best customer service ideas

Here are some customer service ideas for a nail art business. When it comes to running a nail art business, great customer service is an absolute must.

After all, happy and satisfied clients are the key to success for any nail salon or press on nail business. To ensure your nail business delivers the best possible service, the following ideas should be taken into account.

Focus on building relationships with your customers so they feel valued and respected – go that extra mile with a friendly chat and never be afraid to offer extras for those clients who have been around for years.

Strive for efficiency in your nail services – keep things organized and running smoothly so customers don’t get frustrated waiting overly long periods of time.

best customer service ideas

Always remember to stay professional but also approachable - you want to give off an attitude of enthusiasm and enthusiasm will encourage loyalty among customers.

With these customer service ideas in mind you’re guaranteed to take your nail business from good to great!

Best Customer Service Ideas For A Nail Business

1. Have everything ready for their appointment

Having everything ready for your nail art clients can be a major factor in creating an amazing nail appointment experience.

Ensuring all of your nail salon supplies and nail art materials are prepped and organized beforehand can help to make the appointment go smoothly and guarantee that you are able to provide top-notch customer service for each client.

best customer service ideas

This also ensures that all of your nail art designs are completed on-time and that any delays won't affect the quality of the nail art design.

From sanitizing sprays to specialty polishes, having everything ready prior to an appointment will benefit not only you but your nail clients as well!

2. Offer clients water or tea

Offering clients water or a refreshment during their visit to your nail art studio can really make them feel welcome. This kind of customer service can really set you apart from the competition and help distinguish your nail salon from the others.

Not only is it a great additional detail that can make your nail art business stand out above the rest, but it's also just a nice gesture that makes customers more comfortable during their nail appointment.

best customer service ideas

Being able to provide something like water or tea shows your clients that you're willing to go above and beyond - providing not just quality services and results, but also outstanding customer experiences.

3. Send a thank you in the mail after their appointment

Sending a thank you in the mail after their nail appointment is one of the best ways to show your customers that you truly care about their business and value them as part of your nail art business.

It not only serves as a reminder of how much you appreciate them, but it can also help to promote customer loyalty.

best customer service ideas

Furthermore, it can increase word-of-mouth referrals for your nail salon and set you apart from competitors, by providing an extra layer of customer service.

By sending out thank you notes, you are sure to make customers feel appreciated, while possibly keeping your nail salon top-of-mind when they’re looking for their next nail treatment.

4. Remember their birthday

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Birthdays are super special days, and remembering them is a terrific way to make someone feel loved. One great idea for making that birthday extra special is a gift from your at-home nail salon business or press on nail business.

Offer discounts when customers come in celebrating their b-day; it says that you appreciate that they continue to choose your nail salon over others.

best customer service ideas

Birthday cards go a long way for customers to know that you value their patronage and make the experience feel more personal and inviting. You can also send them a creative birthday card through email or their social media.

If appropriate or practical, try sending them nail art supplies or samples from your at home nail salon. Maybe there are some new stickers or retail items in your nail salon that they have commented on.

customer service ideas

Showing effort for even the easiest and smallest gestures for your customers is always admirable!

5. Give a gift

When your absolute best customers come in, have small gifts ready to surprise them with from time to time. You know, the ones that don't bat an eye and drop a ton of money on your designs? Those are the ones we are talking about here.

Running a nail art business or nail salon is all about delivering outstanding customer service.

And one of the best ways to do this is by surprising your best customers with small gifts from time to time.

customer service ideas for nail salon 

This could be anything, such as nail files, nail brushes or nail polish. It can also be a special hand cream or cuticle oil. What about some handmade soap or sugar scrub for hands?

Such unexpected surprises show your customers that you truly appreciate their business, prompting them to come back more often and spend more money.

Showing how much you value their loyalty will help strengthen relationships with customers in the long run, helping you form deeper connections with each and every one of them.

6. Remember special events & holidays

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The best way to remember a special event or moment that your customer has shared with you is to write it down in your digital calendar or nail tech planner.

best customer service ideas

Anytime your customer mentions something, like their daughter is getting married or their anniversary. Even a special holiday that is special to them. Make a note. Then when you get close to those dates, you can mention it or send a handwritten note or card.

7. Customer of the month

You know those photos you love to share on your socials when you create the most amazing manicures. Why don't you have a customer of the month? Take a photo of their manicure and put it into a frame to keep beside the register.

Before you do, check out our helpful article about how to take a really good photo of nail art.

nail tech customer service ideas

8. Customer appreciation day

Have a set day every few months where it's customer appreciation day. Blog about it, post it on your socials and give a small discount for anyone who is booked in that day.

For nail salon owners, customer appreciation day is an essential reason to pause and celebrate all the hard work they put into their nail art business.

By taking some extra steps – like providing free upgrades on nail services or a light hand massage – it’s easier for them to make sure their customers feel appreciated and that their loyalty has not gone unnoticed.

best customer service ideas

It’s a great time to show nail clients that they are truly valued, and it is one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty. For nail technicians operating at home nail salons, this day can be especially meaningful.

Show your customers how much you appreciate them with a customer appreciation day, and you’re sure to strengthen your bond in the nail salon community!

9. Get back to customers in a timely manner

Having a nail art business, especially one that is run from the comfort of your own home, is a rewarding experience.

