19 BEST Cirque Colors + REVIEW & Favorites

cirque colors review

Here is our review of Cirque Colors nail polish brand plus some favorite nail polish colors that they offer.

There's also a fantastic cat eye polish that they have called Cannabliss. This is a polish from Cirque Colors that is magnetic and will move around to a perfect design with the use of a magnet. How fun!

Cirque Colors has amazing reviews and their customers come back for more. We know you are going to be delighted to know about this company too, just as we are.

They have so many fantastic releases throughout the year and we always look forward to what is coming next!

cirque colors review

For those of you who love to play with nail designs at home you will get excited about their unique nail polish colors, like Coffee Talk, Tequila Sunrise and Izola.

There's so many possibilities & combinations. They have a large selection of nail polishes in many colors and finishes. Even perfect for making your own press on nails!

Ok let's go through the colors that we ordered, then we will share some of the best selling nail polish colors from their Etsy shop. They are also available on Amazon too.

Cirque Colors Review

1. Dream Within A Dream | Holographic

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This color is absolutely gorgeous with color changing abilities. It will definitely add some pizzazz to your nails. This is a rich, royal purple color that is accented with holographic elements.

cirque colors review dream within a dream

2. Sour Punch | Bright Green Iridescent Polish

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A gorgeous bright lime green nail polish. You are going to fall in love with the iridescent sparkly flakes that shine in all the right ways. This polish is a limited edition and the packaging is designed by artist, Lauren Martin.

When you see this polish in real life, you will be mesmerized at how much depth of color this polish has.

Just be aware as will all limited editions, eventually they are going to sell out so if you love this polish, grab it while you can.

cirque colors review sour punch

3. Coffee Talk | Milky Brown Nail Polish

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This warm shade is perfect for any season and any outfit. Whether you're running errands or going out on the town, this polish will give you a chic, polished look.

The polish went on very smooth and silky, definitely a favorite around here.

Their long-wearing formula ensures that your polish will last for many days and will leave your nails looking their best. Plus, this brown nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

cirque colors review coffee talk

4. Cannabliss | Green Magnetic Nail Polish

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Here's the coolest trend in nail polish: magnetic polish. This polish is unlike any other, as it features a special magnetic formula that allows it to move and shift around with a magnet.

Whether you want to create unique patterns or simply add a bit of fun to your nails, this polish is perfect for you.

If you love magnetic nail polishes, check out our article Cat Eye Nail Polish Ideas for the supplies you will need to get a 3D manicure.

cirque colors review cannablis

5. Tequila Sunrise | Red To Yellow Color Changing

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Here's a fun color that gives you those warm summer vibes or for a fall inspired nail. Check out their amazing color changing nail polish. This polish is perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with new looks, and it's sure to turn heads wherever you go.

A polish that dries matte, it will change from red to yellow. This makes a great little gift idea for a nail tech or for that person in your life who loves to do up their nails.

cirque colors review tequila sunrise

The next set of Cirque Color polishes are some of the top sellers. We have these in our wishlist and will add another swatching video if we get any of these in so please keep checking back.

6. Peach Jelly | Sheer Coral Polish

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Looking for a pretty and feminine nail polish that goes on sheer? Look no further than their peach jelly nail polish. This beautiful light pink polish is perfect for a subtle, girly look.

Plus, it's super shiny and will make your nails look their best.

There's lots of ways to use this polish too, you can layer it over another base color or just use one coat for a more subtle look.

cirque colors peach jelly nail polish 

7. Ambrosia Oxblood Red | Holographic Polish

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Here's your new favorite deep red holographic color. Ambrosia just sparkles and shines when the light hits it. Just be sure to put on two coats for a really great coverage.

A polish that is perfect for a night out paired with your little black dress.

Buyers are raving about this color. "Ambrosia is a GORGEOUS color. Gives me ruby slipper vibes. Great formula, long lasting." 

ambrosia cirque colors 

8. 24K Affair | Best Gold Holographic Nail Polish

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Bring on the gold! When your nails catch the light, it's going to be hard to stop staring because the color is totally mesmerizing. 24K Affair is a stunning yellow gold holographic nail polish. 

Cirque Colors really knows how to get those shimmering gold flakes into their polishes.

Like all of their holo polishes, this is created with tiny metallic pigments, and that's what gives it that amazing shine. 

