9 Places That Sell Empty Nail Polish Bottles

empty nail polish bottles

Are you looking for a place to buy empty nail polish bottles? If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll discuss where you can buy empty nail polish bottles.

Empty nail polish bottles are great to have on hand because you can use them to mix your very own nail colors.

Sometimes you might need to go through your nail polishes and combine the colors that don't have very much polish left in the bottle.

You can make a brand new color by taking all of those older colors and combining them into one new color!

empty nail polish bottles for mixing your own colors

Whether you're a nail artist aficionado or a small nail art business that needs some wholesale bottles, you'll want to check out this list of where to buy empty nail polish bottles. We found some good shops and sellers.

From bulk to unique shaped bottles, there's sure to be one on this list that meets your needs! Plus, empty nail polish bottles can be used for all sorts of other things around the home or nail salon too.

One thing to note is that some of these empty nail polish bottles do not come with the agitator balls. You can grab sets of agitator balls here on Amazon.


1. Transparent Nail Polish Bottles

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This set of 30 glass empty nail polish bottles comes with a black lid and wide brush. They can be used to store your extra nail polishes or for mixing your own colors.

The transparent glass makes it easy to see exactly what you have mixed. This is more like a mini pack, each polish holds 5ml's so it's a great set for using for nail polish experiments.

empty nail polish bottles

2. Small Nail Polish Bottles With White Or Black Lids

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Here's a set of 20 empty glass nail polish bottles that come in a choice of white and black lids. This is a small sample set so the bottles will each hold 5mls of liquid.

If you have your own nail supply shop or an Etsy store, you can make your own color collections to sell and put your own label on these easily. Each bottle has a mixing ball and pouring funnels so you won't need to buy those separately.

empty nail polish bottles

3. Unique Nail Polish Bottles

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Here's some cute glass nail polish bottles that come in a cute flower shape. This set comes with the brushes and mixing balls. You can use this set for those special nail polish mixes or gift ideas for when you want to make your own brand of nail polish for friends. 

Another way to use these bottles is to repackage and mix together some of your older nail polishes to give them a new life.

empty nail polish bottles flower design

4. Bulk Empty Nail Polish Bottles

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If you need a bulk set of empty nail polish bottles, here is a 24 pack. These are made from clear glass with about a 5ml capacity.

So these are a small sample sized set. If you are giving away samples of your custom polishes, this set is great for that.

empty nail polish bottles

5. 15ml Empty Nail Polish Bottles

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The 15ml nail polish bottle is a standard size and Beebeecraft also carries sets of these too with a brush. This is a set of 12 glass bottles that comes with pipettes and funnels. 

This set of empty glass nail polish bottles is made of premium glass. Each bottle has a cap that fits perfectly onto the bottle to prevent leakage.

empty nail polish bottles

6. Black Bottles For Gel Polishes

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Here's a set of 6, 10ml black nail polish bottles for products that need to be away from light. You are going to use these ones for gel polishes, cuticles oils or for UV top coats and base coats.

The blacked out bottle will keep the liquid inside safely away from the UV light.

empty nail polish bottles

7. Fancy Empty Nail Polish Bottles

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Let's head on over to Etsy! Check out these fancy crown shaped lids on these bottles. These empty nail polish bottles would be so cute for those limited edition nail polishes or samples to give out to your customers and clients.

You know when they ask about a certain color or need a bit for touch ups, you can put the nail polish into these fancy bottles and charge a sample price.

Did you know that you can use an empty nail polish bottle as a vase for a small plant? Simply remove the brush and fill with water. How cute would those look in your nail salon or nail art rooms!

empty nail polish bottles

8. Cylinder Nail Polish Bottles With Gold Lid

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Here's an elegant option for your DIY nail polish creations. This Etsy shop offers these bottles in many different set quantities so you can pick up a few or even a set of 70 bottles.

These bottles would be so cute for a bridal party Make up your own custom wedding color and give as gifts as part of their bridal gift boxes.

empty nail polish bottles

9. Wholesale Nail Polish Bottles

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Here's a wholesale bulk set of empty nail polish bottles that are made in Italy. This large set of 70 bottles comes with the caps and mixing balls. Each bottle will hold 15ml's of polish.

The square design makes it easy to apply your own labels because of the flat sharp sides.

empty nail polish bottles 

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this article helpful and found a perfect set of empty glass nail polish bottles. Make sure to check out our other articles for more tips and advice on all things nail art related. As always, have a happy day. 😉


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