13 Lovely DRIED FLOWERS For NAIL ART [2024]

dried flowers for nail art

Here are the best dried flowers for nails and nail art designs. Have you always wanted to try and do your nails with dried flowers? Dried flower nail art can make a manicure feel whimsical and fun. 

Dried flowers are beautiful & whimsical and they can really make your nails stand out, especially because there are so many different kinds of colorful flowers.

With all of the different colors and shapes, you can create nail art with dried flowers for every nail! If you're wondering where you can get lots of dried and pressed flowers that's budget friendly to do your dried flower nails and manicure DIY's, read on.

best dried flowers for nail art

We cover everything from types of dried flowers for nails & nail art, where you can get them, ways to use them in manicures & more! Here is where to buy real dried flowers for nails. Many of these shops sell bulk wholesale flowers for nail art too so you can easily purchase the amount that you need for your salon or at home nail studio.

The best dried flowers for nail art are the ones that are fully natural. These flowers are very delicate and are best to be separated and handled with the kind of tweezers that are long and skinny at the end. We use this tweezer set here on Amazon for our tutorials.

Dried Flower Nail Art

1. Mini Nail Flowers Value Pack

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These little dried flowers are the perfect addition to anyone's collection of nail art supplies. With 190 tiny flowers and stems, they will go a long way as you experiment with new dried flower nail designs.

In addition, this dried flower nail art package comes with a mini tweezers so you can easily grab those tiny little flowers. You can use this set to go over your favorite nail polish colors or encapsulate in a hard gel like builder gel.

dried flowers for nail art

2. Five Petal Flowers

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The perfect dried flower manicure just got a whole lot more exciting! These flower nail appliques are the absolute easiest way to add some floral flair to your manicure.

With almost 200 different flowers, you can mix and match them with any color scheme to coordinate your DIY manicure.

Dried flower nail art looks amazing when you are layering different leaves on top of nail tips, for making a butterfly garden inspired nail or for making one statement nail. You can also use these for acrylic nails with dried flower accents.

Use these tiny dried flowers for DIY nail art for any time of the year for a nature inspired look.

dried flowers for nail art

3. Dried Flower Value Pack

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A great variety of colors and styles to choose from to make a flower nail with these sets. Life will always be beautiful with these stunning and delicate preserved flowers and vibrant cornflowers.

Perfect for using in springtime manicures and cozy fall nails. And the yellow flowers are a perfect pair with pink nail polish.

These flowers can be mixed with other dried flowers to create a multitude of combinations for your gel nail, acrylic nails and toes too!

best dried flowers for nail art

4. Natural Flowers

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Nail art is about to get a beautiful natural update! Dried flowers are bits of colorful nature that also double as beautiful nail art ideas. With beauty alive in every flower, you can't resist these gorgeous colors.

This dried flower set would look stunning paired with pastel nail polish or jelly nail polish colors.

Not only does this Etsy shop offer pressed flowers in all shapes and colors, they even have mini cherry blossoms, tiny roses and bulk packs too. 

dried flowers for nail art

5. Multi Dried Flower Packs

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With a delicate variety of vibrant colors, these dried flowers are the perfect accent for every flower inspired manicure. Feel free to use them as a delicate accent on one single nail or go all out for an exotic look! You can also take them to the next level by adding some rose gold glitter for nails in the center of the flower.

They’re also great for adding to a gel overlay, can be attached to long nails for a customized touch, and work well in wedding manicures for a natural look.

dried flowers for nail art

6. Natural Dried Flowers

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Real dried flowers for nails, like these organic rose petals and jasmine blooms, are a beautiful way to add an extra touch of natural beauty to your nails. Any nail polish color would look fantastic as a base, or just go with a natural nail for a minimal look.

Whether you're looking for something glamorous or delicate - they've got the prettiest dried flowers that will be perfect for any occasion!

best dried flowers for nails

7. DIY Dried Flower Press

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Dried flowers are fantastic for making beautiful nail art. Whether you're looking to recreate the beauty of nature or just want something fresh and cheerful, the selection of real dried flowers can't be beat when you make your own with a flower press.

dried flower press


8. Tiny Dried Flowers

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What an adorable Etsy shop that offers lots of dried flower packs. These small dried flowers are fabulous for adding a pop of color to your nail designs.

You can use them as an accent on painted nails with your favorite nail polish color or as fillers in any nail art pattern. 

dried flowers for nail art

9. Mixed Flowers & Sequins

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Are you looking for lovely DIY nail art flowers that are affordable? Look no further than these beautiful dried flowers. Whether you want to do something cheery or glamorous, they have the perfect flower in store for your nails.

Dried flowers can be used in so many ways: use them as an accent on top of gel overlay or place them around the edge of the nail.

dried flowers for nail art

10. Natural Dried Flowers

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Do you have a friend who will stop at nothing when it comes to getting their nails done? Stock up on these flowers for nail art so they can create the perfect look every time!

These dried flowers are easy to make any manicure come to life. You'll never go wrong with using delicate leaves and botanicals.

dried flowers for nail art

11. Mixed Boxes Of Flowers

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Dried flowers sure add a cute touch to any manicure or pedicure and they are so fun to use. Especially soft muted tones and colors. There's some really pretty dried flowers and dried flower sets for your manicures and pedicures in this Etsy shop. They have many different kinds to choose from.

This look below looks fabulous. You can use a gel base coat or a builder gel to build up the nail to get a totally smooth manicure.

dried flowers for nail art

12. Real Dried Flower Sets

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A shop full of nail art supplies, including dried flowers. We have ordered from this shop before and they gave us excellent customer service and quick shipping.

One thing that we love about this shop is that they are always adding new nail art supplies to try. You can purchase dried flowers for your nail art ideas in kits. They even have beautiful pressed hydrangea flowers too that would look lovely on a purple nail polish base color.

dried flowers for nail art

13. Bulk Dried Flowers

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Here is an Etsy shop that carries a large selection of real flowers for nail art. They have so many to choose from at great prices. They offer dried pansy flowers, popular Queen Anne's Lace flowers, flower packs and more.

If you are looking for tiny dried flowers for nail art, you will definitely find what you are looking for in this fully stocked shop.

dried flowers for nail art 

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In this nail article, we’ve provided a list of companies that offer dried flowers for manicures. Whether you want to make your own pretty and delicate floral design or just use the flower as an accent nail decoration, we hope our list can help inspire you.

Dried flower nail art is all about creativity and experimentation so try some different combinations of florals and see what happens. Have fun!

We hope you found this list of dried flowers for nails helpful in your quest for the perfect florals! 💅 

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