that is jazzed up with pink holographic glitter for dramatic effect will make you crazy about this nail polish brand on Etsy.

best brown nail polish

15. Brownstone

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It never ceases to amaze us how amazing Etsy sellers can be when it comes to making and naming their nail polishes. Brownstone could not be more perfect to describe this reddish brown polish.

Cirque Colors is based out of New York and is cruelty free, so not only does their polishes look good, but they also make us feel good knowing that we're not harming any animals in the process.

Whether you prefer a light brown or a dark brown, there's a vegan and cruelty free brown nail polish out there that's for you in their Etsy shop.

rust brown nail polish

16. Coffee Talk

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Coffee Talk is another brown shade that is perfect for a fall nail from Cirque Colors. Here's a nail we made using their brown polish with a dried flower. What a fabulous fall nail art idea it turned out to be.

best brown nail polish cirque coffee talk

17. Eggnog Latte

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Winter is the time of year when we long for comfort and simplicity. The days are shorter and the nights are longer, and we find ourselves drawn to the warmth of home.

That's why this brown nail polish is a cute shade for the cooler seasons. It's the color of eggnog and cozy nights spent by the fire.

speckled brown nail polish

18. Brown Gel Polish Set

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Brown nail polish is often associated with fall and cooler nights. And what better way to embrace these cozy feelings than with a brown nail polish gel set that comes in all the shades you need?

This set comes with shades of brown from the lightest to darkest and even has a light gold and white accent color to play with. If you are new to gel nails, not to worry, this set comes with everything you need. Even the cure lamp.

brown nail polish gel set

19. Modelones Vinyl Record

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We had a chance to be one of the very first blogs that got to try out the new Vinyl Record gel palette from Modelones. These brown colors are stunning in their palettes, they have many to choose from. Modelones gel polish review.

best brown nail polish vinyl record

20. Espresso Your Inner Self

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OPI stands out as a renowned nail polish brand with a remarkable range of brown shades, offering unparalleled quality and variety.

Their collection caters to diverse tastes and skin tones, making them an excellent choice for anyone who loves elegant and stylish nail colors.

 best brown nail polish

21. Chocolate Moose

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OPI reigns supreme in providing the best brown nail polish shades, boasting a wide selection of brown nail polishes, like Chocolate Moose.

Whether for personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift, OPI's collection of brown shades is sure to impress any nail polish lover.

best brown nail polish

What colors can compliment a brown manicure?

The colors listed below compliment brown because they provide a contrast that makes the brown stand out. They also help to create a more dramatic look, which is great for a night out or a special occasion. So if you're looking to add some pizzazz to your brown manicure, consider one of these five colors.

Here are 5 colors that go best with brown nail polish:

1. Black Nail Polishes

When it comes to brown, black is the perfect complimentary color. It's chic, sophisticated, and really makes brown pop. Plus, black nail polish is always in style. So if you're looking for a stylish manicure, pair brown with black. You can't go wrong!

2. White Nail Polishes

When it comes to nail polish, these two colors are a true match. The key is to find the right shade of brown and the right shade of white.

For brown, go for a rich chocolate color. It should be deep enough to contrast with the white, but not so dark that it looks muddy.

For white, choose a clean, bright shade. Then, simply alternate between brown and white polish on each nail. The result is a sophisticated and stylish manicure.

3. Gold Nail Polishes

Brown nails are an excellent canvas for a brown & gold mixed manicure. The rich hue of a light brown provides a beautiful backdrop for the sparkling metal, and the two colors together create a look that is both dramatic and elegant.

Gold nail polish also goes great with other brown hues like deep chocolate brown, making it one of the most dramatic statements for nails. Step it up with some loose glitter for nails and you are good to go!

gold and brown nail manicure

4. Teal Nail Polishes

Brown and teal nail polish is a great choice for a dramatic manicure. Brown nails are sleek and sophisticated, while teal nails add a touch of whimsy. When combined, these two colors create a look that is both trendy and unique.

5. Silver Nail Polishes

Silver nail polish is one of the most versatile colors. It comes in an endless variety of shades, allowing you to create a truly unique look when using it with brown.

One of the most striking manicures is created by pairing brown and silver sparkle nail polish. The contrast between the two colors is eye-catching and dramatic, especially when using a matte brown polish.

The brown nails add a hint of sophistication, while the sparkle silvery polish adds a touch of mystery. Together, brown and silver make a stunning manicure for any occasion.

Did you find your perfect brown nail polish? We hope so! 

Thanks for reading! We hope you can now find your new favorite shade of brown nail polishes for your manicures and nail art ideas! The possibilities are endless, aren't they?

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