As much as it can be enjoyable, it can also be very demanding. One of the most important things to remember when running any nail salon - whether at home or in a store - is dedication to customer service.

best customer service ideas for nail salon

Responding to customers promptly is vital and will allow them to know they are valued and have confidence in your nail art business. Keeping up with customer interaction needs to be a priority even when you’re busy – after all, successful nail artist entrepreneurs put their customers first!

10. Offer a gift for a referral

As a nail art business owner, you know that word-of-mouth marketing is essential to the success of your nail salon.

Offering a gift to loyal customers who refer new ones is one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing this. After all, who isn't more likely to tell their friends about the amazing customer service they received at your nail salon, or the convenience of having their nails done at home if you make house calls?

best customer service gifts 

Not only does offering a gift show how much you value their support and referral, but it encourages them to keep coming back and continue referring more potential customers.

Everyone loves feeling appreciated, so by showing your gratitude with something when they give you referrals, you'll ensure your nail salon's continued success!

11. Repost your customers nail shares

For nail art businesses, customer service can go above and beyond the nail procedure experience when the business takes a moment to repost customer nail shares on social media!

Showcasing customer result photos and providing validation for their nail art designs gets your customers excited and encourages them to engage with your page.

customer service ideas for a nail salon

Check your tagged photos or hashtags related to your nail art business and take the time to show appreciation to all customers who proudly shared their manicures—they will love it!

Plus, it adds great value to your future customers' experience of choosing your nail salon services; it is important to be attentive to those taking the initiative towards beauty care.

12. Invite loyal customers to join a VIP club

If you manage a nail art business or nail salon, then you know customer service is key. Nurturing customer loyalty should be a top priority, and one of the best ways to do this is by inviting loyal customers to join your exclusive VIP club.

By offering special discounts, exclusive access and attractive events, a VIP club allows nail art businesses to reward their most valuable customers and ensure they keep coming back for more.

best customer service ideas

Plus, it shows each individual customer that you value their loyalty and appreciate their support.

So if you want to make sure your nail art business inspires long-term customer loyalty and stands out from the competition, encouraging frequent customers to join a VIP club is essential.

13. Keep nail art samples nearby for your client

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As a nail artist, having nail art samples and photos of your designs nearby is essential for providing top-notch customer service. Not only does it help you more easily explain to clients the look they want, but it also gives them ideas and inspiration to work off of.

customer service ideas for nail techs

Keeping nail art samples on a handy tablet helps nail salons remember successful nail art in order to duplicate a nail look or create something new based on it.

It's also important to build a portfolio of your nail art so that when potential new clients come into the salon, they can see everything you offer and get excited about what you can do for their nails. 

14. Give regular customers sneak peeks of new products

This can be as easy as showing them a product you ordered online and waiting for. Or you can share a new collection of gels or acrylics your salon just got in. Whatever it is, your customer will love that you are sharing this with them.

customer service ideas for nail techs 

15. Fix issues that most customers are mentioning

Is there something in your nail business that always seems to come up? This is the time to consider changing a policy or product. Keep your ears open for the most common complaints and get it fixed asap.

16. Stay positive

No matter how you day is going, your customer deserves the best part of you. Always engage in conversation that is uplifting and positive.

This might be the best thing that has happened to them all week or month so you want the whole manicure from start to finish to be a positive one.

This doesn't mean that you have to plaster on a fake smile whenever a client walks through the door — but rather, being polite and pleasant should be your first priority.

customer service ideas

Not only could it help create a comfortable environment for the customer, but courteousness can also make all the difference in how long they'll stay, how often they might return, and even whether or not they'll leave a positive review about their experience.

Ultimately, great customer service is one of the most important things we can offer as nail art business owners — so think positivity first and nail salon success will follow!

17. Keep your studio tidy and clean

For nail salons, cleanliness should be a major focus. Taking care to properly sanitize nail art tools and provide a spotless environment ensures that customers won't encounter anything unpleasant during their appointment.

When nail artists pay attention to even the smallest details such as cleaning all surfaces it creates an enjoyable, stress-free experience for everyone involved.

customer service ideas

Not only does this lead to repeat business, but it makes it easier for nail salon owners to take pride in their business and show a commitment to excellent customer service.

Ultimately, having a clean nail salon is the best way for nail art businesses to thrive and establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy professionals.

18. Have your whole team practice good customer service skills

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The nail art business is a competitive market, and having your nail salon provide high quality customer service skills can go a long way.

Positive customer experiences spread through word of mouth, so if customers have a great time during their visit, they're likely to return and recommend your nail salon to others.

customer service ideas

With the right customer service techniques, it's easy to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for both new and returning customers.

Plus, having everyone on your team practice good customer service skills creates a unified approach which communicates trustworthiness and professionalism to everyone in your nail art business.

If you own a salon and have lots of nail techs working for you, start them off right. Give them a customer service course or outline with expectations you require for your customers.

In Conclusion:

We hope this list of customer service tips has been helpful to nail art businesses and nail salons.

Every detail matters in creating a successful nail salon, from the way materials are laid out to the tone of voice used with clients. Making sure your customer service policies and practices are up-to-date will help ensure that customers remain loyal.

As you continue to grow in the nail art business, make sure your customer service team is always ready to create an enjoyable experience for current and new clients alike.

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