How To Use Dried Flowers For Nail Art [2023]

dried flower nail art tutorial

Here is super easy dried flower fall nail DIY using regular nail polish. You might be wondering if you can use nail polish for a dried flower manicure, and the answer is yes. You can definitely use regular nail polish with dried flowers to make a floral inspired manicure.

Dried flowers are one of those must have nail art supplies. You can do so many techniques with them. Flowers for nails can be used with gel polish kits, or clear builder gels. And can be encapsulated with clear nail dip powders or simply laid on the nail with a top coat.

dried flower nail art diy

If you want to learn more about using dried flowers in nail art, we have a helpful article of where to get dried flowers for nail art ideas that you might want to check out later.

In this dried flower nail idea, we are using regular nail polish to create a fall nail art idea. The brown colored nail polish is cozy and warm, reminding us of warm sweater nights with hot cocoa and the are gold flakes just brings it all together for a fantastic fall nail look.

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Ok let's get into the dried flower nail art tutorial. 🌺

Dried Flower Fall Nail With Nail Polish

Dried Flower Fall Nail Art Supplies:

Cirque Colors Coffee Talk On Etsy

Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat On Amazon

Dried Flowers For Nails

Gold Leafing For Nails On Amazon

Coffin Nail Tips

Fine Pointed Nail Tweezers

nail art supplies

Dried Flower Fall Nail Art Tutorial:

Before starting a nail art tutorial, it's a good idea to have everything ready so that you are not looking for your supplies in the middle of a manicure.

Step 1

Apply the first coat of nail polish to the nail form. Make sure that the whole nail is covered in a smooth coat. Let the first coat completely dry before going to the next step.

applying first coat of nail polish

Step 2

Paint on the second coat of nail polish.

applying second coat of nail polish

Step 3

While the second is still wet, apply the flower using fine pointed nail tweezers. You will need to place the flower exactly where you would like it to go the first time.

So do take your time to place the flower onto the nail. Once the flower is on the wet nail polish, it won't be able to be moved.

carefully placing the flower

Step 4

Gently press the flower into the nail polish so that the edges are not sticking up very much.

press the edges of the flower

Step 5

Apply the gold leafing flakes. You can place them wherever you like. In this nail, the gold flakes were started from 1/4 of the way from the free edge, up the the top of the nail using the end of the tweezers.

applying the gold leafing

Step 6

Let the nail completely dry.

Step 7

Apply a generous layer of glossy top coat and let dry.

painting on the final top coat

This nail turned out beautifully. You can do all of your nails like this for a full set or just pick one or two for accent nails.

nail art ideas with dried flowers

If you are a nail tech or press on nail artist and looking for ideas you can totally use this DIY for inspiration.

Go ahead and make it your own! And you can even copy this, no problem. We are here to help you with ideas. 😊

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Use A Dried Flower With Regular Nail Polish

Here's the video tutorial for you. This technique does take some practice to get the flower onto the nail without ruining the finish.

But it can be done for those who don't use gel polish and only have regular nail polish.


Flower nails are one of the most popular trends in the nail world right now. If you're looking for a way to jazz up your nails, we hope you try this tutorial! This look is absolutely stunning for a fall inspired look, and it's easy to do at home.

Did you find this dried flower nail art tutorial helpful? We hope so!

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dried flower nail art tutorial 

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