best glitter acrylic powders

Here are the best glitter acrylic powders for this year. They are blended expertly for creating acrylic nails that sparkle and glisten, with a wide range of color options to choose from.

All the acrylic powder listed is from top selling nail art supply shops as well as artisan shops from Etsy. With acrylic glitter powders you can achieve serious bling, the results are sure to be stunning!

Glitter acrylic powders are taking the acrylic nail world by storm and it's easy to see why. These stunning acrylic powders contain super fine glitter particles which make your nails sparkle in a way that looks like the glitter goes on forever.

best glitter acrylic powders

Plus, they come in an amazing array of colors, giving you plenty of options for creating unique designs. Glitter acrylic powders stay put and won't flake off over time, so you can enjoy their beauty for weeks on end.

Let's go through this list together to find some amazing glitter acrylic powders.

Best Glitter Acrylic Powders

1. Morovan Acrylic 4 Powder Set 

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The Morovan Acrylic Powder Set is a professional-grade set of acrylic powders for use in nail art. It includes 4 different glittery colors of powder in a variety of shades (blue, yellow, purple & red).

The set is made of high-quality, acrylic powder that provides a smooth and flawless finish. The Morovan set is a great choice for both personal and professional use.

Use with the Morovan monomer for best results.

best glitter acrylic powders

2. Morovan Acrylic Full Glitter Powder Collection

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The Morovan Acrylic Powder Set is a professional-grade set of acrylic powders for use in nail art. It includes 12 different colors of powder in a variety of shades.

The set is made of high-quality, acrylic powder that provides a smooth and flawless finish. The Morovan set is a great choice for those who need many different colors. Monomer not included.

best glitter acrylic powders

3. Beetles Glitter Acrylic Manicure Set

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The Beetles glitter set is a collection of colors for creating festive designs. It includes 6 different colors of acrylic powders that have beautiful and shining glitters.

The colors in the set are designed specifically to go together to create unique manicures and are perfect for creating cheerful looks. Monomer not included.

beetles glitter acrylic powders

4. Saviland Acrylic Powder Red & Black Glitters

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The Saviland Acrylic Powder Set is a great set for the holidays or for Valentines day nails because it comes in a variety of shades, including golds & reds. The set is made of acrylic powder that provides a smooth and flawless finish.

The Saviland set is a great choice for both personal and professional use, offering a wide range of colors for a variety of designs.

In addition, the glittery colors in this set are vibrant and long-lasting, providing a stunning and eye-catching look for any design. It's a fun to use option for both experienced and beginner nail artists.

best acrylic glitter powders

5. Saviland Acrylic Glitter Pink Series

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And then here is another set from Saviland that has more lighter colors. You can use sets like these in so many ways to create acrylic nails that are truly your own. Make all the nails glittery or use the glitter powder for accent nails.

This is a brand that also carries some of the best nail dip powder colors for anytime of the year.

pink glitter acrylic powder

6. Rainbow Nights Acrylic Glitter Powder

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Get in the spirit of holographic glitters to create nail art that shows off your creative side. This shop on Etsy has many fabulous glitter acrylic powders for any nail fan who loves unique nail art supplies from artisan brands.

This glitter acrylic powder allows you to design customized nail designs quickly and easily, revealing gorgeous glitter pieces in large to small.

best acrylic glitter powders

7. 54 Jar Acrylic Glitter Powder Collection

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A glitter set of acrylic powders can make a great gift for someone just starting out with acrylic nails. The sparkly and shimmering colors add a fun and playful touch to any design, encouraging the recipient to get creative and experiment with their newfound skills.

Additionally, as they keep practicing with glitter powders, it can help build their confidence in their nail art abilities. The long-lasting results of the powders will also help the recipient feel proud of their work and motivated to continue improving their skills.

Overall, a glitter set of acrylic powders is a thoughtful and practical gift that can help kickstart a new hobby or nail art business.

large acrylic glitter powder collection

8. Makartt Shiny Unicorn Glitter Acrylic Powder

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The Makartt store has a stunning glitter acrylic powder for use in nail art. It includes so many specs and pieces, creating a rainbow of glittery hues.

These powders are fantastic for adding a touch of sparkle and magic to any manicure, making the nails look like unicorn nails.

unicorn glitter acrylic powder

9. Mia Secret Galaxy Acrylic Powder Set

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Purchasing glitter acrylic powders in sets instead of single jars can save money for several reasons. Firstly, sets often come with a variety of colors, allowing the user to try out different shades and styles without having to purchase separate jars for each color.

This is especially useful for those who are just starting out with acrylic nails and are still exploring their personal style and preferences.

Secondly, buying in bulk usually results in a lower price per jar, making the overall cost of the set less than the combined cost of purchasing the same number of jars individually.

best glitter acrylic powders

10. Mia Secret Carnival

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Having a variety of colors on hand can help prevent the need for frequent re-purchasing of single jars, further saving money in the long run if you are into glitter nails.

This is the Mia Secret Carnival that includes 12 glitter acrylic colors for any time of the year.

glitter acrylic powder set

11. YN Hologram Acrylic Powder

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The YN holographic acrylic glitter is a true standout in terms of glittery nail art supplies. The holographic finish gives a gorgeous shimmer.

The colors in the glitter are holographic that provides a wide range of hues, from bold and bright to subtle and shimmering.

It's s a must-try for anyone looking to add a touch of magic and sparkle to their nails.

professional acrylic glitter powder

12. Nicole Diary Mixed Glitter Set

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The Nicole Diary acrylic powder set is a comprehensive set that includes a variety of shades of glitter acrylic powders. With so many colors to choose from, the possibilities for nail art designs are virtually endless.

The glitter particles in the set are finely milled, providing a smooth and even glittery finish that is sure to catch the eye.

If you're a seasoned nail artist looking for some new ideas or just starting out, this set is a great set that will allow you to create many stunning manicures.

large mixed glitter acrylic set

13. YN Starter Kit

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Kitty Blitz glitter is included in this full acrylic powder kit by Young Nails. This is a professional-grade set of acrylic powders designed for use in nail art.

The set includes six of the brand's most popular colors, ranging from classic white to vibrant pink and of course the Kitty Blitz glitter pot. The formulas are a good choice to practice with to produce strong, durable nails.

The set is a great investment for both experienced nail artists and those just starting out, providing a range of colors to suit any design or occasion.

young nails acrylic starter kit with glitter jar

In Conclusion:

Acrylic powder is the best way to go if you're looking to get super strong nails, and these quality glitter acrylic powders will take your nail art and manicure to the next level.

From holographic to shimmering magentas and blues, there's something here for everyone. For acrylic nails that bring serious sparkle and shine into your life, these glitter acrylic powders are simply stunning.

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