how to fix broken nails

Here are some effective ways to fix your broken nails. Nothing can be quite as frustrating as discovering a broken nail just when you thought your hands were at their finest.

No matter if it's a small chip or a significant break, a damaged nail can seem like a tiny disaster in an otherwise flawless appearance.

how to fix broken nails

But fear not, for there are effective solutions that can salvage your manicure and restore your confidence.

In this guide, we will explore the most popular and reliable ways to fix a broken nail, helping you master the art of nail repair and maintain flawless fingertips.

In this blog post we will talk about:

  • How to fix broken nails
  • How to fix and repair cracks in nails
  • Chipped nail repair ideas

So, prepare to unravel the secrets of nail restoration and learn how to transform a seemingly hopeless situation into a triumph of nail beauty.


1. Nail Glue

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Apply a specialized nail glue directly to the broken nail, bonding the pieces together and providing a temporary fix until the nail grows out or can be professionally repaired.

Nail glue is a powerful adhesive specifically designed for nail repair and application.

It is a quick-drying, strong bonding agent that effectively bonds the broken nail back together. When applying nail glue, ensure the nail surface is clean and dry, and use it sparingly to prevent excess glue from seeping out.

how to fix a broken nail glue

2. Fiberglass Nail Repair

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Using a silk wrap or fiberglass fabric, cut a small piece to fit over the broken nail. Apply resin or nail glue to secure the wrap, creating a protective layer that reinforces and strengthens the nail.

fix a broken nail with fiberglass nail wraps

3. Nail Wraps

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Similar to silk wraps, pre-cut adhesive nail wraps made of various materials can be applied over the broken nail to create a temporary fix and prevent further damage.

best ways to fix broken nails: nail wraps

4. Gel Polish

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Apply a layer of thick, builder gel or gel polish to the broken nail, carefully shaping and curing it under a UV or LED lamp for a durable and long-lasting repair.

how to fix broken nails gel polish

5. Clear Nail Polish

Utilize clear nail polish as a quick and temporary fix. Apply multiple coats, allowing each layer to dry completely, to reinforce the broken nail until a proper repair can be done.

how to fix broken nails clear nail polish

6. Acrylic Powder

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Mix acrylic powder with a few drops of nail glue to create a paste-like consistency. Apply this mixture over the broken nail, shaping it to match the natural contour of the nail.

Read up on the best acrylic powder kits for beginners.

how to fix broken nails acrylic powder

7. Paper Wrap

Cut a small strip from a tissue paper or coffee filter and apply it to the broken nail using nail glue. This makeshift patch offers a temporary solution while preventing further damage.

8. Dental Floss Method

Gently wrap a piece of dental floss around the broken nail, applying a layer of nail glue over it. This method provides extra reinforcement and stability to the broken nail.

9. Nail Tips

If a significant portion of the nail is broken, applying a false nail tip can help restore the length and shape. Trim the tip to fit, apply nail glue, and secure it onto the broken nail.

10. Press-On Nails

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Opt for press-on nails as a quick fix for a broken nail. These pre-designed nails come with adhesive tabs or glue, providing an instant and hassle-free solution.

how to fix broken nails press on nails

11. Nail Dip Powder

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Nail dip powder can also be used to fix broken nails, providing a strong and seamless repair.

To use dip powder for a broken nail, begin by preparing the nail surface as usual, ensuring it is clean and smooth. Apply a base coat and immediately dip the affected nail into the chosen dip powder color.

Repeat this process, applying additional layers of base coat and dipping until the desired thickness and strength are achieved. Finish with a top coat to seal and protect the repaired nail, resulting in a flawless and resilient mend that can last for weeks.

how to fix broken nails dip powder

Check out the Nailboo nail dip powder review.

12. Nail Mending Kits

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Explore commercial nail mending kits, which typically include an electric dril, nail glue, and other tools designed specifically for repairing broken nails.

best ways to fix broken nails: nail repair kit

13. Nail Extensions

If the damage is extensive, consider getting nail extensions professionally applied to provide immediate length and coverage to the broken nail.

In conclusion, having a broken nail doesn't have to spell the end of your perfect manicure. By following the popular methods outlined in this guide, you can confidently fix your broken nail and restore its beauty.

nail extensions to fix a broken nail

14. Builder Gel

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Builder gel is a popular option for fixing broken nails and providing a durable and long-lasting repair. It is a thick, self-leveling gel that can be applied to the broken nail to rebuild its structure.

fix broken nails with builder gels

15. Seek Professional Help

If you're unsure or uncomfortable with DIY methods, consult a professional nail technician who can assess the damage and recommend the most suitable and effective repair technique.

In Conclusion:

Whether you choose to use a tea bag, nail glue, a silk wrap, or opt for a temporary patch, remember that patience and care are key. With a little practice, you'll soon become a master at nail repair, ensuring that your fingertips always look flawless.

how to fix broken nails

So, don't let a broken nail get you down; embrace these techniques and enjoy the satisfaction of mending and maintaining beautiful nails.

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