VIDEO: essie Nail Polish Review [2023]

essie nail polish travel kit review

Here is our essie nail polish review of some of their most popular colors plus a bonus video. You can see exactly what these colors look like.

Hi everyone! Today, we are going to share with you some thoughts on the essie nail polishes and swatch the three colors that come in this set.

Here are the colors that are being tried out in this essie nail polish review:

  • essie Blanc nail polish
  • essie Ballet Slippers swatch
  • essie Imported Bubbly swatch

You will see exactly what each color looks like and how they are applied to a nail tip.

essie is a nail polish brand that offers an award-winning line of nail polishes and nail care products. Their company, essie, started in 1981 by their founder Essie Weingarten. Her first show was in Las Vegas when she released the first collection of 12 polishes.

If you want to watch the video, head on down to the bottom of this post. You will see the swatching video and unboxing of the essie nail polish travel pack.

Essie Nail Polish Review

essie nail polish Amazon shop

This kit comes with 3 x 5ml mini bottles of essie nail polish in three shades. Ballet Slippers, Blanc and Imported Bubbly.

Here is the packaging, it's very cute and will easily fit into your handbag.

essie nail polish review

Do you love to travel? You might get excited when you spot the essie nail polish travel kits at Walmart.

We are always on the lookout for new nail polishes to try, so when this mini essie travel pack showed up in the nail polish section, there was only one thing to do, get these filmed and swatched!

Before using nail polish, give each bottle a really good shake. You can also rub the nail polish in between your hands to get it all mixed up. This is especially important for nail polish that has been sitting on the store shelves for a while.

The pigments and mica powders will start to collect on the bottom if the nail polish has been sitting. You can also turn them over and let them sit for a while before shaking too.

That will ensure all of the mica that has been sitting on the bottom, will now be near the top.

essie nail polish review 

Here's what's included in the essie travel kit:

essie Blanc Nail Polish: This is ok for a quick manicure or touch up for when you are on the go, the formula is not as opaque as some of the nail polishes we have tried. We found for a totally opaque look, it's best applied with three thin coats. This polish dried super fast.

essie Ballet Slippers: A classic from essie, this color goes on with a subtle sheer finish that is great for any time of year. You really have to use this polish to appreciate how delicate and pretty this color is. It gives a nice glossy finish with two coats.

essie Imported Bubbly: Really loved this color and the pearl mica that is in it. It has a glossy finish and looked amazing on the black nail tip that we swatched.

This would also look great with a matte top coat too and think it would pair lovely with a dried flower manicure. See our article best dried flowers for manicures.

essie nail polish review

essie nail polish review

The brushes are a bit tricky to use on long nails because of the amount of polish they can hold. It would be nice if these polishes came with more full brushes. But it is to be expected with a small bottle. 

Just make sure you have enough polish on the brush so that you don't have to keep going over the same spots, because the polishes will start to dry and ruin your manicure. Really get the brush covered with the polish, especially for longer nails.

A good thing is that these polishes dry pretty quickly so they are great for on the go. You won't have to wait very long in between coats. If you are finding that your polish isn't drying quick enough, here are some helpful tip for drying nail polish faster.

After we swatched the Blanc nail color, it was already completely dry by the time the other two were done and it was ready for another coat.

essie nail polish review

Two coats of the polishes were applied onto a white and black nail tip to see how they would cover and what they looked like. The Blanc was ok, but definitely would need a third coat for total coverage on a dark nail.

For super opaque white polish, check out our guide of the best white nail polishes.

The formula that essie uses for Blanc does go on nice and smoothly. 

essie nail polish review

Here are all of the nail polish swatches with two coats. Overall, this is a nice set to have on hand for touch ups or for travel.

The Ballet Slippers is absolutely gorgeous and will be used in future tutorials so do be sure to keep watch for some DIY's coming up with that color. The color is soft and would be a great base for adding waterslide nail decals for a little extra.

Just look how it totally changes the dark nail below. There's so many ways you can use this polish for your manicures.

These essie nail polish swatches are from left to right: Imported Bubbly, Blanc and Ballet Slippers.

essie nail polish review

Video: Here is a real life look at the essie nail polish. We are swatching the mini travel pack that includes Blanc, Ballet Slippers & Imported Bubbly.

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essie nail polish swatching video



essie is a nail polish brand for beginners and professionals. For more than 35 years the have been one of the top leaders in nail polishes that are offered all around the world. They offer a manicure experience with different color combinations that are great for everyone.

essie offers color collections for every season or event. They offer a salon-quality formula and cute names for their polishes that have led to the creation of thousands of shades.

This set was purchased on WalMart. We looked for the same set on Amazon but it was not available. If you are looking for each color, here they are in essie's Amazon shop.

essie Blanc Nail Polish - Check Price On Amazon

essie Ballet Slippers Polish - Check Price On Amazon

essie Imported Bubbly Polish - Check Price On Amazon

essie base coat - Check Price On Amazon

essie top coat - Check Price On Amazon

essie nail polish application tips

1. Before you begin your manicure, shake the nail polish enough to get all of the formula dispersed properly.

2. Since these polishes are light in color, they remove very easily with acetone.

3. Do be sure you have enough polish on the brush to make a smooth coat without having to go over the same spot.

4. These colors dry quite quickly so great for a super quick manicure.

5. To use on natural nails, it is best to apply one coat of a base coat onto your nails. Then follow with two thin coats of the essie polish.

6. For a manicure that will last a little longer, finish with a top coat.

7. Nail polish by essie that is unopened has a two year shelf life.

8. essie nail polish can be removed with acetone and a lint free nail polish wipe.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to try essie for yourself? We hope this swatching has been helpful and that it gave you a good overview of the colors available in this kit.

Did you find this essie nail polish review helpful? We hope so!

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