13 EASY Dried Flower Nail Art Tutorials [2024]

dried flowers nail art tutorials

Here are the best dried flower nail art tutorials using real flowers. Floral nail art is a great way to add a touch of nature inspired style to your DIY manicure.

Dried flowers are a beautiful and unique way to decorate your nails, and there are many different techniques to get the look. You can use regular nail polish, builder gels, acrylic powders and also dip powders for nails to create flower nails.

dried flower nail art tutorials

There are plenty of nail art tutorials available that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

We compiled a list for you of some of the best and unique dried flower nail art ideas from some fellow YouTubers and nail art designers.

And once you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting with different designs and techniques. You can even create your own DIY nails at home using some of these methods.

dried flower nail art tutorials

So if you're looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out these nail art tutorials using dried flowers.

Dried Flower Nail Art Tutorials

1. Simple Flower Nails With Nail Polish

In this easy dried flower nail art SugarField DIY used the color Coffee Talk from Cirque Colors Etsy shop as the base. Then while the second coat of nail polish was still wet, the dried flower was applied along with some gold flakes for accents.

The result is an easy dried flower nail with a fall vibe. The trick when using nail polish instead of gel polish is to make sure that the flower and gold flecks are placed carefully before the second coat is completely dried.

dried flower nail art tutorial

Check out the Cirque Colors  nail polish review to have a closer look at this brand.

2. Beginner Easy Flower Nails

Nailcou uses real dried flowers and encapsulates them with acrylic. If you have not used acrylic before, this is a great way to try something new.

And if you are just learning, grab yourself some nail tips for practicing on before trying this on your natural nail.

dried flower nail art tutorials

3. Nail Art Flowers

Using tiny dried flowers, Nail Artist Kristin Gardner shows nail art lovers the right steps to make these nature inspired nails. 

First she applied some glitter for nails and then used a top coat to set the glitter. Next the flowers were applied one by one until the desired look was achieved. Lastly, a top coat is painted on.

dried flower nail art tutorials

4. Flower Nails Tutorial

For those who like to use gel polish, this dried flowers nail art tutorial is something you might want to try. And for this tutorial, you will need a cure lamp to set the gel polish.

Millie makes a blue flower nail using some really pretty glitter for nails and lovely blue flowers. The result is simply beautiful. This kind of nail would be stunning for an outdoor wedding look or to say hello to spring when it arrives.

dried flower nail art tutorials

5. DIY Dried Flower Nail Art 3 Ways

Kelli Marissa shows her viewers how to do a dried flower nail art 3 ways using nail polish from Cirque Colors. These are so cute and Kelli makes this dried flower nail art so easy to follow.

She starts off with a base coat and then adds the nail polish colors. While the color is still wet, the dried flowers are applied. Then a final top coat. Her flower nails turn out beautiful and we love how she made the bouquet set.

dried flower nail art tutorials

6. Easy Nail Flower Design

Using gel to encapsulate dried flowers is one of the most popular way to use them. Nails By Katie Dutra shows how you can get this look with step by step instructions using hard gel and gel polish.

dried flower nail art tutorials

7. Acrylic Flowers On Nails

When you want to learn about how to use dried flowers in nail art with acrylics, you go to Nail Art Education. Suzie makes a stunning dried flower nail art with acrylics on coffin nails.

dried flower nail tutorials

8. Builder Gel Flower Nails

Builder gel is fantastic for making dried flower nails, we use it here all the time and love how you can embed flowers to make them look like they are floating inside the nail.

In this dried flower nail art video tutorial, Made By Kit shows her viewers how to encapsulate small dried flowers in builder gel.

The gold foil flake accents just takes the nails to another level of opulence. The result is beautiful clear nails with delicate flowers.

dried flower nail tutorials

9. Encapsulated Dried Flower Nails

Watch this DIY nail art tutorial to see how to make this beautiful floral design. They give a modern twist by using gel with extra long coffin nails. In this tutorial, the flowers are placed on the underside of the nail and then covered with gel.

The result is a beautiful manicure. And if you prefer a different shape of nail, you can use whatever you like to create this look.

flower nail art ideas

10. Dried Flower Nails With Polygel

In this dried flower nail art tutorial, Jess shows how to create a whimsical look with polygel. The result is a beautiful and elegant manicure. Just remember when using polygel, it's going to take some practice getting the shape perfect.

You can also use forms to create the shape first and then apply the flowers for a beginner friendly option.

dried flower nails

11. Floral Manicure With Dried Flowers

Tatyana makes a stunning dried flower manicure using a set of beautiful dried flowers. First she preps her nail and then applies the base coats.

Then using a beautiful milky builder gel she goes over the whole nail. Next she coats a dual form with clear gel and places the flowers.

Her technique give a super smooth surface that requires minimal filing.

dried flower nail art tutorial

12. Dried Flower Glitter Nail

Using a nail tip, The Nails Queen makes a stunning dried flower nail with chunky glitter. The way she makes the glitter and flowers look like they go on forever is her layering technique.

The final coat of crystal clear acrylic gives these nails an amazing look and holds everything right in place for a manicure that's going to last for 3-4 weeks.

nail art using dried flowers

13. Dried Flower Dip Powder

Kiara Sky has a super helpful dried flower tutorial using dip powder kits. The flowers are applied into the dip powder base and then encapsulated with more dip powder.

It takes a few coats to completely get the flowers covered. Then the whole nail is filed down to a beautiful smooth finish.

flower nail art


Dried glower nails are one of the classics for nail art. If you're looking for a way to show your love of nature try them out for sure! This look is absolutely beautiful and it's easy to do at home.

Did you find these dried flower nail art tutorials helpful? We hope so!

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