19 BEST Nail Art & Supply Shops On Etsy [2024]

nail art and supplies on etsy

Here are the best nail art & nail supply shops on Etsy. Purchasing nail supplies on Etsy has never been more popular. And these sellers have a vast selection of all kinds of nail supplies for professional nail artists & beginners too.

There's many different kinds of nail art supply shops to choose from. You can find waterslide nail decals, cruelty free nail polish and nail salon supplies for professionals and also for your at home studio.

And if you are looking for hand painted press on nails, there's some Etsy shops who specialize in creating gorgeous designs that are one of a kind.

You can never go wrong with browsing nail shops on Etsy. Here is a roundup list of brands and shops who specialize in everything nail supplies.


1. CN Designer Dips For Nail Dip Powders

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Visit this shop for every color of nail dipping powder you can imagine. They offer a large selection of extreme glitters to soft muted matte colors. Choose from single colors, or dip collections that include many colors.

Running my small business has been an absolute dream come true, and I couldn't do it without my wonderful customers and amazing team!

best nail supply shops on etsy

2. Pretty Fab Nails for Decals & Nail Wraps

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The selection of nail wraps & decals in this shop are amazing. You can purchase nail stickers, wraps and also tools & accessories. Some of their best sellers are animal prints & nature inspired designs.

Our mission is to help women like you to get professional-quality and Instagramable nails in less time and without the expense of the salon.

best nail supply shops on etsy

3. Cirque Colors for Cruelty Free Nail Polish

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Whenever you need to stock up on some seriously amazing nail polish colors then check out Cirque Colors. They offer vegan & cruelty free products in colors like Rothko Red & Tumbleweed. Their thermal color changing colors are a top seller.

We are a very small team based out of Brooklyn and we make handcrafted polishes that are all animal cruelty free, 10-free, and vegan!

best nail supply shops on etsy

4. Rachels Nails By Rachel for Nail Decals & Supplies

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Whenever you need unique nail decals for your manicures, this is a shop that should be on your list. This shop offers two different kinds of nail decals. They have decals that you cut out to cover your whole nail and then waterslide decals too.

I LOVE Nail Art and I really hope you enjoy browsing my store.

best nail supply shops on etsy

5. Makynail for Nail Stickers, Gels & Charms

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Here's a shop that carries a ton of nail art supplies like crystals, rhinestones, glitter powders and nail tools. You can pretty much find everything you need to stock up your home studio or salon.

If you are looking for some gift ideas for that nail artist, you will find some fabulous ideas.

More nail supply items will be updated every week! Any questions please feel free to contact me by ETSY message!

best nail supply shops on etsy

6. LGNS for Professional Nail Art Supplies

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This Etsy shop is run by a professional nail technician that is passionate about offering the best quality to her customers. That's why professional nail artists as well as beginner nail techs are often visiting her shop when they need to stock up on supplies.

Since their products are vegan and cruelty-free, you can make a stunning manicure without contributing to animal testing.

Our gel polishes are professional top of the line quality 100% gel and free of HEMA. All of the products we sell are also vegan and are not tested on animals.

best nail supply shops on etsy 

7. Brandi Kaye Nails for Top Nail Art Trends

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Search through their large collections of charms & nail stickers. And when you need a little extra for your manicure, just add some gems or charms and you have a great set of nails that are ready for their beauty shots!

Customers are raving: Exactly what I needed and quality is excellent.

best nail supply shops on etsy

8. ILNP Artisan Nail Polishes

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When it comes to nail polish, there are a lot of options out there. But if you're looking for a vegan and cruelty-free option, ILNP on Etsy is a great choice.

They have a wide range of stunning colors to choose from, and the formula is amazing. The quality is definitely worth the price. They also made our list of the best nail polish gift sets for this year.

nail art shops on etsy

9. Pop And Polished Nail Toppers

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This is one of our favorite brands on Etsy! The nail polish from Pop And Polished is high end quality and provides full gorgeous coverage on any type of nail so you can use it on natural nails or a tip.

Check out their topper sets for when you need to grab a unique gift for that nail polish lover in your life.

best nail art brands on etsy

10. Dipnotic Nails for Nail Dip Colors

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Buyers are absolutely raving about this shop and their dip powder colors. You can find pretty much any color you need in their nicely organized shop.

No matter if you are looking for a nebula black sparkle dipping powder or subtle shimmers you will definitely find what you are looking for.

best nail supply shops on etsy

11. Ellison's Organics for Cruelty Free & Vegan Nail Polish

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What a breath of fresh air it is to see so many cruelty free & vegan shops popping up! With so many companies that care about animals you can really feel good about purchasing nail products. 

Their vegan polishes are created from a high quality formula that will give you an ultra smooth finish and high end look.

best nail supply shops on etsy

12. Mi Crafting Shop For Nail Decorations

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When you want the good stuff for nail art decorations, you go to Etsy. Here's a shop that we found that specializes in all kinds of nail art embellishments

These mixed kits include everything you need to create beautiful nails. You are going to have so much fun going through this shop and picking out your favorites for your manicures.

etsy nail art supplies

13. Otsego Shop

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A fully stocked shop for whimsical and fun nail stickers & supplies. Some of their top sellers are their nail art glitter sets, cute vintage scissors and real dried flowers for nails.

best nail art supply shops on etsy

14. Darling Doll Charm for Nail Charms

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Set aside some time for this shop because they have a ton of amazing nail charms and glitters to choose from. They are fully stocked! You will find everything from tiny holographic shapes to kawaii polymer clay lemon shapes.

best nail supply shops on etsy

15. Nail Queen NYC for Nail Decorations

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Sometimes it's hard to find new nail supplies that you haven't seen anywhere else and that's just one reason this Etsy shop is fabulous! They offer a great variety of unique nail art supplies.

When you browse their shop you will find the cutest little gummy bear charms and luxury charm sets too for those who love to make chunky nails.

Customers are loving their customer service!

best nail supply shops on etsy

16. Golden Depot for Professional Nail Supplies

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Here's a shop that has supplies for when you are really into playing and mixing your own nail art colors and creating high end nails.

This could be your new favorite shop for everything nail art supplies. They carry carbide nail bits, dotting tools and brushes.

best nail supply shops on etsy

17. Gela Pressed for Nail Art Decorations & Stickers

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A large variety of stickers and charms that can be used on acrylic, gel and natural nails. Check out their 5D nail art stickers and their blinged out nail charms in cool shapes.

Try their magnetic pompom detachable nail charms for Instagram worthy videos and pics.

best nail supply shops on etsy

18. Blingee Thingee for Rhinestones & Nail Art

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Here's the shop you need for everything nail art. If you are looking for  rhinestones and embellishments for your DIY nail art manicures, then this is your one stop nail art supply shop.

They have everything from flat back pearls to mixed jars. There's seriously a ton to go through in this shop and their prices are totally reasonable.

best nail shops etsy

19. Nailway Arts Press On Nails

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Your search is over when you are looking for a favorite press on nail shop.

Whether you're looking for a natural look or something more glam like a stiletto shape, there's a press on nail out there for you that can be worn day or night from this fantastic nail artist.

And the best part? No salon appointment necessary.

best nail supply shops on etsy

Did you find this list of nail shops helpful? We hope so!

In the meantime, check out some of the Editor's choice gift ideas on Etsy for those times when you need something special.

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