24K gold holo nail polish

9. Origin Unknown | Multichrome Nail Polish

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Here is a must have multichrome nail polish for those days when you want to have a little fun and color.

Cirque Colors shifting nail polishes are created from a high quality formula that will give you cool color changing looks. This polish goes from a gorgeous emerald green to purple, and then magenta.

This color will really stand out in the sun or under bright lights. 

best color changing nail polish cirque colors

10. Organza | Sheer Nail Polish

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For those days when you want a minimalist and natural look. Organza is a sheer milky peach color. You can use this polish in many different ways too.

You can wear it alone for a nude look, or use it to cover a French manicure. This polish would also look great with a matte top coat.

Their formula is quick drying so it's great if you don't have much time to spend on your nails.

organza sheer polish

11. Magic Turquoise | Color Changing Polish

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Magic Turquoise is a thermal nail polish that changes colors based on temperature. This polish changes to jade green when cold and light blue when warm. As far as creme polishes go, this will give you really great coverage in two coats. 

Made with metallic flake pigments that gives it a unique, speckled finish.

magic turquoise cirque colors 

12. Succulent Garden | Nature Inspired Polish

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Succulent Garden is a beautiful green nail polish with reddish shimmer and light catching holo sparkles. This polish is formulated with tiny pigments that gives it a multidimensional look. Cirque Colors mentions that this is one of their top sellers on Etsy.

This beautiful shade is perfect for any season and any outfit. It’s long lasting and chip resistant, so you can enjoy your mani/pedi for days on end. 

succulent garden nail polish

13. Deja Vu | Lavender Shimmer Polish

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Deja Vu is a medium gray nail polish with soft purple shimmer and lavender holographic sparkle. It's a lovely gray lavender color that's super eye catching and doesn't chip too easily.

You'll be obsessed with this Cirque Colors color changing polish!

deja vu lavender nail polish

14. Paradiso | Mint Green Iridescent Polish

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Ready to take your nail polish game to the next level? This bold brilliant color is sure to get you noticed. 

Paradiso is a mint-turquoise green nail polish with soft pink shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle.

paradiso nail polish

15. Halcyon | Rose Gold Metallic Nail Polish

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This eye catching color will put you in the spotlight.

Halcyon is an ultra reflective rose gold metallic nail polish. This polish is made with special metallic pigments that gives it a shiny, mirror-like finish.

Customers are raving about how very metallic it is and how it sparkles and shines amazingly in the sun! This is a polish that should be on your must have list for yourself and gifts.

cirque colors halcyon rose

16. Reflektor | Best Silver Metallic Polish

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If you’ve ever searched for that special shade of platinum polish, this one is for you! Reflektor is an ultra reflective platinum silver metallic nail polish.

Cirque Colors makes this with unique metallic pigments and that's what gives it a shiny, mirror-like finish.

reflektor nail polish

17. Cannoli | Best White Polish

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You can find many shades of white nail polish in their shop. Don't Forget the Cannoli is an ivory white crème nail polish. Best white (not white) polish, that goes with everything. 

don't forget the cannoli nail polish

18. Neo | Holographic Nail Color

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Cirque Colors Neo color is a stunning multichrome nail polish that color changes from black to red to orange. A really nice color for fall. This will give you an opaque color in two to three coats.

best cirque colors nail polish neo

19. Rose Kaolin | Favorite Rose Color

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This reminds us of the rich and soft clay masks that make your skin feel amazing. And here is Cirque Colors Rose Kaolin color that looks just like the clay. This luxurious nail polish will go on ultra smooth.

Their high quality formula will last for up to a week as long as you prep the natural nail with their base coats and top coat. This will give you an opaque look in two coats.

best cirque colors rose kaolin

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Who Is Cirque Colors Nail Polish?

Cirque Colors is a nail polish brand. Cirque Colors was founded by Annie Pham in 2012. 

They formulate all of their nail polishes from their own New York lab. Each color is created from scratch using high quality pigments and raw materials. 

The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, came from the idea of the color wheel. A window into the endless possibilities of the color spectrum.

When we spoke with Cirque Colors they told us "We are a very small team based out of Brooklyn and we make handcrafted polishes that are all animal cruelty free, 10-free, and Vegan! We make all of our polishes ourselves out of our studio in Brooklyn."


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